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Android and Mac Versions of Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit Announced


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If you're enjoying the 16-bit remake of Game Gear classic Sonic Triple Trouble, then you'll be happy to hear that the fan game's developer, Noah Copeland, has announced that more content is coming soon - alongside a Mac and Android version of the game.


Copeland shared the above image on his social media account, highlighting an upcoming reveal event where details of the content update will be shared. The event will take place on May 26th at 7pm CDT on Copeland's YouTube channel.

Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit was completed and released to the world in August 2022, and has been a fan favourite ever since launch due to its creative translation of the Game Gear original into Mega Drive/Genesis hardware. We're super excited to see what kind of content is being planned for this new release, so we'll make sure to update you as soon as we know what it is!

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