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Tenacious D’s New Song Gets Sonical

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Tenacious D’s New Song Gets Sonical at some point.

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We love good music here at Stadium Towers. It’s not all just Crush 40 and Tomoya Ohtani either - sometimes we listen to good old ‘normie’ bands as well. Like Tenacious D, a rock comedy duo featuring frequently topless middle-aged men that sing acoustic melodies about karate and dodgy sex acts and… hm.

Anyway, the double-act of Jack Black and Kyle Gass have recently released a new song, all about video games! And not only is it a banger, it also features Sonic the Hedgehog references!



Watch it below:

The Sonic cameo appears at the 0:20 mark, and involves Black and Gass assuming the roles of Sonic and Tails respectively. The pair also insert themselves into a number of other video game series, while they sing about not really being interested in the hobby (although they secretly kind of are).

It’s a great short song, with some brilliant animation, and we wanted to post it here and help brighten up your day ahead of the weekend ahead. Happy Friday!

Big thanks to Hill Top Terebi for the tip!

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