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PSO Episode I & II Will Require a Subscription, Cross-Platform Play Killed


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Some disappointing news in the Phantasy Star Online universe, depending on how you were hoping to play and whether you have deep pockets. SEGA has confirmed that the upcoming Episode I & II game on Gamecube and Xbox will require subscription payments - and no, you won't be able to play between the different consoles either.

In an interview with Gamespot, SEGA America's Charles Bellfield revealed some business-related details of the online RPG's Western release. When asked if PSO will be pay-to-play, Bellfield said, "Yes, there will be a subscription service for PSO Episode I & II. Of course, that may change -- it may be free."

That might imply that SEGA is thinking about removing the subscription if enough people complain about it, but honestly it just sounds like Bellfield is letting everyone down gently.

In the same interview, Bellfield talked about the possibility of cross-platform play with the game. Unfortunately, although they explored the idea, apparently it was not possible. Bellfield said, because Xbox Live will be a closed system, it wouldn't be able to play with players on different consoles. He did say that in the future Gamecube and PlayStation 2 may have no trouble connecting together though, so at least there's that ray of hope.

Read the whole interview here (via PSO World).

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