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US Sales: Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle Rank High on Chart

Andrew P
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This topic was good and got turned into US Sales: Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle Rank High on Chart at some point.

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The USA game sales charts are in, and the results are good for Sonic games on Nintendo platforms. According to the latest data, Sonic Advance is the second-best selling GBA game from January - July 2002, while Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is the best-selling Gamecube game during the same period.

This will be great news for SEGA and Sonic Team, who have recently committed heavily on Nintendo platforms with a Sonic Adventure port, sequel to Sonic Advance and Sonic Mega Collection coming soon. It follows a previous report where both Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle reached the one million mark in worldwide sales.

Full chart below.


  1. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
  2. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  3. Resident Evil
  4. Bond: Agent Under Fire
  5. Spider-Man
  6. Rogue Leader
  7. Luigi's Mansion
  8. Pikmin
  9. NBA Courtside 2002
  10. Super Monkey Ball

Game Boy Advance:

  1. Super Mario Advance 2
  2. Sonic Advance
  3. Mario Kart: SS
  4. Dragon Ball Z
  5. Super Mario Advance
  6. Golden Sun
  7. Wario Land 4
  8. Frogger
  9. Spyro
  10. Harry Potter

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