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ARTWORK: Eternal Revolutions


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Eternal Revolutions is a comic based on the members of TSS. I've created a thread for this before. The story is done, sprites are done, etc. I just need a paster for it. When I say paster is mean someone to paste the sprites on the backgrounds, make some effects, and quote bubbles. I can do it myself, but I dont have the programs and materials to give it that special flare. So, please give it some thought and get back to me here. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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Roareye Black

Seriously? Dude I'm glad you're so entheusiastic about your stuff, thats always a brilliant sign, but you need a paster? You have MS Paint, that's all many people use. What effects were you after that you can't do on Ms Paint through pasting? If you paste on MS Paint or Adobe Fireworks you'll still get the same effect, and trust me sprites do not go well with in-program special effects. The special effects in those programs are best saved for graphical design or sometimes big hand drawn art where the effects are more forgiving.

Just use MS Paint, as asking for a paster really is a pointless endeavor since you already have all the tools to paste stuff in, you just need to actually do it :)

And lolz and random God Bless America crap on a UK forum ;)

Roareye Black.

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