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ARTWORK: Super Meow in Litterbox Land

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Just thought I'd point that out. All the cool stuff worth seeing is pretty much not at the top here.

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Been a while again since I even touched this topic, so here are some sketches. I don't have a lot of finished work to really show off on here unless I were to upload to youtube (animations and stuff) from class, or stuff I haven't bothered to scan.

But here we go, they are a bit out of order. Some are better than others because they are more recent, a lot of improvements can happen in six months haha:


My characters from my comic.


GL inspired giant robot guy for my character design class

Unfinished comic I had started to post on EnterVOID.com but I haven't gone back to do this yet. Basically my character died in a tournament over there and I started this to follow up on that death but I'll finish it once I get more important things out of the way:






Fucked up Spiderman sketch I coloured, that leg is terrible.


Drawing for a friend, gun girl is mine and the dude is his character.


Getting closer to gun girl's final design, for use on a comic battle site.


Some other NPC character guy for that site, inspired by the design of another character there and is as such a henchmen to that guy sort of. The part with the X crossing it out is terrible, so ignore it haha.



Character designs for a webcomic that was having a contest to design the main villain. The samurai pirate guy ended up winning : ). The other character I'd like to use for SOMETHING down the road I think :D

And I'm chipping away at my comic still, major WIP but here we go:



Fixing up the perspective hardcore on panel 1 right now, I saved it pretty small too.


Gonna fix up the perspective in shots and also redo the last panel of the page/divide it up/make it better.

Lots of unfinished stuff but I'm pretty busy. I got way more where that came from.

Edit: cut things out cause yeah, it wouldn't let me post all the images I had in here, which is okay I guess xD;

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Depends dude, sometimes I get hit with something generic I poop out in no time, other times I like something a bit more than that and try to keep refining it! Most of the time stuff just comes to me from daydreaming or just randomly out of nowhere. Or from listening to music too I'll see things sometimes!

Thanks :)

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Its been a while! Time to dust off some stuff on here. Anyway, some recent stuff I guess.

Comic pages from a recent comic battles on that site I posted about in my last post. Oh, I also won that comic fight tournament too and there are 3 other rounds now to read from that one if you follow the links in my last post and go through my characters history (though they are all old).

Some recent comic fight pages (just a few select ones) as stated:





The character Andre doesn't belong to me, but rather my opponent in that particular fight. I did 15 pages over a tight 2 week deadline juggling finals. I am not 100% pleased with how they came out, but these 4 stack up alright in the long run.


A pic I did for another comic battles site art book they are doing.

WORK IN PROGRESS PAGE of my own original comic I intend to publish sometime in May hopefully, but school is making this hard for me to accomplish however!


This is of page 3 and yeah, its not finished. It is being drawn on 11x17 paper so I have to scan in two parts. This was just a test to see if I could cleanly convert my pencils into inks via photoshop, and sure enough I can! To prove that these are pencils and not inks:


There is half of the page. Its sideways cause I had to scan it in like that and didn't correct the individual scans.

Some more misc stuff:



^^ Megaman ZX fanart of Aile I submitted to the UDON Megaman Tribute book. I do not think I made it in.


Cover to a comic battle that will one day eventually happen. Robert isn't my character.

And the rest is a sketchdump for now:



Not all the characters on there are mine. Generally just Luna, Arc, Thirds and Man Bear are .


The bottom right turned into:


Just sketches.

I draw lots and have a lot of art related things on the go constantly. I rarely ever do fanart anymore in case people were expecting to see some Sonic pictures in here haha.

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Thanks man! I try to do better each time I make something new. As much as it might be a bit taboo to say it (depending on your views, and seeing how this is a fan forum) the best move I -ever- made was to stop doing Sonic fanart all the time and branch out to do other stuff. I don't regret it one bit.

Not to say I -don't- doodle Sonic from time to time, but they're just personal sketches :P

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Epic, >D. Like always, I'm always pretty damned wow'd by your design. It's always extremely creative, and takes a good amount of time to stare at to just appreciate all the detail everywhere, =3. Keep up the awesome job, I'll continue to totally not stalk/lurk your DA account!



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