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Sly Cooper series

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Edit: And... I got neg-repped. Seriously?

Because you can hate on a Sonic game all you want, but express your honest thoughts on a beloved franchise that's generally believed to have not had a single bad game and somehow, you're an idiot.

Bleh, Sly is the most fun, but I like playing as Bentley and Murray. =P Judging from memory (as it's the one I've played the least), Sly 3 did go a bit too far with genre roulette, but it was still a great game. (Also, I think Thieves in Time should let you control Carmelita whenever you want...)

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Hey look, it's a new Thieves in time cutscene.

+rep me now dammit! щ(゚Д゚щ)

The official forums found out about it for quite a bit before today so no plus rep for you from me... ah fine. +rep. :D

I really like how it looks. It's alot more animated.

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The Sly Cooper series is beloved by many as some of Sucker Punch's finest games -- and some of the PS2's best games, in fact. The news that developer Sanzaru Games, not Sucker Punch, would be at the helm of the latest game concerned some, but Sony weren't worried -- when Sanzaru showed up unannounced with a prototype of a new Sly game back in 2008, the publisher knew that they had the right studio for the job on the case while Sucker Punch were tied up with the inFamous series. Anyone who's played the Sly HD collection, which Sanzaru were also responsible for, will agree.

Sly 4 keeps the fundamental Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic of the series intact and uses the power of the PS3 to add more in the way of detail. Sly the character has evolved a little -- he's aged, got tougher and fitter and also appears to have grown a small pointy beard. Meanwhile the game world still looks characteristically Sly-ish, with distorted, wacky shapes and good use of color, light and dark -- there's just more of it to see at once thanks to enhanced draw distances and textures.

Because Sly 4 has been designed specifically for the PS3 rather than being an upgraded port, Sanzaru has been able to add a lot more to the game. Levels are bigger and there's a lot more verticality to the environments -- past Sly games tended to take place on two distinct "tiers" but Thieves in Time has a number of strata to explore, each offering a different perspective on the sprawling locales.

Structure-wise, Sly 4 keeps the approach of the second and third games, which is to have a quasi-open world "hub" level with occasional more focused missions as appropriate to the narrative. Completing missions will also frequently require the assistance of Bentley and Murray, both of whom are playable.

The biggest twist on the gameplay is the addition of costumes which provide Sly with special abilities. A Japanese samurai costume, for example, allows him to absorb fire damage (quite why is anyone's guess) while an Ali Baba-style costume gives him the ability to slow down time. The costumes are there to allow a greater variety of environmental puzzles, but also to encourage replayability -- in order to uncover the game's many secrets, players will have to return to past levels with additional costumes available to them.

Boss fights are back, and they're old-school platformer "pattern recognition" affairs. Because of the added power of the PS3, though, Sanzaru have gone to town on the environmental destruction during these confrontations. By the end of a boss battle, the environment will generally be a smoldering pile of ruins, providing a greater sense of satisfaction when the villain finally yields to Sly's skills.

The fact that Sly 4 is sticking so tightly to the past games' formula will delight fans of the series, but it could also be something of a concern -- those who didn't grow up with this particular era of platformers may not find the gameplay to be to their taste.

Changing it too much would get rid of the essence of Sly, though, so the approach Sanzaru is taking -- traditional gameplay with a next-gen coat of paint -- is likely the best way forward.


Edit: I come bearing links to pictures that are unnecessary huge:








Who do you love?

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New PAX gameplay. Sly's new model, the hideout, treasures, Binocucom, mission and hilarious dialogue.


The Dialogue. It's perfectly keeps the spirit of the series.

Bentley: Sly, this place is locked down tighter than... well, tighter than something, that's for sure.

Sly: Your database security? Murray's pants?

Bentley: Whatever Sly, this is no laughing matter. I've checked and there really is no way in except for that front entrance. I think there's only one option.

Sly: The doorbell?

Bentley: Very funny. No! You're going to need a disguise. Get yourself a suit of armor from those guards. That's our way in.

Sly: Roger that. Just call me "Samurai Sly."

The animation is fantastic! The running and the animation when the circle button is pressed could use some work but otherwise, it's fantastic! biggrin.png The hub world looks amazing, I like how big and detailed it is. The Hideout is very nicely detailed and the animations on the gang are superb. Not too mention the references with the Dualshock controller and the claw.

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Due to some really clever looking at the video someone has found something very interesting... and spoilerish.


*"Collect the armor pieces"

"Enter the prison"

"Meet Rioichi"

"Use the Samurai Armor as a discuise"

"Use the Samurai Armor to block fire"

"Navigate through the prison traps"

"Steal the key"

"Open the gate"

"Cross the bridge"

"Armor tutorial 1"

"Free Rioichi"

*Crosses fingers* Connor Cooper Connor Cooper Connor Cooper...

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Christ, finding this topic took a long time.

Anyway, here's some interesting detail worth bumping the topic:

Meet Ninja Master Rioichi Cooper from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

It’s been quite a while since I posted to the PlayStation.Blog – after the busy summer tradeshow schedule we have hunkered down to concentrate on making Sly Cooper: Thieves in Times the best game of 2012! Over the summer, I spent a lot of time showing our progress on the game and talking about how we are making sure we stay true to the core of the Sly Cooper series – but now I want to start talking about the NEW things we are bringing to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


When we played the old Sly Cooper games on the

PS2, we loved the stories about the Cooper clan ancestors and their various thieving abilities. Something that is really exciting and fun for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is that you can not only travel back in time to meet these ancestors but you will also have the ability to play as the Cooper Clan ancestors! As you proceed through the game each episode you encounter features a new time period with a new playable ancestor. Each new member of the Cooper clan has their own unique and powerful abilities that opens up a whole new range of game play in the huge environments. This is one of the coolest aspects of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – meeting these characters, learning more about them, and then getting to experience a whole new set of kick-ass game moves and skills that you have never seen before. Each time a new character in production comes on line and is added to the game, they instantly become my new favorite character of the series!

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Gamesradar has uploaded a new gameplay video in which we see two of Sly's ancestors, Rioichi (who happens to be voiced by Steve Blum) & Sir Galleth (who I think is voiced by Yuri Lowentahal).


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I played through the original trilogy on PS3 and am definitely looking forward to this one, especially since the chance to play as ancestors can't be a bad thing!

I just hope that there isn't too much Bentley/Murray gameplay. While I don't mind playing as them for one-off missions, trying to drag them around hub worlds that were clearly designed with Sly in mind was a bit tedious.

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