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SSR: Project 24 Wrap-Up!

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Whoa. Just Whoa.

For starting off as a mere suggestion on one of the SEGASonicRadio shows, Project 24 didnt do too bad for itself. For those that missed out, November 15th saw the longest running set of livecasts this community has ever seen. Initially featuring only 2-3 DJ’s, the project blew up to a total of 18 DJ’s spanning a total of 25 (yeah we started early :D ) hours. Featuring DJ’s both current and retired, there was someone on hand each hour strutting their stuff.

Amazingly the interest in the project was HUGE and with support in the chatroom at breaking point, the day went exceptionally smooth.

A massive “thankyou” goes out to everyone that helped the day run as smoothly as it did. The DJ’s: DJDan, HyperSonic, Urtheart, Vger, Iceman, SpeedKnux, RichoKidd, Roarey Raccoon, DreadKnux, Roareye Black, AAUK, EchoHawk & JayZeach. Thanks also to the tech support of bmn and a very special mention goes to T-bird for all his help in promoting, planning and generally being a kick ass bloke.

Lastly, a huge shout-out goes to each and everyone of YOU. Yes, without the humble listener, a radio station is nothing so give yourselves a massive slap on the back for making the event so damn awesome.

But what, I hear you asking, happens to SSR now? Does it go back into hiding and not come out for another 12 months?


SSR is back. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be kick starting SSR back into the glory days of yester-year. Not only will the site itself be changed around to make things easier for you, the listeners, but on a more exciting note, we will be seeing a possible 3 new shows. On top of this, we will be looking for new talent, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Be prepared. SSR is coming.

UPDATE: The FAQ and SHOWS tabs have been updated :) Enjoy!

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