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Omochao deserves his own freakin' spin-off series.

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But what sense does that make? She "left" with Chaos at the end of Adventure, I assume to the afterlife since her only reason for still being around was because she was sealed in the Master Emerald.

If she left then why was she a playable character in the multi-player sections then?

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Jigsaw: 'I want to play a game'

Omochao: 'Well if you press the A button twice, you will effectively mutilate me. It's the most useful function in the game. I certainly hope you don't pr-(starts sawing of his limbs) Heeeeey! Why did you do that to me?! I thought we were friends!

I'd love to see Omochao in the games again just as a way of self parody, having the game and the characters be aware of him being a Captain Obvious.

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Final Boss for the a game:

Eggman: Muhahaha, now you will fall to to power of my ultimate creation!

Sonic: ...Omochao? Are you serious?

Omochao: Press the A button to charge at me!


Omochao: OW! That's not very nice! I'm not helping you anymore!

It would be epic.

By the way, aren't we forgetting another god character? Cheese can destroy anything and cannot be hurt, not to mention he flys at like 600 miles an hour without any sign of being out of breath. He is also a freaking gun. As far as I see it, Cheese is the god of offence, while Omochao is the god of defence. They should fight some time. I'd be curious to find out what happens, it would be like the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

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On a slightly related note, has anyone ever figured out how to make a proper Omochao voice modulator effect? Or one that sounds really similar to the modulation on Lani's voice? xD I always really liked Omochao's voice in Sa2/Heroes, but I never knew how to make the same effects. It'd be great for fandubs if we could find out.

HOWEVER, I love in Chao Adventure (2?) there's a mission for Omochao, and your Chao is pondering who made Omochao and why he needs batteries, who made him, WHY DOES HE WANNA EAT!?, etc. XD That mission was my favorite.

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Information pertaining to Omochao was given in the Chao Adventure games? Why wasn't I informed earlier?! D:

Anywho, shameless major bump. As I was pondering Omochao's awesomeness as I often do, I had a sudden realization! Someone's making a profit off of the little bugger!


...that'd explain that smug grim of his that's eternally plastered upon his face.

Now, we know Omochao does a lot of stuff. He's a news reporter, a racecar driver, and he has a part-time job at the Chao Kindergarten. He's got a neat life. But who's the man behind the man? I don't know... but whoever he/she is, I think they're doing quite well financially. Omochao has an abundance of bodies, and he's all over the place (quite literally). He's been in jungles, cities, and even outer freakin' space. But... in stores? I believe so.


The consumers.

Subject #1 - Vanilla - As witnessed in Sonic Battle, Cream has quite a large quantity of these bodies at her disposal, which she uses for protection against any antagonists that may come her way. Where did she acquire them, though? She doesn't seem like the type who would kidnap or steal Omochao's deactivated bodies that are scattered about Central City. I believe the answer is quite simple - Omochao bodies are mass produced, and sold to the public via retail outlets. Such advanced (and potentially dangerous) technology being so easily accessible to the average consumer certainly wouldn't be uncommon in Sonic's world if Extreme Gear, Guard Robos, Shock Bracelets, and et cetera are anything to go by. Seeing as Cream's at the very young age of six, I would assume that Vanilla purchased the bodies to keep Cream safe... even though she appears to be completely oblivious to the everyday dangers and perils that her daughter comes across on an everyday basis. (Despite being kidnapped herself, no less.)

Subject #2 - Tails - One of Tails' lesser known inventions is the Chao Walker, a walker mecha designed specifically for Chao use. He's outfitted the Chao Walker with a wide arsenal of deadly weapons (why he gave such cute and childlike creatures such lethal devices is anyone's guess), as well as an Omochao body embedded in the chest of the machine designed for close-quarters-combat. Seeing as he created the mech, he's the one who put it in there, so I'll assume he bought it. Tails doesn't appear to be Omochao's creator, seeing as Omochao helps Eggman and Rouge just as much as anyone else.

Subject #3 - G.U.N. - If it's one thing the G.U.N. does frequently, it's taking possession of/buying things that wasn't their creation in the first place (See: Guard Robos, Scepter of Darkness, Chaos Drives) - and this appears to be the case with Omochao. Omochao bodies are scattered all across Prison Island, both inside and out. They don't seem to realize his potential for greatness and just leave him scattered about, though. Seriously, I've come to the conclusion that nobody in this series understands how great he is. It wasn't until an immigrant from the Super Mario franchise came along that somebody pointed this out! (Toad) That is quite hilarious, though.

Subject #4 - Shadow - Shadow appears to have come across the almighty Omochao Gun while the deteriorating ARK was descending from Earth's orbit in Shadow the Hedgehog. I'd assume that these things are mass produced - it really doesn't look like a "Made exclusively for Shadow" item.

Subject #5 - Eggman - Whereas Tails created the Chao Walker, Dr. Eggman constructed the even lesser known Dark Chao Walker. The Dark Chao Walker, as the name implies, is a walker mecha designed for use by Dark Chao. I'd assume this was created to rival Tails' invention, as it has very similar design scheme.but boasts much more powerful weapons. What's worth noting, however, is the mysterious Dark Omochao that ol' Eggy implanted within the heart of this machine. Dark Omochao may be Eggman-modified Omochao body, or an entirely different series altogether from the scary Dark Chao-inhabited corners of Chao World. Who knows the personality behind this mysterious entity? Does he give bad advice? Does he lie? Is he rude? Well, if Mario & Sonic at Vancouver Olympic is anything to go by, he probably is. It's also likely that Wario and Waluigi also would verbally attack him if encountered.

So yeah, the most pointless follow-up post to the most pointless thread on this entire forum. Comments?

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