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Have you ever done anything musical Sonic-wise?


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Has anyone round her ever done anything musical Sonic-wise for example; like learn a Sonic song on a n instrument, created a music video, wrote a musical number about Sonic or a song inspired by Sonic???

I myself have only learnt some songs from Sonic games like; Greenhills, The Death Egg (Sonic and Knuckles), Metropolis, The Sonic 1 title screen and the Wave Ocean (speed section) all on guitar.

So.....discuss :)

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I'm in the band at my school, in which I play in the drumline. At one point I practically wrote out and decided to try to teach them how to play a drum cadence version of Knuckles' theme from Sonic 3.


(Video of it, just in case people don't exactly know which "Knuckles Theme" I'm getting at)

We have it basically down, but we're adding stuff to it to make it a little less repetitive. If I ever get the chance, I'll post a video of us performing it.

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Crow the BOOLET

Does attempting to play Robotnik's AoStH theme on guitar count? lol

But I have tried to play Green Hill Zone on cello and piano. But none of them worked out. >.<

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Maaaaaaaaybe. :3

Incidentally, Sonic--in particular, music hacking in the classic games--is the entire reason I got into music in the first place. I still don't know any actual music theory, but it's definitely shaped my taste in music and general influence. I've branched out a lot since I was 13 when the only thing I listened to were MIDIs through an OPL FM synth on my Sound Blaster 16, that's for sure!

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Well I spliced the music from both soundtracks of Sonic CD to create my ideal soundtrack of the game...........

"But why stop there?" I asked myself. The result? I took various songs from the Sonic series and created a soundtrack composed of several songs from various games. Sort of like this

Now all I need to do is wait for a decent Sega CD emulator on the Wii and then it'll be the ultimate experience.

I also mixed the US Stardust Speedway Present and Bad Future tracks together. The result is pretty awesome. Of course I've fiddled with loads of other songs and mixed and matched them a bunch, but that was the only one I actually save.

Oh yeah and I did this.*looks at upload date* Damn it's been a while.

Oh and BTW, Windows Movie Maker SUCKS!

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I sort of learned a couple songs on drums a couple years back (SA2 "It Doesn't Matter" and "Won't Stop, Just Go!") by ear. I haven't played them in a while though, due to lack of a drum set since my older brother (whose set I played on) has been taking his set with him all the time 'cause of college and gigs with his band. I think I'll revisit some Sonic soundtracks once I finish scrapping together my own set.

I also kind of know Robotnik's boss theme from Sonic 3 and a little bit of Metropolis zone on piano.

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I regularly hum the Green Hill Zone theme.

I know what you're thinking, and yeah, that is totally godly compared to what you lesser beings call "musical talent".

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Not sure if this counts but

all over their music videos without fucking asking me first.

If they asked or at least even mentioned me I wouldn't care, but when some cut off my tag at the bottom or even claim they drew it its abit of a kick in the balls...

Then again, my two old GHZ pieces of art are in the top 3 if you type in Green Hill Zone to DeviantArt, but still...

(there are loads more, I just cba to find them)

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Not that I don't ADORE Sonic soundtracks, but I like to make my own alternative ones to play along with. And I'm not talking "I put the TV on mute, and slap on a CD". I'm talking my Sonic Unleashed alternative soundtrack which totaled over 50 or so tracks - which I carefully selected and then edited to loop for levels which lasted longer than the selected track. Some of the loops I'm really damn proud of (I tried to make them as seemless as when the game music itself loops). One day I really wanna get a capture card and record some footage of Unleashed with the music turned off so I can show off a couple of my favourites.

Though I don't always do this using music of my own choice. Sometimes I like to mix and match soundtracks. For example, my favourite Sonic game, Sonic 2 8-bit, seems almost endlessly versatile with any soundtrack from a modern game I've found.

For example, using Secret Rings or Zero Gravity OST:

Underground: Let The Speed Mend It/Through Traffic

Sky High: High And Broken/Sealed Ground

Aqua Lake: The White of Sky/Aquatic Time

Green Hills: The Wicked Wild/Spiral Madness

Gimmick Mt.: The Palace That Was Found/Gadget Round

Scrambled Egg: Unawakening Float/Un-Gravitify Electro-Extended

Crystal Egg: The Lost Prologue/Dive Into Gravity

Obviously I pick and choose boss themes from Secret Rings, whereas I use "Multi Attack" and "The Core" for the normal bosses and final boss with ZG.

But yeah, it's fun. Not quite as creative as performing my own music, but I'm still really damn proud of the looping I did for Unleashed (and will do for future alternative soundtracks - and maybe if I redo a previous one - I was pleased with my ShTH choices too), lol.

A few examples of my favourite choices from Unleashed were "Cemeteries Of London" by Coldplay for Spagonia Night Act 1, "Crack The Shutters" by Snow Patrol for Apotos Day Act 1, "Black And White Town" by Doves for Empire City Day Act 1, and "Head Down" by Nine Inch Nails for Eggmanland Part 4 on 360/the whole day stage on Wii. I mostly used songs with lyrics like this for stages, with instrumental tracks from other games/TV/movies for the hub worlds and boss fights (though a couple of boss fights have lyrical songs).

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I did a couple of Sonic AMVs a while back but they got deleted along with my old account. :( But now, I'm just sticking to organizing and listening to the Sonic tracks I got.

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The Tenth Doctor

I used to do AMV's on Youtube. I kinda got bored with it and made my cartoons instead. May go back to it soon though!

Also I try to learn to play some songs on the keyboard. I can't do chords yet, but I can play stuff like His World, Endless Possibilities, Live Life, Knight of the Wind, With Me, Ungravitify and now Dreams of an Absolution Starry Night remix! Just gotta trust my left hand more....

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Simon Shirley

Has anyone round her ever done anything musical Sonic-wise for example; like learn a Sonic song on an instrument...

I have. I've played some of the Mega Drive and Master System melodies on my guitar and some of the bass lines, like Mystic Cave, on Bass. I'm quite fond of playing the eerie melody part of Oil Ocean on the Theremin.

I came close to recording something for Wrecks Factor but I think my voice lets me down.

...created a music video...

I have a couple of videos on YouTube of me playing along to:

Hill Top Zone - Sonic 2 Mega Drive / Genesis:


...and Starlight Zone - Sonic 1 Mega Drive / Genesis...


...although these could probably do with re-recording.

...wrote a musical number...

I have tabbed out some of the Master System and Mega Drive melodies and they are available on the Sonic Showcase Network sub-site under Downloads. Feel free to take a look :) (Most require a PDF viewer, eg Adobe Acrobat / Reader).

I have also recorded my own renditions of Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1 Master System) and Casino Night Zone. Feel free to download and listen to them :)


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Yes, actually :) Two years ago, back when I was in secondary school, I remember taking part in the annual talent show for Christmas, and the song I performed was Crush 40's Open Your Heart. It went OK back then, but I've been meaning to record another performance ever since to see how I've improved on it over the years. I also tried singing Endless Possibility at a college christmas party last year, but I didn't get much chance to learn it before the day, so that one didn't turn out very well :(

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6 years or so I did a rock remix of Boss Act 2 from Sonic and Knuckles which was fair popular.

Oh, and I own and run JunSenoue.com and Crush40.net if that counts! ;)

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