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An idea for using the Sonic Drift from Sonic Unleashed


M idea for using the Sonic Drift in future games  

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Part 1 of 3

I posted this on another forum, but I think I will post this idea here as well.

Okay, here is a really long post, which I had divide into three posts. This is all about this idea I just thought of. Now, though you all have known this for some time now, one of the moves from Sonic Unleashed, or a new move for Sonic in his daytime levels, is the Sonic Drift. The Sonic Drift allows Sonic to go around sharp corners without a loss of his speed, and it was used a lot in the 3D sections of the daytime levels, but was of no use in the 2D sections of the same levels (since you were in a more limited plane of movement like you were when playing the classic Sonic games, which rendered the Sonic Drift useless in those sections).

Of course, the Sonic Drift, mostly in the Xbox 360/PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed, had some control problems here and there. The handling in those versions wasn't the best, and even though it was useful for taking sharp turns without much loss in speed; it did not work properly at times and would even get the player frustrated, depending on what level they were playing in when they used the Sonic Drift.

Although the Sonic Drift Xbox 360 and PS3 versions; as I admit, could have used some work and improvement, I think that it is a nice addition to the Sonic series to help maintain Sonic's speed.

Speaking of the Sonic Drift, I was playing Sonic Unleashed for the 360 version when I came up with this idea as I was using the Sonic Drift in one of the daytime levels.

So, here it goes:

Okay, although need less to say, plenty of Sonic fans had complaints about Sonic Unleashed. From "it's too fast" to "needs more platforming", and of course, the complaints about the Sonic daytime levels being too linear. The fans who complained about the linear part most likely would have wanted more exploration in Sonic's daytime levels in Sonic Unleashed. They wanted more freedom when playing as Sonic the Hedgehog, and some of the same fans may have complained about Sonic being "too fast", which would take away some of the exploration in the day time levels.

This is where my idea of using the Sonic Drift in the next Sonic game comes in:

How about if we keep the Sonic Drift for future games, it could be something that can provide BOTH SPEED AND EXPLORATION in Sonic's speed based levels (like the daytime levels in Sonic Unleashed)?

Part 2 to be posted.

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Part 2 of 3

Well, how will this work, may you ask? Well, before I go on, I want to elaborate on something the Sonic Drift could actually do. You may already know this, but for those who don't, let me explain some:

In the daytime levels of Sonic Unleashed, it was possible to change the direction Sonic went when using the Sonic Drift by pressing the Left Trigger button while Sonic runs, and quickly shifting to the Right Trigger button to make Sonic change the direction he skids in.

Now, just wanted to point that out.

As I said for my idea, the Sonic Drift would be a good use for both SPEED and EXPLORATION. How so? Well, for one, the levels would not really be as linear as Sonic Unleashed, but more like a maze like, huge race track like level with a bunch of routes, paths, corners, fork in the roads, and so on: all in which are intertwined together in one, huge level. And yes, some of those can be hidden to add to the challenge.

The track layout may be hard to imagine, but if you have ever played Sonic R for the Sega Saturn, or have played it through Sonic Gems Collection, you should know that there were only five tracks to play on, but they all had a myriad of different paths and such to go through. Some were secret, some were already available, and others required a certain amount of rings to get into.

Well, this is what I am talking about in terms of level layouts that can utilize the Sonic Drift to maintain speed and discover new areas of the level. Of course, you would not have to beat those levels by completing a certain amount of laps. The length of those levels would have one route that acts as the usual path to reach the goal ring. However, there would be different, separate and alternative tracks that can be accessed by using different methods, especially the Sonic Drift.

Now, for the main point of my idea.

Part 2 of 3 coming up.

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Part 3 of 3

Well, such levels like the ones I just described would be great for exploration by us the Sonic Drift. For example, if Sonic is on the main route, and comes to a fork in the road (or a three-five way route), he could use the Sonic Drift to turn into the corner which leads to the desired path the player wants to go through. These pathways can be anywhere: from a high hill, to a downward ramp that leads to a turn and is surrounded by a wall of some short, to a steep drop down a hill and so on.

Needless to say, whatever route is taken, it will most likely lead to a whole new area for Sonic to go through. This could allow to explore new parts of the level which take him on a different route (and of course, each route has even more routes to uncover). Near the end of the level, all of the remaining routes would take the Sonic back onto the main track which, in turn, would take Sonic to the goal ring.

And the best part is, the player won't have to lose any speed, since this is the Sonic Drift he is using.

However, some routes could not be accessed by Sonic directly, even with the Sonic Drift. He would have to come back to the same level when his abilities have improved, or that he has received something from later in the game to access that route. However, this could possibly lead to replay value, since you would come back to find more of the level by using methods not really limited to using the Sonic Drift a.lone

However, I'd also would like to say that unlike in Sonic Unleashed, that if the Leveling Up system returns, the Sonic Drift should be upgradable like the ring energy and speed were in Sonic Unleashed.

This way, when the Sonic Drift is upgraded, it can be used to go even tighter turns, and make such turns at higher speed (like when the player uses Sonic Boost, which makes cornering harder to do with the Sonic Drift). This would even make the Sonic Drift more responsive when the player presses the Left or Right trigger. At its maximum upgradable state, the Sonic Drift could take the tightest of turns, handle well at the highest speeds Sonic goes through, and is at its most responsive mode. Also, how tight the turn is when Sonic uses the Sonic Drift depends on how hard the left and right trigger buttons are pressed. If the buttons are pressed down and held lightly, Sonic will take a wide turn and will respond less if going at high speed. The harder the player presses those buttons, the tighter, more responsive the turn the Sonic Drift can make. To keep the controls to be slippery, Sonic could buy an item from some shop at the hub world which limits the tightness the Sonic Drift makes. Just to note, this is just an example.

As the Sonic Drift upgrades each level further, Sonic can use the Sonic Drift to take even tighter turns while responding to even higher speeds in levels, allowing for more exploration and more hidden paths and areas to be found. This would add to the fun of the game, which would have the player come back to each level to find more than they were able to before.

Well, that is it. What do you think?

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Uh, what was your point about how it could be used for exploration again? I may have missed it.

Oh, and how it helps with speed, I still need to know that.

The way I see it, the conventional method for implementing exploration in a Sonic game would simply be to slow it right the fuck down. Buuuuuut, perhaps if the drift were a more active component of the game, players wouldn't need to slow down to explore things?

Eh, I dunno, there seems to be a bit of a hole in that logic. Especially considering traditional exploration in older Sonic games required the ability to, um... you know... jump.

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The way I see it, the conventional method for implementing exploration in a Sonic game would simply be to slow it right the fuck down. Buuuuuut, perhaps if the drift were a more active component of the game, players wouldn't need to slow down to explore things?

Eh, I dunno, there seems to be a bit of a hole in that logic. Especially considering traditional exploration in older Sonic games required the ability to, um... you know... jump.

Okay, though this may not be a direct response to the guy I quote, but:

First, this idea is just an example of adding more ways for exploration into future Sonic games. If anyone hasn't figured out yet, there are more possible ways to explore a level than using the Sonic Drift.

Second, in response to what Black Lightning said, I am honestly not against using jumping to explore levels. As far as my idea goes, this idea would not really work unless the levels had more shortcuts in the five tracks in Sonic R. Otherwise, this idea would not have much point in being used in the next Sonic game, especially if the levels remained more linear.

Still, jumping can still be a way to explore levels in Sonic games. Aside from the 2D games and Sonic Adventures one and 2, which used jumping to get around levels or explore, this idea would ideally be more of a good exploration for any future Sonic game then any 2D Sonic game, whether it is the classic Sonic games or the Advance and Rush series.

And in response to AXB: sure, I guess not using the drift to to turn into paths in levels to explore more could do. However, I have heard some complaints from Sonic fans before. Those fans have whined about slowing down in Sonic games so much, so I took the Sonic Drift into consideration so that less speed would be lost when using the Sonic Drift than just using the control stick to control Sonic.

But all and all, this is just my idea. It's not like I want this to happen so badly. Feel however you like about it. Just don't think that some random Sega employee will come here and see this topic before convincing Sonic Team to use it without telling any of us, okay?

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