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Strange Sonic Saturn artwork

Badnik Mechanic

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I just having a look on ebay and I found a bit of a strage Japanese magazine for sale. It's called Sega Saturn Magazine, and it has Sonic on the cover... But I don't recognise the artwork at all. The only games that the Saturn had to star Sonic would be Sonic 3D, Sonic R and Sonic Jam (unless I've missed one).


Judging by the cover date it's from the year 1997 and it looks like X-men Vs Street fighter is either on the way or has just been announced. If that 10/17 is a date then it's probably a September dated October magazine (this would tie in with Japans release of X-Men Vs Street Fighter on the Saturn.

But like I say, I've not seen it before, chances are someone else might have done. Is it an official piece of just a mockup by the magazine? Can anyone put some light on this?

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Something about it is terribly familiar. I was going to say the Sonic Jam intro myself, but I just double-checked it and whilst it's somewhat similar, it's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AFM5jrA3sU. Tis curious though... I just hit the magazine up on eBay myself and figured it was worth checking out as it's not all that expensive, so hopefully it won't take that long to get here. Of course, I'm sure now I've shelled out the cash someone'll come along and clear it up right away, aha.

One way or another, it's a pretty spiffy picture. I love the pose.

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You know, I'm probably wrong in saying this, but even so... something about that does look ever-so-slightly familiar.


I wonder why. laugh.gif

On that point, the pose has certainly been reused in some fashion, although I'm inclined to believe the rendering itself is a unique piece created by Sega for the magazine, perhaps like that one they did of a cheesed-off Sonic holding the last issue of the Playstation Magazine.

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