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Austalian Sonic stage show

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I managed to go twice during my visits from Victoria (1½ states down, where I grew up) didn't get to see any show, but had lunch, bought some merchandise, won on rides and what not. The second visit they were closing up, throwing out broken stock (managed to talk an employee into giving me a Tails drink bottle that wasn't suitable for sale because his tails fell off.. simple glue solution) and having a 50% off sale.. got a sweet "Generation Sonic" coat .. looks like something out of Phantasy Star with a big Sonic on the back.. scary thing was it was originally $120..

My 3rd trip to Sydney was sad, the massive Sonic and Tails were gone from the front, everything that had to do with Sega World was torn down / removed.. all that was left was a thank you note to all its patrons on what used to be the front entrance :(

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