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What you expect/expected from Sonic 4


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"Hi guys and gals,

Since we don't have an official thread up for this yet besides the blogs, we'd like to get a discussion going about what you guys thought of the just-released announcement trailer!

Are you excited about the first glimpse of the game in action? Curious about how the homing attack will play out? Wondering if Sonic with black eyes could ever make a return? Hit us up with all your comments here, and know that we are listening to your feedback! "


This comment makes me wonder, I think there is a chance that classic sonic will come bundled or as an alternate skin. We will see

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I expected a 2D game. A pure, 2D game with some classic elements. I guess that's what I got! XD

Seriously, though, I was trying to not let my hopes sky rocket or die. I kinda sat out of everything until resently, and I'm quite happy with whay has been revealed.

What do I expect? Hopefully better level design (at least exploring wise), and reception. I'm pretty sure one of my hopes have already been crushed. ;)

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You know how NSMB plays like a classic Mario, but something is just off a bit but not exactly in a bad way? Sort of like that, if it makes any sense. I expect it to be an ALMOST flawless imitation, but with differences that can be a bit jarring at first. I also, unfortunately, forsee swo zones as usual, instead of three, and no minibosses or zone transitions.

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