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SSR: SpeedKnux Pie 201 – The Five Pie

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SpeedKnux returns with his delicious Pie to a regular timeslot for the first time in roughly 2 years! And he’s right on time as he arrives shortly after the ‘midnight reveal’ by Sega of America of Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. This is discussed and speculated on with a special co-host, Alarica, special as she is a girl, and on the internet. SpeedKnux also felt it was necessary to discuss some games that had become a recent joy to him, namely Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, and Sam & Max: Season 1, both for the Wii. SpeedKnux and Alarica spin some catchy tunes from those video games, and an assortment of general Sonic tunes, and Alarica gets mocked for being female and liking Five Finger Death Punch. Alarica also mocks SpeedKnux’s taste in music, strike a blow for women’s rights in this jam packed slice of pie. A pie with jam in it? It sounds crazy, but be sure to listen in, as who knows? You might just like it.

Today’s slice of pie is brought to you by… the number FIVE (5).

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