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Sonic 4 Makes The Pipeline and Hard News

Detective Shadzter

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With Sonic 4 announced it looks like Sonic is getting the kind of mass media coverage he used to get back in the old days, he's even making the video news shows such as ScrewAttacks Hard News and WIi Folders The Pipeline. For once even Destin on Hard News is excited for a Sonic game and The Pipeline have even gone as far as to report from the Green Hill Zone. ScrewAttack have also featured the Sonic 4 trailer in their Digital Forecastshow and made it their Trailer of the Week in Fridays Hard News.

So like me are you guys happy to see Sonic getting mass media attention again? If you have any more big coverage for the game you've seen round the net post them here.

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The only reason the mainstream gaming press have been so hard on recent Sonic games is because they remember how good the old games were in comparison. I've read more times than I can remember over the past few years from a number of websites and magazines that all they want to see is a "Sonic 4" so this is many peoples dreams come true. The danger is that if SEGA somehow mess this up Sonic will be dead to all of them.

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I'm happy too! And for once it's not negativity, just excitement. (Minus the majority of the Sonic fanbase. There's just no pleasing everybody...)

Now it may just be wishful thinking, but I think it's just a very vocal minority.

Nice to see Sonic getting some good press... But if they only knew about teh INTERNET BACKDRAFT the game is getting...

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