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SSR: Talk It Up! episodes 2 and 3

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Talk It Up! Episode 2 – Physically here……but mentally……somewhere else

In this episode, cdrom1019 celebrates a record setting Second episode, as well as celebrates the 1000th episode of G4TV’s  Xplay. We discuss the Sonic Shorts volumes by Sonic Paradox as they were selected as the Gem Of The Internet.  cdrom goes on about Crush 40, the group selected as the featured artist(s) of the week. And he shows you how to get an S rank on Windy Village act 2 of Sonic Unleashed wii. He also brings you up to speed on some of the latest news in Tech and Gaming with the Feed Stream courtesy of G4TV’s  “The Feed”.  He talks about absolute random stuff and has his epic fails as always guaranteed to make you laugh and for some reason…..he decides to play a little guitar at the very end. And as Always, plays some insanely awesome music from the games you know and love, and from cd’s own personal music library. It’s wild. It’s crazy. It’s……..interesting….or as cdrom would say….it’s just high on the WTF! factor.  It’s Talk It Up! episode 2

Talk It Up! Episode 3   At a loss for words, as well as personal items. I WILL FIND YOU!

In this wild and crazy episode, cdrom struggles to pronounce words and names throwing him for a loop all throughout the show. Cdrom shares his thoughts on Sonic 4 episode one and is honestly not impressed. He shares a look at the flash series “Sonic’s Quest For Power”, the very animation series that inspired flash animator Alvin-Earthworm in Gems of the Internet. He plays some great music from all the sonic games you know and love (although this time, he preferred to play music from Sonic Rush) as well as songs from his own “wildly American” library. He constantly plays music to stall for time while frantically searching(and complaining) for his missing IEEE1394 (firewire) cable. He also talks to the great TSS comunity about the cyberbullying between TSSZ and TSS and begs that you DO NOT “FEED THE TROLLS” .After finding his cable(and giving himself a slight head injury) he attempts to show you how to get an A rank on city escape from Sonic Adventure 2 in the Super Sonic Speedrun, but he fails epically and decides not to show it live. Completley forgetting to do “the Feed Stream”  he moves on to the featured artist of the week….which he just quickly names as “the chick that did the song “With Me” from Sonic and the Black Knight”.  It’s insane! It’s All over the place. It’ll make you say “cdrom…..I’m going to offer you the only intelligent question I can think of right now….WHAT?!”   It’s!….IT’S!…..you know it!  It’s Talk It Up!…..episode 3

It’s a show by a true American Idiot
It’s Talk It Up!………and you’re not gonna want to miss it


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