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Sonic is "So Much More" ... Music video :)


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That was pretty awesome. I didn't even find the running about bits cheesy. I dunno how but he got the exact right speed/leg movements in the original slower recording so it honestly looked like he was running like Sonic does.

Much lulz with the eggy bit at the end, there shoulda been more of that, but then having it just at the end made for an awesome finale.

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Magnifique !

Serouisly, with all the "singing or playing guitar in my bedroom" entries, I thought this contest will be so boring but when I see works that took so much time like this one or DKS' one, well... So Much Creativity !

I could be suprising at the begining with the Clark Kent wannabe becoming Human Sonic but the whole video is a pure video clip. The stop motion parts are truly impressive and big LOL for Eggman, especially the end when he's in his eggmobile XD.

I'm happy his entry is accepted even with the no-Sonic or SEGA related rules.

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