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ONM Asks... Sonic The Hedgehog 4

Doctor MK

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ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine) are starting a new feature called "ONM Asks" on their website, with the idea that you post questions which will hopefully be answered by game developers. ONM's next interview will be with the team behind Sonic 4, so this is your chance to ask any burning questions you may have about the game.

If you're a member of the ONM forums you can post your questions here, otherwise I'll be happy to forward your questions on to ONM instead, in which case post your questions here in this SSMB topic.

Obviously not every question will be answered, but it's worth a try!

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Cool! Thanks a lot for doing this ^_^

Anyhow, I've got a laundry list of questions.... don't take all of them seriously, but I'm just trying my best to hit whatever point I can:

-In later episodes, will other characters make playable appearances, such as Tails and Knuckles?

-Will Super Sonic be playable in normal stages after collecting the Chaos Emeralds?

-Has the number of episodes for this title been determined yet?

-Besides the homing attack, does this game have any new moves?

-Will additional DLC be released once Episode 1 comes out?

That's all I got :P

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Not a member, so I'll blurt out my questions here.

How many Zones are there?

Does each Zone have the same amount of acts?

What made you decide to include the Homing Attack, and does it have any impact on the classic-styled gameplay?

Are there any water levels, and if so, will we hear that terrifying drowning music?

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"To what extent have the developers studied the classic gameplay and applied its principles to this installment?

Will the game's episodic nature lend itself to more involved storytelling than was seen in the classics?"

I might think up more as time goes on. tongue.gif

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I'm a member at ONM with my old name Sonic_Freak :lol: but heres what I may ask there.

Do you like me believe this fan base cant be pleased? :lol:

Will shields be in this game? If so will any of Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles elemental shields be in the game or just the standard one hit protection shield?

Will Acts have multiple routes to travel through?

Will 1ups be achieved for obtaining 100 rings?

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Here are mine:

Are they trying their best to imitate classic Sonic gameplay and not override it with too many modern elements and/or make it play too much like "Rush minus boost"?

How many Zones will there be in the game?

Will Super Sonic be playable?

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Will there be scenes that show the transition from one zone to another, like what was done at the end of act 2 in Sonic 3 & Knuckles?

Will the Eggman boss battles be similar to the genesis games, where you must hit Eggman 8 times while avoiding his attacks, or will they be more like Sonic Rush, where you play the waiting game until you get the chance to hit him...once?

Will we see the return of Mecha or Metal Sonic as bosses?

Are there any influences taken from the 8-Bit Sonic titles like Triple Trouble and Sonic the Hedgehog ( Master System ) and the CD based games like Chaotix and Sonic CD, or are you focusing purely on the original trilogy?

The game takes place after S3&K, but does that mean modern characters as future DLC is out of the question? I'd love more different movesets to play through the game with as long as they are optional?

How closely are you listening to fan input?

Pinball Physics?

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Do you know how to make a Sonic game anymore?

We suspect Sega has a surprise for Sonic's 20th anniversary in 2011. Will we see all episodes of Sonic 4 by that time?

Sonic 4 is being hyped by gamers who haven't played a Sonic game in 8 or more years. Because the response is so positive, would you do future retro titles?

We've been told in teasers that the game is "built from the ground up". Have you reworked the physics? What happened to the 16-bit physics?

Will you pleaaase Sega pleaaase include the cute '90s model of Sonic in a DLC package, pleaaase Sega?

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How many episodes will there be?

Since Sonic 4 is DLC, how much will each episode cost?

When all the episodes are released, will they all be inserted into disc format as one game?

There has been a lot of clamoring for Sonic's classic design as an unlockable feature or DLC. Any hints as to weither this will happen or not?

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Golly, I hope that I don't get raged at for wanting this asked... some one kindly forward this?

Would you ever consider doing a Mario and Sonic crossover in the style of Sonic 4 meets New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Many fans woul probably prefer something like that rather than your Olympics titles.

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i have about 3 questions i would like to ask ...

1:Will there be a Sound test in the options so we can listen to the soundtrack like in Sonic 2

2:Will they be a old school animations like this in Sonic 4 SonicTailsSmallAni.gif116.jpg?app=bg&v=4b7ff92b

3:will the credit music will like the old sonic credit music like this


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