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Blazey Firekitty

Trying to take a bit of a different angle on the Blaze paradox

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I thought that Rivals 1 and 2 took place before Rush and Rush Adventure. Because in Rivals Eggman Nega believes he can change the future, while in Rush Adventure he reveals that his world and Eggman's world are parallel universes (or alternate timelines). It could be assumed that Nega escaped the Ifrit's dimension and joined forces with Eggman to eliminate Sonic, and gave Eggman the Sol Emeralds in order to gain his trust. Also, he no longer tries to hide his true identity to Sonic anymore. That's how I view the situation at least.

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What happens the next time they want to have both Silver and Blaze in a game with a storyline? Now that'll be the day.

What I'm seeing is that 06 is ignored, Blaze is from that mirror world, and Silver's from the future. (that's what the Olympics games say anyway)

The only wrench is Eggman Nega, and that can be explained away as he's a liar and his true past is a mystery.

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Ok here's what I think, or my personal patching of the mess that is the whole Blaze/Nega/Silver thing. (Keeping in mind I am highly biased towards the alternate reality idea)

The way I see it is Blaze and Nega were always created to be parrallel dimension counterparts to Sonic and Eggman, right down to the shoes and inclusion of a second set of emeralds, so my theories always try to tie back into this.

This is my most thought out one:

Ok, Blaze and Nega = parrallel versions of Sonic and Eggman. As Sonic and Eggman have battled for years and have history, so does Blaze and Eggman Nega. At some point Eggman Nega creates Captain Whiskers and Johnny to be fill in's for him during what will be his trip to Sonic's dimension (for some kind of scheme - bear with me) At some point Nega's machines screw up and rather than sending him to Sonic's time send him to Sonic's reality, but to the future.

Whilst in the future Nega becomes the enemy of Silver and, being cunning as he is, takes on the persona of being a "descendant" of Dr.Eggman. Why would he do that you ask? Well as I recall the manuals for Rivals claims that Nega was pissed off about the family name being disgraced by Eggman's numerous failures so he wanted to redeem himself - but I can easily see Nega wanting to secretly, and further disgrace Eggman by succeeding where he hadn't, hence why Nega appears in the present claiming he's a relative from the future, then if Nega's plans go correctly he's humiliated Eggman and got what he wanted.

These motives could also be strengthened by the fact that conquering Sonic's reality (The "prime" verse I can only assume) is a far greater feat than conquering his own dimension.

So lets pause for a second chronolgy check ~ The event's of Sonic Rush happens, never explained fully how two dimensions come together or how characters are dragged into the others, but lets just say Emerald fluctuations or something, this is possibly where Eggman and Nega first realise the existance of multiple parrallel universes. Then with that knowledge I'm saying Nega travels from Blaze's dimension to Sonic's (Either by accident -an experiment gone wrong- or with a scheme in mind) but Nega goes to Sonic's future instead, becomes enemies with Silver.

~Ok lets continue.

After living a life of solitude, upholding her responsibilities as Queen/princess (?) of her world, Blaze meets Sonic who gives her a new understanding to life and interacting with others. Nega has left her world and Blaze is quite content to keep it that way, but now knowing that her problems are now the trouble of someone else, Blaze can't help but feel she needs to do something (Sonic's a good teacher ;) ) So with her newfound knowledge of how to use the Sol Emeralds Blaze goes on an interdimensional trip - it's there in Sonic's future that she meets and befriends Silver and aids him in dealing with Nega.

The whole Iblis thing comes up and Silver and Blaze go to Sonic's present.

-The events of Sonic'06 happen, and whilst a small flaw with my theory might occur in: "Sonic and Blaze never said anything to each other to prove they had met before" I will say that during the times they met I think some pretty intense shit was going down, and a jolly catch up chat wasn't the priority at the time.

So anyways, during the end of Silver's '06 story, Blaze ends up taking the Iblis flames inside her or something of the sort because Silver can't, then she seems to fade away - not die - fade away, perhaps like...passing into another dimension? So I put to you that Blaze returns to her own dimension, perhaps leaving the Iblis to die inbetween dimensions or perhaps somehow finishing it off when she gets back to her dimension.

The timeline is reset after '06, making none of it happen, so therefore Sonic doesn't remember to ask Blaze why she was in his dimension next time they meet (Sonic Rush Adventure) and also why Sonic doesn't know who Silver is (Sonic Rivals 2). As to what happens to Nega... I'm not too sure what effects the time reset would have on him, but considering he had no involvement with the time period in which all the '06ery happens I'll assume he remained in Sonic's dimension in the future and still messes with Silver. Now, being a little lenient towards the order of the games (ie; not super fussy that SRA was released before Sonic Rivals 2) then you could say Sonic Rivals 2 happens with Nega still in the future, coming to the present and doing his thing, Silver following and doing his thing, and the whole story going how it goes.....then....SRA happens - which means perhaps after his defeats in Sonic's dimension, Nega decides to return home to Blaze's and his dimension to check up upon his robot minions (Whisker) and see how they've been doing, ultimately leading into SRA.

I know it sounds a little contrived and way too thought out, but I like it.

I'd like to think that they will continue the parrallel dimension idea that they were clearly going for at the beggining of it all before they royally twatted it up - perhaps even a game based entirely in Blaze's world; Blaze vs Nega, with Marine acting like the Tails of that dimension.

Also, I like to imagine Blaze's world as mainly made up of small islands and large seas, I picture a story in my mind of Nega having been gone a long time, perhaps lost or trying to take over Sonic's dimension's future, basically becoming Silver's reason to exist (no conflict no story afterall) and in Nega's absence Captain Whiskers has basically become the Eggman of Blaze's dimension (Johnny being his Metal Sonic equivalent - what! I like to have parrallel comparisons). He rules the seas with a pirate army of pir'bot badniks and resides in a fort construct admist glaciers (to ward of Blaze's fire powers).

Blaze would live on a small island in a fancy castle in Green hill valley zone, and Marine would be her sidekick and engineer, creating a biplane boat that they'd travel on when the go out to stop Whiskers.

I dunno, I just like the idea of a whole alternate reality with alternate reality versions of characters from Sonic's world - I can't really bring myself to see Blaze and Nega from the future, so I like my somewhat longwinded plot-hole filling putty theory.

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