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Oh, this little guy?

It all started when I was in my middle school years. I grew a habit of randomly saying "strawberries" which quickly formed to a personal snowclone that I playfully pestered my family with.

You know what's to blame? This Blue's Clues YTP. - (1:12) 



The influence for the Super Berry character itself comes the "A Bugs Life" video game, that had a powerup in it that was called a "super berry." (It powered up the berries you threw) He soon developed from there and became more of his own thing. He's now considered the star of my "dream" series.


I went with this admittedly simple design to embody several appealing aspects of various children's cartoons, all while giving his own flare.

Choosing an anthropomorphic fruit as a protagonist I did as a slight twist on shows that star funny animals. Basic shapes and floating Rayman limps makes him a breeze to doodle, and gives me a wide variety of expression to work with. His body and mask color on my plush have been swapped from what I intended to color him as. He has shifted from red to orange as part of being granted his superpowers, but I won't fault anyone who'd initially think he's a carrot. 😋  

I'll guiltily confess that I stole alot of traits from Sonic too, if the eyes, shoes and mischievous demeanor already clued you in. His crescent "banana" mouth is inspired by the mouths designs from both Butch Hartman and Humongous Entertainment; I'll look into how different could if it were less toothy. And his pointy green hair, better shown on the toy, represents his rebellious teenage streak, and covers his head moderately similar to a straw hat. Super Berry has his fingers as his weapon of choice as to make an otherwise mundane gesture look cool and imaginative. And his is yellow cape (who we all know what a certain Pixar character would react) is there to make him look more dated and childish, but still eye-catching. I'm not to sure if I'd call this Super Berry's finalized look just yet, but I feel I'm getting close. I do think he could use a more proper name, but I think I'm too picky on finding one that sounds right without being too common or too weird.

Naturally, I shared my drawings with my (immediate) family, which eventually sparked an idea in my brother's head. Three years ago on Christmas Eve, my brother gave my a custom plushy of Super Berry made by Budsies, created directly from one of my other drawings of him. 😍 One of most treasured holiday memories to this day. One week later, I came down with pneumonia, and spent a week being treated at the hospital. Despite my awful condition, I always looked over on a nearby table, and there was Super Berry, watching and guarding over me. Combined with constant support from family and friends, Super Berry helped keep my spirits high till I recovered at last. Never got real sick ever since. 



But Super Berry is only one of several characters of the series that I've imagined. It has a grand scale concept featuring two sets of characters, and revolves around the concept of how a "world" of western cartoons coexists with an anime "world." I would like to form my own art topic on here someday, so I can share these other characters I've been working on. Alas, I have so little inspiration and motivation to draw, let alone get into making art that I'd constantly add to. Not to mention that I admit I'm very inexperienced and haven't been practicing. Perhaps one day, if I give myself the time, the skill and more importantly the confidence, then maybe I'd be happy to share it on here. 

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KH3 is fast approaching along with February, so it's time for a new combo! Obviously I had to pay tribute to the heavily-anticipated sequel, but also the fact that my boy Ralph got into it! (Only as a summon, but I'll take what I can get.) This theme also works on multiple levels, as Ralph Breaks the Internet comes out on Blu-ray in February as well. Avatar is the conclusion of Ralph's summoning animation from the game, new display name references the name of said summon, and I also threw in a little combo KH/WiR reference for the rank.

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I had to go back to Futaba after discovering that one of my (Several) favourite character designer and artists had drawn her.


I've not bothered with a Signature for some time now, but decided to change it and have a compilation of characters that have appeared at some stage of my membership here as my avatar.


Found a (Possibly?) better way to showcase past characters that have appeared as my avatar while being a member here. There's 20 in total and...I'm pretty sure that's not all of them. My memory ain't always so reliable. Still, I think it worked out okay. It your bored, you could try to identify them all. The answers are in the spoiler tag below. I made sure to use official material of all the characters.

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This and the previous two avatars are also Persona 5 related.

I think in December I briefly had a Haru avatar which looked cool, and then in January I used a Joker avatar from his Smash Ultimate reveal trailer.

I switched back to Haru (her all out attack portrait) after a couple of users used different Avis and it was awesome to have almost all of the Phantom Theives in the forum 😄

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Decided to upgrade my avatar to the 21st century even if I ironically joined here during this century. Originally I was going to use this for this year but then I thought well artists don't really like their work used outside of their own accord even when credited so I went for plan B, something that is on my mind and reflecting the past with an uncertain future.

It is the case of coming full circle. Where has before the avatar was from the first episode, this one is from the last episode (well so far). From a promising driver with a smug on his face to someone who looks like that he's had enough and has let go over the years while the stakes are high. Where you question whether you do not know whether it is reality or fictional any more. It is fitting for what I'm going through.

So why Lupin? Simple, he is the closest anime or any character (living or fictional) to what I resemble. Oh and like Sly Cooper on which it was based on this.

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