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Sonic Xpensive


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Check this out:


I've been thinking about getting the boxsets of Sonic X in Region One format, but right when I go to do it they're suddenly really, really[/] expensive! Anyone know any reason as to why?

And, additionally, a general opportunity to bitch about the high prices of imported Sonic goods to the UK!

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Maybe because the only Sonic X DVDs we got here were absolutely godawful, with boxart that made them look seriously like bootlegs and only two episodes per disc for £4.99.

That, and we only ever got four volumes, meaning the first eight episodes. That's it. D:

Interestingly, I just checked- despite the fact that the whole series used to be there, I can't seem to find Sonic X on iTunes anymore. Wonder if it's been taken down?

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Mahzes is right, the Region One DVDs are a better boxset deal than the Region Two ones, not that it really matters to why I'm asking why they're so expensive, to be honest.

Just seems the UK gets the bad end of the deal, like our Toys R Us stores don't store those Sonic action figures that Yanks get, we've only recently gotten the three inch ones and the bigger Black Knight figure, and everything decent has to be imported. Doesn't help that it's stupidly expensive either.

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