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Adventure Time!

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My my, defensive aren't we?

Plus, the whole "It can never be bad thing" is purely your opinion. Ill stop now to prevent a flame war.

lol you took me half seriously.

The half that was joking was the half where I said everything on CN is bad, which was a joke because Chowder is the shit man.

And no, it's not my opinion, it's pure scientific TRUTH. IT IS A LAW.

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It's more Music Time with Finn and Jake!


I don't like auto-tune that's in rap nowadays, but Finn manages to make it slightly tolerable, probably due to the lyrics. At least, he sounds better than T-Pain when he does it.


Also, gnomes destroying old ladies. Why? Just cause.

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Well, after watching some of the recent episodes, I feel the need to bring this (awesome) topic back up again.


One of my favorite eps for Finn being hatlessJake's boat song, "Ballzacks!", the cool and horrifying Glub Glubs, and the heartwarming moment between Finn and Susan strong, who could be human like him or possibly his mom (can't get stuff like this on kid shows these days).

Then there is the episode No One Can Hear You, which is quite possibly the most disturbing episode to date with Jake going crazy (and bugs coming out of his ears no less!), the candy people missing, Finn getting his legs broken and getting hat less again, and last but not least:




Just recently uploaded and it has a kid's fanart as a new character! Also, Tara Strong as Wild-berry Princess who happens to have a lot of meat...

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Oh God this show. I love this show.

Probably one of the few good shows on the entire CN franchise, apart from SWAT Kats on Boomerang, which doesn't really count anyway.

Also, Marceline <3

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It's the exact same time as when you asked earlier, and it'll be the exact same time when you ask later: THERE IS NO TIME HE-oh


uh yeah, this show is um, awesome

>_ > < _<

(runs away)

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I think the one thing i love most about this series is the singing. Not the theme song because that's very well uh....yeah. I mean the random songs each main character sings randomly. They are freaking amazing. You really don't see that very often.

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