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After a long hiatus, T-TIME has returned for it's third season. Once again you can join your host me, T-Bird, for an hour of Metal-Sonic themed goodness, with up-to-date Sonic news and reviews, along with the biggest and best music coming out of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Not only this but you can expect live competitions in which you can have an opportunity to win yourself some delicious Sonic merchandise; just be sure to get yourself tuned in and ready!

The Season will kick off with the first show on Sunday, 23rd of May 2010 with a 2 hour-long special commencing at 5PM GMT.

The show runs fortnightly, so do check back here regularly for the next show dates:

Show 301 - Sunday, 23rd of May 2010

Show 302 - Sunday, 6th of June 2010

Show 303 - Sunday, 20th of June 2010 (Birthday special)

Show 304 - Sunday, 4th of July 2010

Show 304a - =FILLER SHOW TBA =

Show 305 - Sunday, 1st of August 2010 (Summer of Sonic Special)

See you all in the Sonic Stadium IRC on Sunday!


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