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Puns with Sonic

Indigo Rush

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I must say; perfect expression for Amy. I just love imagining this scenario now. :P

Anyway, it's time for me to empty out a few more puns and cleverness from the outer reaches of my mind.


Well, I've used the infamous Shadow head, the infamous Robotnik PINGAS head, so naturally it was just a matter of time before the crosseyed Sonic head popped up.


Hooray for badnik puns! Probably the only scenario more absurd than that of the movie itself.


And taking Sonic 06's story to disturbing new lows; this!

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I don't get the concept, but it's still pretty funny, just for the faces. Eggman's expression - priceless.

I'm not sure how popular Alvin and the Chipmunks is internationally, so many people might not get it. In this movie, they travelled around the world for a competition (Girls Vs. Boys). In SU (World Adventure), Sonic travelled around the word. In SA2, there was a bit of a competion (Hero Vs. Dark). So, I made a picture to parody what the next Sonic game might be. If the second World Adventure game came out, would it be like the SA sequel? If so, I think it would be a bit like my picture. XP I'm glad you liked it, by the way! :lol:

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