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Sonic Games on the Virtual Console Arcade


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The Collections and SADX handled nearly all the games that would be anywhere worth putting on. Chaotix is really the only one that I'd have any interest in getting, I think...

Edit: Oh wait, this is the arcade thing? Eh, SegaSonic is the only one that has a shot, and I couldn't care less about it.

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It ultimately comes down to what they feel like making an emulator for. There's a bunch of games that Sega could release for any given board they port. Considering how many different boards use Motorola 68000 processors (and emulators for those CPU's already exist), that's probably what they'll go for.

I expect to see stuff like Out Run and Hang On.

SegaSonic Arcade is unlikely, it's running on the System 32 which uses an NEC processor, making it a bit of an outlier.

I can maybe see them writing a Model 2B emulator (Sonic the Fighter, Virtual On, , though the chips they used weren't exactly used all over the place, so there probably aren't any emulators for them yet. Sega might do it anyway of they think they can charge more for them. Gunblade NY would be awesome, though I would miss the giant thrashing machine gun that the cabinets had.

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How you expect to play these games without their intended controller method seems really odd. Playing the game for the sake of playing it and all, but really purists will want to play Sonic Arcade with a track ball or half the experience is killed.

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I imagine Wii controls could be implemented to SEGASonic to replace the trackball. I suppose it could work quite well.

It could potentially work is SegaSonic Arcade was like Monkey Ball. But SegaSonic Arcade is much more like Marble Madness.

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