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Yes folks, as the title suggests, yout gonna be choosing your top 5 Sonic Background music, this being theme songs and such in levels of any Sonic game known to man, be it main series, cancelled games, spin-off's and portable series....

If you wanna explain more to keep the topic occupied, you can even go to say why each said-song is in the chosen place among your top 5, but heres mines:

1) Sonic Adventure 2's Final Hazard: Who doesn't love this song, it's the kinda song that pumps your thirst for adventure and drives you forward to destroy the bio-lizard and save the Earth ;)

2)Sonic Triple Trouble's Sunset Park act 3 music: That catchy lil tune that was in Triple Trouble while running along on top of a train, and was also built into Sonic Chaos' Sound Test, no better song in a Gamegear Sonic game B)

3)Sonic 06's Solaris Thase 2 : An orchastrel verion of His World for a final boss music while playing as Super Sonic, Shadow and Silver, a brilliant song for a brilliant finale, though I would love to see both Zebraheads rock version fused with the orchastrel version :)

4) Sonic and Knuckles' Death Egg : It was a really epic song that just had a sense of speed that also shouted "final showdown" to you (mentally ofcourse) and would really love to hear a remix of this in a future sonic game, I mean if mario can do a remix to the same 5 songs for like 30 years, i don't see why sonic can't ;):lol:

5) Sonic Xtreme's Space Queen : I know it's a cancelled game, heck, we all do. But I've heard a load of the songs planned for this game, but this one has to stand out the most, iits the most famous song among them and everytime I play it, it brings memories of Sonic's glory 90's days :D Please SEGA, use this song in a future Sonic game!! :o

So everyone, what's your top 5 Sonic Songs???


Also, I don't want any bashing, even though I bashed mario, but thats allowed, just no bashing any Sonic games or anyones preferred music taste...

Oh! and if this has been done before, feel free to lock or whatever B)

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1. Metallic Madness Good Future JP/EU version - Without a doubt the most underrated Sonic song of all time. Who can't love this theme? It sounds so masterfully appropriate to Metallic Madness' final stage status, the song's feeling of gentleness yet jubilation echoing that the Little Planet is saved as it's likely that by the time you've gotten to Metallic Madness, you're likely to have all time stones, ensuring an excellent outcome and automatically giving the good future.

What's really insteresting about this song is how it's tune can be interpreted. To me, it screams "Don't feel down/meek, you did very well!". It's a magnificent piece of videogame music with some amazing flute solos and my favourite song in the entire series.


- Perfectly suits the freneticness of the sheer speeds you can rack up in act 1 of this stage. It's tune just feels like one is running as fast as possible from something worrying whilst still being worried and it has a wild, unhindered quality to it as well. Asolutely epic when played in perfect synchronisation with a competent player of the stage. Skyscraper Scamper has this quality too.


- If any Sonic song drives across a feeling of isolation, seclusion and chillyness, Cool Edge Night is the best at doing it. It's such a moody-sounding song and a completely different kind of tone from it's day equivalent's music, which is upbeat. The Wii version of Cool Edge Night stages is more atmospheric than the 360/PS3 version with the blowing wind sound, glowing aurora and light snowfall in tandem with the song.


- SONIC '06 had a marvellous soundtrack but Kingdom Valley Wind is my fave song on the OST. Hints at the castle's former majesty but also sounds frenetic, almost panicky. Hinting at Sonic's concern and worry for Elise aboard the doomed Egg Carrier considering he's chasing the vessel throughout this stage in his story?


- One word; Daunting. I think this song really epitomizes the dauntingness posed by Eggman's machinery and how formidable he can be. It's also completely epic.

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I always love things like this. It never gets old for me! :)

1) Super Sonic Racing

Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's corny. Yes, she isn't the best singer.

But man, oh man I ADORE IT.

Out of all of the Sonic songs I have (all 118 of 'em!) this stands as my ABSOLUTE favorite. A big part of that is because I used to hate this song with a passion, but it sneaks up on you and grows on you. It forces itself upon you in the game (you can't play Sonic R without hearing at least it once) and then one day you love it. I thought this only applied to me, but my friend and my former roommate like it too after hearing it over and over! It's the epitome of the "Mere exposure effect". Plus it always puts me in a good mood no matter what! Super Sonic Racing for life.

2) Supporting Me

Who doesn't like this song? I think most of us can agree that the only good thing about fighting the biolizard is that you can have amazing music to listen to... while you're losing your lives.

Supporting Me is a dark, haunting song that embraces what Shadow is going through at the time. One of the few Sonic songs with meaningful lyrics and great techno/industrial music to accompany it. I've been listening to this song before hearing it in the game and I still love is as much as I do then after all these years.

3) Join Us 4 Happy Time

Okay for anyone who doesn't know what the hell this is, here! I love this song! It's the happiest thing I've ever heard in a Sonic game and, like Super Sonic Racing, it brightens my day. Also it brings back fond memories of chao raising in the original Sonic Adventure. Not that crappy port....

4) Dr. 'Gigglymen'

I'll be honest, this song's a remix off of some Sonic CD remix album. But out of the seven track album it's easily my favorite. I love the Japanese soundtrack to Sonic CD and this song mixes a whopping five different tracks to create a jazzy, techno, house music fusion. I know that title is pretty weird, but I believe everyone should listen to this.

5) Un-gravitify (Cashell's version)

I have so many choices. Throw it all Away, My Sweet Passion, Dreams of an Absolution, Open Your Heart, Fly in the Freedom, For True Story.... but this one wins.

Like Super Sonic Racing I hated this song. Any version of it I just hated it. However, overtime I grew to like the "Electro-extended" version and then this amazing mash-up up of the two. Then it happened... I listened to the original and I liked it. I liked it more than the remix, the Crush 40 cover, and that amazing mash-up COMBINED. I'm not even sure why... Maybe it's Cashell's voice. He sounds sexy. Or maybe it's the lyrics; they're weird but if you can comprehend them it's a really positive song! And again Cashell sounds hot! XD

Maybe one day I need to rank my songs....

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So many to choose from! My top-five varies each and every day because, aside from a select few, there really hasn't been a single Sonic song that I don't like. So right now, it's this:

5. Sonic Unleashed: E-Rank Music.

If there's one song that tells you, "You SUCK!" worse than the fans chanting to Kurt Angle, it's this one. The fanfare song is so off-key, it makes you not just cringe, but laugh so hard at those who played Unleashed 360/PS3 really badly. It's such a hilarious song; it's really one of my all-time favorite songs, PERIOD. And what makes this even more hilarious is that the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra intentionally screwed up this song.

4. Sonic & the Black Knight: Live Life.

One of the longest Crush 40 songs for a Sonic game, but it's definitely very good. It screams the goal Sonic had during the second part of SatBK, and there's a cool, mellow mood that ironically flowed during a game with a balance of humor and drama.

3. S3&K: Doomsday Zone.

If any song screamed drama and excitement during this game, it's this one. To end a great story, this zone and song introduced Super Sonic into the climax of a storydriven Sonic game that continues today. Doomsday Zone's song tells you to hurry and catch Eggman or risk falling into the bottom of the zone, which is a neverending bottomless pit.

2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Marble Garden Zone, Act 2.

S3&K has kickass music, but this one goes down as one of my all-time favorites. Love the melody a lot more than the Act 1 version. Very mellow and has a tad of drama. It's incredibly cool and refreshing.

1. Sonic Adventure: Open Your Heart.

Crush 40's debut song and the one that brought Johnny Gioeli fame. The song has an adrenaline rush with emotion, heart, and a feel of good and evil. The rock within the songs brings along a fast pace very similar to Sonic the character and the series itself. One of the best songs I've ever heard, and the best song in Sonic Adventure.

There are so many that I love. This list, as always, is subject to change. In fact, depending on my mood, it changes everyday. :lol:

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In no particular order cause I'm lazy:

Metallic Madness (Good Future) JP/EU - To completely mirror what Verte said, this is definitely a song that's really overlooked a lot, even given the soundtrack's popularity.

Like the rest of the soundtrack, you can really interpret the feeling being conveyed through this music. For me, when I hear this song, it makes me think, "You did it, Little Planet is saved, the future is bright!" A really triumphant and peaceful song even though you haven't even reached the final boss yet, it's like you've already beaten the game.

Cool Edge (Night Hub) - If tranquility had a sound, it's THIS. It's so peaceful, so brimming with warmth and feeling. It's actually very reminiscent of NiGHTS or Ristar(the ice level to be specific). It's the kind of song you can just get lost in.

Hydrocity Act 2 - I don't know, but this song just has a lot going on in it. The sounds aren't static, there's a lot of sounds happening throughout. I don't know why but I just happened upon this song a while ago and it dawned upon me that this song is AWESOME.

Door Into Summer - Despite being on the 32X and being the black sheep of the classic titles, if I had to pic a song that summed up the classic era of the Sonic series, it's this one. It's just so awesome, and I can't help but have constant flashbacks to the Genesis games when listening to this song. I can't even pin point a specific thing about the song that makes me like it so much, it's just that it's just leaking nostalgia, not nostalgia for the game itself, but for classic Sonic as a whole.

And because I ran out of songs that I could put here, I'm just gonna throw in:

Stardust Speedway (Good and Bad Future) NA -I simply can't pick one. Both are just amazing and have the loudest message of all the songs in CD. With the Good Future I hear "Good job, but your still not done, and your so close, push that extra mile and save Little Planet forever!", while the Bad Future I hear "It's not too late, there's still time to change the future!" Whether good or bad future, there's this urgency that you can feel. That the end is so close and there's no time to stop and smell the roses.

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1. Quartz Quadrant - Present (Sonic CD - JP/EU)

2. Whatever that first zone / second act in Sonic Advance 2 was (Sonic Advance 2 - GBA)

3. Big The Cats Emerald Coast (Sonic Adventure - DC)

4. Mystic Cave in 2P mode (Sonic Hedgehog 2 - MD)

5. StarDust Speedway - Present or Good Future (Sonic CD - JP/EU)

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I can't decide...SO many to choose from.

For the sake of this, I'm not doing any vocal tracks.

Brilliant piece of music. Yes its broken into segments, but when you listen to them combined, its genius.

Its a mix of orchestral and techno. The deep and moody violins and violas create an intense atmosphere, whilst the techno drums in the background keep it sounding fast-paced.

There is also a hint of guitar thrown in there to add to the epic.

Another complete track and boy is it masterful.

Full of hectic strings, and like Crisis city is an awesome blend of techno and orchestral with a grand feeling about it.

It gives its parent stage; Kingdom Valley its presence and makes it seem ancient and majestic.

Fast paced and awe-inspiring, I love it.

Epic as all hell. The first even venture into the concept of a "True" Final boss and it was magnificent.

And it was brought to life with an incredibly epic piece of music that sets the tone for the battle.

2. Unawakening float - Sonic and the Secret Rings

By far and away the best piece of music in the WHOLE game. The guitar may seem repetitive to some, but I loved it.

Its such an underrated peice of music. It sounds very epic with the riffs during the verses, then the addition of strings during the chorus.

The drums are very well done and match the melody throughout.

An unusual thing about this song is, that its tempo increases with time. Go and listen to the guitar at the begining, and at the end. You'll see it speeds up.

Really suits the level from which it came, and an overall awesome peice of music.

Epic. His World is flawed as a song, but its melody is incredibly catchy. A great combo or orchestral and rock. The guitar has some of my favorite lines of all time.

The massive scale of the song created by the orchestra and its triumphant feeling. It is my favourite peice of Sonic Music of all time and one of the best Final Boss tunes out there.

I just wish it was longer, and I wish it was revived for a new game and given a bigger remix. It deserves it.

Honourable mentions:

With me - SatBK

Lava Reef Zone act 1 and act 2 - S3&K

Sky Sanctuary Zone - S3&K

Mystic cave Zone 1 -player - S2

Oil Ocean Zone - S2

Flying Battery - S3&K

Molten Mine - SatBK

Aquatic Ruin Zone - S2

Aquatic Base - S2006

True Area 53 - SAdv.2

Supporting me - SA2

Thats the way I like it (Metal Harbour) - SA2

Speed Highway - SA1

Final Fortress Zone - SH

Grand Metropolis Zone - SH

Rail Canyon Zone - SH

Hang Castle Zone #2 (Upside down music) - SH

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  1. Tomoya Ohtani - Meteor Herd -Space Trip Steps (Sonic Adventure 2)
  2. Jun Senoue - Twinkle Park/
  3. Richard Jacques -

All these tracks are amazing and I love them can't stop listening to them XD. if I could add more on I would since I love almost every Sonic track out (besides Sonic Rush don't like them much XD)

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Asking me to choose my favorite Sonic music is like asking me to choose my favorite finger. Pretty much every one is important to me. But if I were pressed, I would go with...

5. Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog). As one of the defining tunes in the series, it's almost as recognizable as Mario's theme or the Tetris song, but it's happy, rhythmic melody is makes it stand out.

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww2nP3yhPkI. If you ask me, this track is one of the most under-appreciated in the series. It's extremely cheerful, simple and catchy.

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFTVuLKTnV8. I kind of didn't want to bring Ice Cap up, as saying it's is among your favorite pieces of music in this series is like saying Ice Cream is one of your favorite foods (beyond the fact that they both have "ice" in the name). But it's too damn awesome and classic to pass up.

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFTVuLKTnV8. This amazing track perfectly captures Sonic's personality without a single lyric. Oh, and it's a freakin' awesome song in itself too.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82Ma6zX1txQ. I could list all the things I love about this song, but it would take too long to type out every single note. I just can't aptly express my enjoyment for goodfeel, arcadey style or its fantastic melody. (The song it's a remake of, It Doesn't Matter, is killer as well.)

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1) Sonic Adventure 2's Final Hazard: Who doesn't love this song, it's the kinda song that pumps your thirst for adventure and drives you forward to destroy the bio-lizard and save the Earth ;)

2)Sonic Triple Trouble's Sunset Park act 3 music: That catchy lil tune that was in Triple Trouble while running along on top of a train, and was also built into Sonic Chaos' Sound Test, no better song in a Gamegear Sonic game B)

Since you asked, I do not like it myself: it is just plain weird and not the sort of music I enjoy. Or maybe I thought you were referring to the Biolizard boss music rather than the Sonic Adventure 2 theme. Sunset Park Act 3 is good, but I like Acts 1 and 2 better.

This is quite difficult, as anyone would be hard-pressed to find a poor Sonic song ("You're My Hero" notwithstanding). I really need to divide this one up in order to reduce the focus enough. Still, these are a quick top 5 each, not in order of preference.

The Classics (8- and 16-bit):

Bridge Zone: definitely one of the catchiest 8-bit level themes in all of videogaming.

Green Hills Zone: the 8-bit rendering sticks with me, and apparently stuck with Sonic Team as well.

Tidal Tempest Present (JP/EU): just take a relaxing dip.

Stardust Speedway Present (US): I can just imagine running in the city at night, warm wind rushing by.

Sonic 3 Credits: very relaxing and seems to say "job well done."

Honorable Mention: Sonic 2 Ending (do I really need to explain?)

Intermediate (16- and 32-bit):

Rusty Ruin Act 1 (32-bit): Relaxation for a rainy day.

Volcano Valley Act 2 (16-bit): The going may be tough, but the rewards are ahead, and some relaxation meanwhile.

Panic Puppet Act 2 (16-bit): One of the first times I recall getting that "epic final level" feel.

Back In Time: A very interesting piece, not sure what to make of it, I just enjoy it.

Diamond In the Sky: One of the few love songs that I actually enjoy, something I will keep in mind for the future.

Sonic Adventure games:

Windy and Ripply: I can imagine being in a tropical paradise right now.

Twinkle Circuit: for some reason this gives me a nostalgic rush, thinking of Sonic up to that point.

Escape from the City: there could not have been a better smash introduction for Sonic's 10th.

Won't Stop, Just Go: succeeds admirably in encouraging top speed all the way.

Soarin' Over the Space: fantastic music for an epic level, sounding like it ought to do well in Streets of Rage.


Seaside Hill: for a real rush in the tropics.

Frog Forest: another one of those "comfort in the rain" types.

Final Fortress: never has there been a "final level" feel as this.

What I'm Made Of: forever and always the unique theme of Super Sonic.

Sky Troops: epic high-altitude battle music like I have never known before.

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Funny that none of my favorites are after SA2 or before Sonic CD. Hmm... Anyways, onto the list!

- I like how "It Doesn't Matter" is worked into it. And it's a very twinkly, pretty song.

Bridge Zone (Sonic 1 Master System) - OH GOD THIS SONG IS SO CATCHY. Good thing it's a terrific song. :)

Windy Valley, parts 1 and

(Sonic Adventure).
I don't know what it is about this song that just makes me feel great about life. It's catchy, it's got that "OK, all is good let's run around in the sky for a little bit" feeling. Concentrated awesome.

Metal Harbor (Sonic Adventure 2) - This song... like SuperStingray said, it just captures Sonic's personality perfectly. And it's an amazing song. (It helps that it's my favorite level in the game, too.)

Metallic Madness Good Future- Jap/Euro version (Sonic CD) - This song is pretty much why I like the Japanese CD soundtrack more than the American. (OK, maybe Metallic Madness in general.) It's just made of win. It's a beautiful song, and I can't help but feel all fluttery when I hear it.

Some Honorable Mentions:

Starlight Zone (Sonic 1)

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Well here's my top 5:


Simply put... Epic Sauce. The High tension of fighting Eggman in his humongous robot fueled by the M.E. in space. Tho the best part was when He was rising up with his hands showing up first and the music following it up... Awesome Pie man!!

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU_NhfiExug*

Having a mix of the most nostalgic sound effects of the genesis era in Sonic 3 angel island remixed BGM is godly!!

3) Sonic Electronic*

Ding ding ding get the ring ring ring, I can only say that music is just really really great, with a ring ring ring take a ding ding ding when you'll hear this special music you'll say how its really neat!!

4) Palmtree Panic Boss [bad Future]

The atmosphere, facing eggman and having that feeling that a horde of badniks are gonna ambush sonic while fighting eggman makes this music even better then it is.

5) Sonic Heroes Bingo Highway Remix

When I listen to that music I can feel the rush to play any sonic game in a fast pace. I also feel invinsible when I play any game while listening to it.:rolleyes:

Memorable Gallery

Sonic Boom

Sonic 2 GG Boss

Sonic 2 GG Green Hills

Sonic 2 GG Ending

Sonic Rush Back 2 Back (Blaze Mix)

Sonic Rush Bomber Barbara

Sonic Rush Wrapped in Black Remix

Sonic Rush Adventure Sky Babylon

Sonic Rush Adventure Deep Core & Allegro

Sonic adventure [E-101r]Crazy Robo

Sonic adventure 2 [Final Rush] Highway In the Sky

Sonic adventure 2 [Pyramid Base Boss] Master Of the Desert

Sonic adventure 2 [Final Chase] The Supernatural

Sonic adventure 2 [Weapon Bed] Crush 'em All

Sonic adventure 2 [Cosmic Wall]Soaring over the space

Sonic adventure 2 [biolizard] Supporting Me

Sonic Heroes Battle Casino Area

Sonic Heroes Bullet Station

Sonic Heroes Egg Emperor

Sonic Heroes What I'M Made Of

Sonic Heroes System Screen Menu

Sonic Heroes Special Stage

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Catch me if you can

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity un-gravitify electro extended

Sonic The Hedgehog His world

Sonic The Hedgehog Solaris Phase II

SatSR It has Come to this

SatSR The Palace that was Found

SatSR Blue on the run

SatBK With Me

SatBK Knight of the Wind

SatBK Knight of the Wind Acoustic Vers.

Sonic Unleashed Endless Possibilities

Sonic Unleashed [Mazuri] Savannah Citadel Day

Sonic Unleashed [Apotos] Windmill Isle Day

Sonic Unleashed [Holoska] Cool Edge Day

Sonic Unleashed [Chun-Nan] Dragon Road Day

Sonic Unleashed [Abadat] Jungle Joyride Day

Sonic Unleashed Eggmanland Day

Sonic Unleashed Egg Dragoon

Yeah my memorable gallery is quite long.<_< But hey their all good and.... that isn't even 1/10 of my favorites... but those ones are on the top!

I must say I had a hard time with the last 2 since I was struggling with Supporting Me, Wrapped in Black Remix and What I'm Made Of.

* Special Music Video's of the number 2 & 3, enjoy~.

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Oh God, a top five...?! :blink: How about a top fifty and I'll get back to you?!


1: "Crisis City ~The Flame ~ Skyscraper ~ Whirlwind ~ Tornado~" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), by Tomoya Ohtani

I found this track long before I'd played, or heard any music from, the game. Was on a random YouTube bender and stumbled across it. I downloaded it immediately. Almost a year later, when I finally got to play Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), I was pleased to find that what I considered one of my favourite songs of all time fitted one of the largest, most exciting Sonic levels of all time. This took what I considered to be an excellent, upbeat techno/orchestral track and made it something truly special. I reckon Tomoya Ohtani, alongside Richard Jaques, is the best thing for the modern Sonic series. Long may he continue to compose music for these games.

2: "Shrouded Forest" from Sonic and the Black Knight, by Richard Jaques

I've barely played this game, but thanks to the generosity of Mahzes, I've listened to this track over and over and over again. It has everything you'd want from a more epic Sonic with a grander scale and cinematic feel. The orchestral main theme, with a heroic energy and tempo, is hightened by the light techno that doesn't compete or drown out the violins and brass. Once again, Richard Jaques proves that you don't need a banging guitar solo to make Sonic cool or heroic. You simply need to know which musical buttons to press and which emotion to tap into. Whenever I think of modern Sonic, I think of this song and "Crisis City" playing endlessly together.

3: "vs. Egg Dragoon" from Sonic Unleashed, by Hideaki Kobayashi

I'd tie this with #4 if I could, but I guess it just beats it for the majesty and wickedness of the source. The most spectacular and exciting encounter with Dr. Eggman (one of my favourite characters, if not the favourite) as you plunge towards the centre of the cracked planet and your ears fill with this amazing battle music. The Egg Dragoon launches attack after attack and yet, at whatever stage the music is at, it always seems to fit the moment. Rare for something designed to be generic background music actually feeling like it was written specifically to flow in time with the on-screen action. Plus, listen to it anywhere and I guarantee your heartrate will increase.

3: "The Core" from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, by Kenichi Tokoi

This one is another example of how sweeping orchestral drama can be blended with the crazy tempo of drumbeats and techno-influenced music to create an epic, yet fitting, end to a Sonic game. What makes this truly stand out for me, personally, is the break in the track triggered when you activate your Gravity Control in-game. The flair from the brass and that massive bass reverberation makes it feel like the sound itself, not Sonic and his bracelet, is causing everything on-screen to lift up and smash into tiny pieces. My favourite piece by Kenichi Tokoi, he rescued the general musical obscurity of Sonic Riders for the sequel. We owe him a lot.

5: "Huge Crisis (Sonic) - Jeh Jeh Rock" from Sonic Rush, by Hideki Naganuma

I had to force myself to put this in the top five. So many others should have made it, really should have. But when it comes down to picking something from the Sonic Rush series, it gets too difficult as most of it is pure genius. It feels like a natural evolution of the early 1990s Sonic scores. They're all like the friend you haven't seen in years, the friend that, when he comes back, makes you just smile and say "Damn, you've grown up!" This track stood out for me not only because of the aircraft carrier setting (which I adore) but because it feels like the only track in the game that really just lets go and admits to being purely techno-driven.


The honourable mentions, the best of the rest, and the just-missed-out-on-all-the-glory moments...


- "Theme of Green Cave" from Sonic Riders, by Tomonori Sawada

Not the most epic of the game, but I deny anybody who doesn't smile and tap their foot at this upbeat, tribal, energetic and heart-pumping racing tune.

- "Cutscene - Opening" from Sonic Unleashed, by the Tokyo Philharmonic

What Sonic's musical world would sound like if he were on the big screen. Orchestral epicness with cinematic quality touches. Amazing.

- "Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia" from Sonic Unleashed, by Tomoya Ohtani

The hummable tune from "Endless Possibility" gets a lovely orchestral reworking for the final fight. Stupidly victorious.

- "Blast Town" from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, by Fumie Kumatani

Remember how fun this level was to play the first time around? Listening to the music always recaptures that fun.

- "CIRCUS PARK" from Shadow the Hedgehog, by Jun Senoue

Hate the game and hate to admit it, but this is one catchy tune. Perhaps the best circus-based music Sonic's ever produced.

- "Snowy Mountain ...for Ice Cap" from Sonic Adventure, by Jun Senoue

Perhaps the ultimate chillout track, pun semi-intended, from the musical history of the Blue Blur. Surprising moreso as Jun didn't throw a banging guitar solo at it.

- "Chaos Angel, Act One" from Sonic Advance 3, by Sonic Team

Whoever composed this was shamelessly ripping off John Williams and "Duel of the Fates", but they did it nicely enough.

- The entire soundtrack from Sonic Rush, by Hideki Naganuma

Put on any track from any moment and I defy you not to feel like holding down that boost button. I defy you...! *shakes fist*

- The Classics: "Boss" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2; "Flying Battery, Act 2" from Sonic & Knuckles.

I could list a billion from the old MegaDrive games, as could we all, but these two are the ones that stick out in my memory as instant classics.

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Mystic Cave Zone, Angel Island Zone Act 1, Hydrocity Zone Act 2, Diamond Dust Zone Act 1, and Egg Factory. I like any song from Sonic 2 or 3 with the exception of the Marble Garden and Aquatic Ruin. With most, at least older, Sonic music I noticed I tend not to like the entire song but certain sections of it. Lava Reef Zone Act 1 for example. Love the beginning, then it gets kinda weird. Chemical Plant Zone is the opposite, starts out just okay but turns awesome towards the middle/end.

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5) Sonic Adventure-Militant Missionary(Egg Viper/Egg Walker theme)

This theme does a good job capturing the mood of the battle, which is, "Oh my god final boss time! EPIC!!!."

4)Sonic & the Secret Rings-The Palace that was Found(Evil Foundry)

Secret Rings is not my most favorite game, and choosing a favorite level from it(considering all the levels seem to have their ups and downs)is a pretty hard thing to do, but if I had to, it would probably be Evil Foundry. Partly because I kinda enjoyed the dark factory atmosphere of the level, and partly because of this song. This song really fit the level with its awesome guitar and light violins in the background , plus this song reminds me very much of the songs from Rush(which has too many good songs for me to put in this list).

3)Sonic Unleashed-Arid Sands Day

This song just has a fast and crazy rhythm that really fit the day stage well, plus the instruments used did a good job making this song feel very middle-eastern.

2)Tie--Sonic Adventure 2-Wont Stop, Just Go(Green Forest)/Escape From the City(City Escape)

These songs did a good job fitting Sonic perfectly. They both sound wild, reckless, and FAST, plus they fit the level perfectly and really made you see what the level was all about. Green Forest was about getting there as fast as possible in order to save your friends and yourself from the bomb. City Escape was about, well, escaping into the city. And the songs did a good job conveying that.

1)Sonic & Knuckles-Flying Battery Zone

This is my favorite song, favorite level, and favorite game all in one. The song just sounded great and really gave you a great tune to listen to while jumping around a giant airship full of spikes, spinning tubes, missiles, flame-throwers, and egg prisons full of rings, enemies, and mini-bosses. It's just a rocking techno tune that been a favorite of mine for a long time.

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Aww man, choosing just 5's gonna be well hard.. there's so many I love! I guess these have to be my all time faves, in no particular order, they're all as awesome as each other (:

- Lava Reef Zone: Sonic & Knuckles

- Mini boss: Sonic 3/ Sonic & Knuckles

- Emerald Hill Zone: Sonic 2

- Boss music: Sonic 2

- You Can Do Anything: Sonic CD

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Hmm, choosing a top 5 is kind of difficult, but here it goes. My top 5:


- I absolutely love how upbeat this song is, it really captures the feel of running through the city at insane speeds.

4. Quartz Quadrant Present (JP/EU version) - This has got to be one of the catchiest songs in all of gaming. I love the piano in this!


- I like this song mostly for just that one part around 30 seconds into the song, that just sounds so cool! I've used that part of the song for numerous ringtones on my phones.

2. Angel Island Zone (SSBB Mix) - Well I'm not exactly sure if this counts because it's a remix of the original, but oh man do I love this song! Jun Senoue perfectly combines his awesome guitar sounds with some more retro-sounding instruments and makes one of the most kick-ass tracks ever. I get pumped up every time I hear this song, I just love it.


- Yeah it's pretty predictable, but I can't help but love the hell out of the tune for Ice Cap Zone (both acts). It’s atmospheric and serious while being upbeat and catchy at the same time, and I could just listen to that melody for hours.

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