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Sonic Xbox faceplates


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The Shadow one looks pretty cool although the Sonic one is kinda lame. Both could have been done much better. They just look too much like recolors of the original faceplate to have any appeal to me, even though I'm one for simplicity most of the time. I also dont really like how the figures stand out on the faceplates, they just seem like unnecessary tack-ons.

EDIT: Keychains eh? Even without that it doesnt change much. Sonic one still looks really boring. Shadow is so-so.

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They are not appropriated for the 360, a Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 or Unleashed Sonic style is better (and Sonic X art sucks).

But if I had to choose, the Shadow one is better 'cause of the black style totally compatible with the Elite 360 contrary to the blue one (or we had to make a cool blue painting ourselves).

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There are custom made sonic xbox 360 faceplates seling on ebay right now. They look pretty cool.

Don't need them; I just had the Sega logo spray painted onto the side of my 360 via the magic of stencils. So there.

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