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Alright, Summary time!

1.Dr. Fukurokov sics the Mole Mech on Tails and crew.

2.Tails comes up with a plan to disable it.

3.Tails warns Dr. F if he wants to see his Mole Mech still in one piece, he'll call it off.

4.Dr. F refuses and the Mole Mech's giant hand clamps onto Tails.

5.Thanks to Bunny and Antoine weakening the MM in accordance to Tails' plan, it's destroyed when Tails chucks a wrench at it.

6.Dr. F flees and swears hatred on Tails for life.

7.The fortress starts emitting a loud siren.

8.Tails starts to flee from the ill-fated fortress, but notices someone was piloting the MM the entire time.

9.The pilot of the MM is revealed to be Speedy.

10.Tails saves Speedy from the MM's wreckage and the two shake hands.

11.Tails formally introduces himself to Speedy and offers to be friends.

12.Speedy refuses Tails' companionship and escapes, telling Tails and company to get out before it's too late.

13.T-Pup's paw is damaged and Tails carries him so that he can get repairs later.

14.Tails rejoins Antoine and Bunny and they start to flee together.

15.Tails and co. make their way to an elevator, passing numerous panicking BBA soldiers along the way.

16.More terrified BBA soldiers pour out of the elevator and run the opposite way Tails is heading.

17.Antoine suggests following the soldiers, but Tails assures him that he knows what he's doing.

18.Tails and co. take the elevator down, but it stops halfway through.

19.Tails and co. decide to fly the rest of the way.

20.They surface in flooding tunnels and fly out of a hole in the wall.

21.The entire island is revealed to be the BBA's flying fortress in disguise.

22.Bunny and Antoine kiss on the way down to the island.

23.Tails reveals that he knew the island was a flying fortress thanks to schematics he scanned while still inside.

24.The Battle Lord tells Speedy that the next time a Freedom Fighter in their midst, he expects to be informed about it.

25.He also berates Dr. F for losing by charging him with getting the entire base back in working order.

26.It's revealed that the BBA are searching for the Rogues, hoping to reunite with them and regain their full strength.

27.Once back at full strength the Battle Lord hopes to cast off the Eggman Empire, overpower Mobius by themselves, and get revenge on Tails for foiling them.

28.The Rogues' zeppelin flys in and spots the BBA's fortress.

29.Apparently, Jet and crew are searching for ancient Babylonian ruins and the sight of the fortress makes Wave suspicious that they may have already found them.

30.Jet tells Wave that he doesn't care who beat them to the punch, the secrets of Babylon are sole property of the Rogues.

31.The Rogues set off the confront the BBA's fortress.

32.Tails and co. celebrate their victory with some hot cocoa and toast to a having a real vacation.

That's all she wrote. I look forward to future developments in this new plotline.

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That sounds pretty awesome! Lots of interesting tidbits.

I'm particularly interested in how it seems Speedy--while not Tails' friend--respects him.

Thanks, Chaoscontrol14.

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Okey doke. I'll be right back with some photos.

Edit: Alright, here we go. Once again, apologies for my camera's far less-than-stellar quality.


Grand Prize Winner: Jonathan U. from North Carolina


First Runner Up: Sapphire Wong Y. from Selangor, Malaysia


Second Runner Up: Hudson G. from New Mexico

Third Runner Up: Jean-Francois T. from Belgium

Other Winners (Sonic Archives 13 Prize)


Brittany M. from Texas


Marrion G. from Dukhan, Qatar


Melissa S. from Maryland


Fawn F. from Florida

That's all for the contest. Some good art choices.

Edited by chaoscontrol14

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Some really awesome ones there! I was hoping for Adamis to at least be a runner-up. =D

You didn't have to hope. Adamis wins everything


Thanks for posting the pics, CC14.

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You didn't have to hope. Adamis wins everything


Thanks for posting the pics, CC14.

No prob. I'm always glad to help. :)

Thanks ^^


Yup, that's me on the right :P

I thought that might be your picture. ;) Congratulations! I'm not too surprised that you won. Such amazing talent shouldn't go unrewarded. :) Edited by chaoscontrol14

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Don't know if anyone remembers the post I made a couple of pages back, but to recap the relevant part.

Oddly enough having looked up Ace Comics to do a price comparison, I just discovered they now have a store very close to where I live. Last I heard they only had the one store. I think I'll check out this new store to see how much a subscription from them would cost, seeing as I'm getting no where with they're new site. They may even have some Sonic comics in stock.

So today I visited Ace Comics in Richmond, which as I discovered is where a similar store "They Walk Among Us" used to be (and as far as I was concerned until today still was). Ace Comics have taken over the store, but very little has changed. They did indeed have in stock Sonic Universe #18 and a slightly creased copy of Sonic the Hedgehog #214, both were priced at £2.20. So getting a direct subscription from Archie is definitely cheaper.

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