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6 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

Eh...I guess? I know it's been quite some time since I saw any dedicated Rise of Lyric, but I don't know if it would make much sense for those two to be collaborating. Plus, I'm not that keen on Cliff, but that's really not a big deal.


And to be fair, I'm pretty sure it's been established that the show originally had nothing to do with the game, making her pointless presence in the former a bit odd.

Well I imagined that Perci's family would be connected to the Ancients and with Cliff as an archeologist, they would have a common interest but I see what you mean.

I imagine she was added in like Shadow because people liked her. 

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6 hours ago, RedFox99 said:

Well I imagined that Perci's family would be connected to the Ancients and with Cliff as an archeologist, they would have a common interest but I see what you mean.

I imagine she was added in like Shadow because people liked her. 

Oh yeah, good point. In fact, now that you mention it, I'm surprised he didn't get a reference with Charlie around.


Very true. Cause that model didn't make itself.

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17 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

Oh yeah, good point. In fact, now that you mention it, I'm surprised he didn't get a reference with Charlie around.


Very true. Cause that model didn't make itself.

You have a point there. Maybe he could be the cowardly and greedy tag along.

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1 minute ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

Are the post-reboot comics worth reading? I've heard good things and bad things about this continuity. Either it's better than Pre-SGW, or it's a heavily mandated mess. I'd like some help here so that I may look into it. 

It's pretty enjoyable at times.

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1 hour ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

But would you recommend me reading it?

I guess maybe. Though I recommend skipping the first Universe arc with Blaze (I say this because I didn't like how she was particularly here since she gets captured twice and spends an entire issue within a cage) and Worlds Unite and there are some objectionable stuff.

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I'd recommend it - although I'd skip the Worlds Unite Crossover.

Sure the whole thing kinda ends abruptly with the cancellation of the book, but there are a lot of good stories packed in this time span. If your open to new characters, the Egg Bosses make interesting set pieces and if you like the original cast you can cherry pick the arcs that feature your favorites. The newest continuity represents some of the best character development the comics ever saw. 

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On ‎18‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 11:30 AM, VEDJ-F said:

So completely off that track, how about we read some comics? Adam Bryce Thomas has released the pencils to SU#95 and SU#96, and the rough layouts for half of SU#97. He does have the script and other scripts, but those aren't his to release. 

Might be best if I triple post to reduce image quota per post. Edit: Auto-merged whoops.

Sonic Universe 95

  Reveal hidden contents





















Sonic Universe 96

  Reveal hidden contents





















Sonic Universe 97


  Reveal hidden contents





















My heart's aching and I'm on the verge of crying but I'm still too happy to only get sad! My heart's aching and jumping out of joy at the same time! Gee this would've been so awesome in colours with text, considering how awesome it's with just the pencils! So many emotions delivered with a few pages! Gee, I haven't felt this hyped for Sonic for AGES!

It was prolly about a year ago, when the solicits came out... Gee, the downside of this is... The speeches of the market men become less and less meaningful to me, I dunno if I could care less for the upcoming (IDW) stuff anymore. We lost this stuff since some unnamed reasons. For the sake of my own sanity I sure hope those reasons are actually GOOD.

First the Yardley pages, now this... Just why did they had to put GoaH in there first, we would've got at least something before the unevidable!

Well, I think there's one more thing left to say for this;

Antoine! You're so freaking badass I think I lost few braincells just for the sheer emotional epicness you delivered! Now, if only after some decades someone manages to get the script in their hands... I can dream, the cut panels of that Scrooge story Carl Barks made came back into the prints after all... Let me dream darn it!

On ‎19‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 5:01 PM, DabigRG said:

Boy, they really are drawing on Black Knight with Antoine, since Cortez's sword is apparently the same basic design as King Arthur's. Which is cool, cause I do like the Spin Blade Ball Attack. 

Cortez looks kinda weird in those pages, to be honest. What was up with those random sparkle things?


Well his was kinda plain, partially due to the fact that it's more or less the Acorn soldier uniform. Not sure how I feel about him seemingly losing his bangs.


No wonder I kept thinking about S&tBK soundtrack while waiting this to come before THAT THING happened. My hunch! Darn it, I can never ever (since that damned July) listen to "Knight of the Wind" again without getting anxious!

If you refer to the crosses all over the pages, that's a way to mark parts of the picture supposed to colour black.

And yeah, bangs are something I'd feel sad over losing too, though it can't be helped I suppose...

On ‎19‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 2:25 PM, VEDJ-F said:

Another piece of concept art came in the night; Antoine's redesign for SU#95.


Wordchoices make me feel funny, "Normal Ant" sounds like the redesign isn't really "here to stay" kind of thing, but then again, maybe it was just a way to refer "before the redesign occurred", I dunno. Somehow supercharging theory sounds a bit funny to me, but then again it's possible, sad thing is we'll prolly never know...

Anyway it's awesome! Why this never came published??? I WANNA SEE TWAN KICKING BUTT MOOAAAAR!!! I feel... kinda mixed, seeing this is awesome but knowing this would be published if stuff makes me little less than agitated. Though I can't thank Adam Bryce Thomas enough for the fact he let these out for people to see. Such a cool person.

And I'd like to see his artwork getting into the upcoming IDW Sonic comics.


Why the reboot redesigns were so unliked? I pretty much like them, some elements are nicer in the prereboot, but I still think the designs are good, I actually dig Antoine's post-reboot fur colour a bit more... I just love that shade of brown, the ultimate brown is a bit darker shade but pretty much almost the same. Yup, I'm an oddball.


Ahem, about the SU #95, the only one I had time to actually skim through more than roughly:

First things first; ANTOINE!

Now that that's out of the way, I dig the expressions, the pencils really deliver emotions so well I can feel them without a problem. A reason why it would be a waste not to have Adam Bryce Thomas to do art for Sonic comics.

I just wonder about that one panel,, the last panel of 18th(?) page; what was said, Antoine's expression leaves me puzzled... and his hand. Why's that hand like that, it must be something that'd be clear if only there'd be the text, but still, I can get the gist of the stuuf, and that's cool, that's how comics should ultimately work; one could get enough information by just looking at the artwork.

Gee I'd love to have this as an actual issue and lie down and read it and analyse it for hours like I did with the issues when they still werte around. This book would've prolly taken even more time from my life, I would've just follow every line and enjoy the fluid movements and fine artwork and the dialogue and stuff and well... I'll prolly go through these pages very carefully anyway, but still... man this is bittersweet.


I miss that darn coyote, I miss them all! I feel like singing "Manhattan Skyline" right now. "I'll never see your face again" indeed...


About whether or not post-reboot is readable or not: yes it is, moments like what this could've been are the reason why. Read whatever parts you like.

And, if people read it, manage to like it and talk about it, maybe IDW gets the message and tries to salvage what can be saved, like the balancing of different elements and such.

I'm starting to slide more and more into the "we're not getting FF (or anybody else) back" side, but I really hope they could be used in the IDW stuff.

But then again, I've started to lose my interest, the things I mostly like about Sonic are gone, and while it looks like they're taking one step forward I fear for two steps back.

And I'm more about comics than the games in general, at least when it comes to the platformer kind of games... well, that's life, I'd take this over losing a relative anyday after all.

But it still hurts, it freaking hurts. I'm not thinking too enthusiasticly about licenced ongoing stuff anymore... All the promises... huoh.



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8 minutes ago, Sean said:

If the Freedom Fighters aren't in IDW then I think I'm out of the comics tbh

I get people don't like them for reasons like either not being from the games or tying Sonic down to a team, and I do think most people would welcome a more game-centric adaptation of Sonic. But personally these characters hold a special place in my heart because the comics were my first genuine exposure to Sonic before I ever started playing the games (I got into the series when the comics were around issue 35-ish). I have no doubts that Ian will do IDW!Sonic a good and I'm sure I'll check out a few issues every now and then to see how it's shaping up, but the lack of FFs is going to be a glaringly noticeable hole for me that I don't think I can personally get over.

And I really, really do adore characters like Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine a lot, not to mention some of the side characters like Uncle Chuck, who is my single favorite character to originate from SatAM. Removing them is basically removing a good portion of my favorite all-time Sonic characters.

I'm still looking forward to the IDW Sonic comics even if the FF don't appear in it., but I know what you mean...

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Thise comic sketches of the FF splitting apart really makes me upset this comic got canceled.

Like reallywho'd have thought they'd make Antoine even more badass looking?


But would you recommend me reading it?

I can best put it this way: most of us here who read the comics never wanted the post-reboot world to be a thing.

The irony? We ended up loving the post-SGW anyway!

So yeah, we'd definitely recommend reading it. Except Worlds Unite, skip the fuck out of that shit unless you just want a cheaply written thrill.

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Am I the only one that feels a bit like Antoine managed to forget about that piece of textile he got wrapped around his neck while falling..? I just wonder.

And now that I've calmed down a bit from all the hyping and all full rainbow of other emotions, it's actually quite nice to be able to see the creating part at the pencilling point this closely. It's kind of neat treat I think. In some places I can see where the "direction" was changed a bit and such, plus it's always nice to see those black-filled parts without black all over them.

Hoo boy am I going to use a lot of time for going through all of these at the very moment I get some time for that.

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