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1 hour ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:


I... I guess I'll see that when it comes up but... I'm getting increasingly more surprised by how much Knuckles is willing to lay out the welcome mat when it comes to his island. I guess it's just another one of those things that exists by virtue of the book being really old and not in line with what eventually gets established about him later on.

I want to say it was actually one of the last things Locke arranged before his fire walk, IIRC. Doubt Knux has any knowledge of it or he would of said something by now.

Come to think... it's Kind of foreshadowed when Mecha Madness established the Royal family vacations there. xD

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Well, dunno 'bout you guys but if it's interesting, absurd is fine. One of my favourite tubers claim he's a dadaist after all... And yeah, I suppose it was the best way they could explain the grampa Gerald thing after they estabilished Eggman's fatherline before that happened. Can't really blame them or can I.

Like, I dunno, I get over-excited whenever I start over-explaining the concept of space-brain-squids to some careless friend/random person I've known for couple of minutes. I guess I'm crazy. Don't send an ambulance though.

But yeah, I suppose one good way to tell Sally and Antoine apart during that time just from their backs is prolly the hair, especially in this sepia coloured case, since Sally has way longer. I dunno, I sometimes spend 10 minutes over-analysing a page or something.

Now I remember how girls ran after Elias sometimes, like really. Dunno where that came from.


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55 minutes ago, BlueSky said:

Well, dunno 'bout you guys but if it's interesting, absurd is fine. One of my favourite tubers claim he's a dadaist after all... And yeah, I suppose it was the best way they could explain the grampa Gerald thing after they estabilished Eggman's fatherline before that happened. Can't really blame them or can I.

Like, I dunno, I get over-excited whenever I start over-explaining the concept of space-brain-squids to some careless friend/random person I've known for couple of minutes. I guess I'm crazy. Don't send an ambulance though.

But yeah, I suppose one good way to tell Sally and Antoine apart during that time just from their backs is prolly the hair, especially in this sepia coloured case, since Sally has way longer. I dunno, I sometimes spend 10 minutes over-analysing a page or something.

Now I remember how girls ran after Elias sometimes, like really. Dunno where that came from.


Its cause he was a prince and good looking.  Basically the old Disney troupe where everyone wanted him simply for being a prince

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12 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

Its cause he was a prince and good looking.  Basically the old Disney troupe where everyone wanted him simply for being a prince

I was more thinking about why my memory decided to remind me of that little detail... sorry about my non-nativity. 😅

But whatever, you're prolly right anyway in what you said.

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I just thought: Ian’s recently been dropping details as to what the comic would’ve been had it continued (300 being a Freedom Fighters vs Eggman turning point, and the post-300 storyline being the metal virus arc).

But what about Sonic Universe? Has he revealed what issues 99 and 100 would’ve been?

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Whatever there was in store, I suppose it'd have been something I could actually care about. The solicits were pretty promising and there were characters I actually liked that didn't sport Sega plot armour. That's kind of killing most of the tension and when I'm reading comics I'd appreciate there'd be some bits I couldn't be too certain of, otherwise it'd be pretty boring.

As much as I felt sad about Antoine getting Metal Sonic blown straight onto his face it was still interesting and exciting. In a way. As an example.

My newest conspiracy theory was Sega kept ArchieSonic around just enough time to get the world record broken.

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On ‎8‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 4:06 PM, BlueSky said:

My newest conspiracy theory was Sega kept ArchieSonic around just enough time to get the world record broken. 

Oh, they blew that thing to bits long ago. I remember first seeing that award toted around while the comic was still in the early hundreds. xD 

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Sonic Live!  - The Last Game Cartridge Hero


It’s finally arrived. 

It’s finally here. 

All your favorite nightmares are coming true. The horror you involuntarily dreamed about has come to fruition. Gaze in terror as Sonic has clearly suffered a stroke and his eyes and darting in the opposite direction from the resulting assault on the neurons in his brain. He’s using his newly acquired demonic powers from hell to reach through your TV and steal your children with his freakishly huge, gross, monster hands.

I can only imagine how much pain that poor boy is in, having his arm gripped by that freakish alien. 

Enough about this clearly awful cover, let’s dive into the bullshit.

We open on Robotnik, confusingly, poking his head out from his base and screaming into the thunderous night sky for Sonic to come and face him head on “Man-Bot to Hedgehog”.

I can only assume Robotnik is drunk. I can’t find any reasonable explanation towards why he’d be doing this. Especially since Sonic is already headed towards him.

Sonic goes inside and confronts Eggman, draw so primitively, he’s almost a caricature of himself.

Drunk Robotnik pulls out a Sally Acorn who has a thousand yard stare, a curvature that draws attention to how naked she is again, and a device on her head that, I assume, means she’s been hypnotized. There goes Sally, proving her worth again.

Sonic confirms her worth by saying the line, “Let her go, Robutt-nik! This is between ME and YOU! Always has been, always will be!”

Well, I guess you heard it here folks. The Freedom Fighters are expendable.

Robotnik responds by saying Sonic is correct.

Sonic says “I’ll get out of this yet.” and Robotnik claims that would make a great epitaph for his tombstone. That’s a great line, admittedly.

Sonic has no come back for that sick burn and says “Oh. Guess I’ll just die.”

So he does. He just stands there and lets the robots vaporize him.
It happens.


Hurray! Sonic is dead.

All hail Dr. Robotnik!

We then cut to a photo of a real child, sitting in his living room, playing what had to have been the coolest fucking Sonic the Hedgehog game released in the early 1990s. He’s complaining about the fact that he died.

So, whatever game it was, it had dialogue, a fleshed out story, Naked Sally, SWAT-Bots, SatAM designs, and a Drunk Robotnik. Whoo-wee~! How insane is that?

The kid laments this loss because he assumed he was doing well. His sister is being a creeper by hovering over him at an odd angle and doing the “Oh, YOU!” meme face.


This is where we get the title “The Last Game Cartridge Hero” which… I guess is supposed to be an homage to “Last Action Hero” because this plot presumably involves someone from a fictional world coming to ours… but… well, in reverse.

Sonic actually intends to pull these kids into HIS world as this creepy, ghost white hand coming of the TV to clamp itself on this kid’s skull clearly shows.


Sonic, as it turns out, is floating in a green void. He claims it’s like being trapped in one of Rotor’s computers. I guess…?

Robotnik, now alone and full of beer, takes Sally to her cell where he has all the other Freedom Fighters locked away. I’ll just go ahead and assume the cell is highly reinforced. 

Tails calls Robotnik a “Creepola.” 

I like that. It sounds like something I would say as a kid. Like “Crapola.”

Anyway, the two kids return home from school and Sonic, still trapped in the void, overhears them. The kids notice something is up with the TV but before they can figure out what, Sonic grabs them and tries to forcefully pull them through the TV screen. He does this because he can’t get to them for help.

Sonic doesn’t consider the fact that he just pulled two children into the television set with no way of knowing how to get OUT of the television set. He literally did this because he himself couldn’t leave.

Also, Sonic claims he needs their help. Aside from advice on what’s happening, which they also can’t provide, how and why do you need the help of two human children?

When Sonic pulls them in, Sonic ALL OF A SUDDEN mouths off some science babbly gook about how energy surges made it so that he made contact with them and their arrival made the surges stronger. Now he’s willingly forcing these two kids to randomly go where these surges take them next because… I dunno. He’s an idiot?

Sonic says that hopefully it’ll take them to Mobius… so he doesn’t KNOW where it's taking them. 

Oh, would you look at that? As luck would have it, we’ve been transported towards the surface of a planet made entirely of acid. Whoops. At least he won’t die alone. He’s got these two innocent children that he kidnapped to die along with him.

Everything about this is a mistake.

By the way, the kids are totally cool with being kidnapped by Sonic the Hedgehog and taken away with no clear sign of where they’re going or even if they’ll be able to get back. 

We cut back to Robotnik and Snively who are doing a bunch of forced music puns all leading up to a joke about how Robotnik wails in defeat whenever he’s beaten. I’m sure it’s funny to somebody. Anywho, the Freedom Fighters are… out of their cells right in front of Robotnik as he gives his latest monologue.

There are Swat-Bots behind them so… I assume this is supposed to insinuate that they’re still captured but the problem is that they fight regular Swat-Bots all the time. They don’t look handcuffed or restrained in anyway…

In fact, Rotor looks bored. Antoine is staring off into space, wondering whether or not his baguettes are burning in the oven. Bunnie just looks like her stunt-double stayed in the shot for too long.


Have I mentioned that the art in this story looks like some shit I’d have scribbled down when I was ten? 

So Robotnik’s plan is to send a deadly missile into space that’ll somehow place countless killer satellites around Mobius and also send the Freedom Fighters "into eternity" by shoving them into it…

Now, I have no clue how that’s supposed to work. Is the missle going to explode into a bunch of killer satellites that’ll fly around the circumference of Mobius? Is the missile going to release the satellites one by one as it shoots into space and then flies around it…? Will it explode when it’s done? Is that how he plans to kill the Freedom Fighters off? Or maybe he thinks letting them drift in space is enough? Fair enough but the practicality of this plan is rather shit. Go back and try again.

Also, why can’t Rotor just do science on the missle they get trapped in? Have you run out of techno-babble to explain why you can make that work?

For some reason, when the Swat-Bots lift them up to carry them inside the missile, none of the Freedom Fighters try to resist. Once again, I have no clue why. They could easily take these Swat-Bots out but they don’t.

Oh wait. Now I remember. Sonic said it was just between him and Robotnik.

I apologize. I forgot that the Freedom Fighters are completely expendable.

Tails, the only one of the Freedom Fighters who has spoken so far as well as the only one showing any kind of emotion or concern for their situation, asks where Sally is. Robotnik says he shoved her somewhere at the bottom of the missile. Like luggage.

So, at that moment, Sonic and the kids come out of the portal. A kid points out that it’s a Swat-Bot in front of them and that it is indeed cool. Sonic, unable to handle something other than him being called cool, reves up his feet and humiliates the poor robot by grinding them against its anus.


The Swat-Bots that don’t get humiliated like this show up to grab Sonic.

This works until it doesn’t.

Sonic, unlike his friends, fights back and easily manages to escape.

Oh yeah, the kids are here. Sonic grabs the kids by their arms and jumps down to the lower level of the missile. The kids somehow land without their bones shattering to dust. Once they make it inside the missile, Sonic somehow figures out that there’s only three buttons he can press to make it stop. How he knows this? Fuck if I know. 

Sonic presses one and it stops. So hurray. Sonic did it by bullshitting his way through a tremendous ocean of luck.

They’re clearly not even trying with this nonsense. Sonic had no way of knowing any particular set of buttons would stop this missile and he was given no reason to assume the one he pressed would be the one to stop it. He literally goes “Eenie, meenie, miney, mo” for fuck’s sake.

They go down to see that Robotnik and Snively are gone? Why? Because they went through the portal Sonic came through, that’s why. They thought they were done for so they bailed.

When Sonic and the useless hanger-ons kids who are totally important and essential to the plot come along, they get sucked into the portal because… I guess the portal felt like being a dick. I mean, it wasn't doing that before but it does it now because...?

They end up right in front of Robotnik and Snively where the art-style has changed. Not for the better. Not for the worse. It looks different but it feels equally as awful as the other style. One of the kids points out that the other one looks like they stepped out of a Speed Rider cartoon.

If that’s bootleg Speed Racer than that makes sense. You all look like bootleg individuals right now.

So here’s where the shit gets confusing.

… Yeah, let that sink in.

Robotnik is happy to see Sonic. He ambushes him with a shit ton of Swat-Bots and tells them to surrender or else he’ll hurt the two liabilities standing next to him. Here, Sonic actually can’t harm them because these kids are walking targets and shouldn’t even be in this fucking story. They’ve contributed nothing to the plot except to point out what’s happening.

Robotnik leads Sonic and the kids along to the next… room? I think they’re inside a base now. There was something that looked like a base behind Robotnik when they arrived but they were standing on a moon crater thing… it looked like they were in Starlight Zone. 

Whatever. They go inside a room and then we are greeted with this:



The boy says he gets it. He then blurts out “Multiple Universes, right?”

Okay… but HOW?! Like… what?!

Robotnik went into the portal so… I guess that’s supposed to insinuate that he could go to multiple universes… but… HOW did he find ALL these Robotnik’s so fucking fast AND THEN have them begin and almost complete a giant fucking statue of himself? When did he have time to make all this? Sonic was busy pushing a single button in the amount of time it, apparently, took for Eggman to go into a portal, find a shit ton of different versions of himself, build a base, and had multiple Robotniks build a giant statue of himself??????

Also, Sonic sure got lucky that the portal sent him directly to THIS specific location. Wouldn’t want to end up in the Acid Dimension now would we?

When Sonic asks Steve, the boy, how he knows about this, Jesse, the girl, says he’s been watching too much “Space Trek”.

These kids are weird. Why the fuck are they watching bootleg versions of Star Trek and Speed Racer? You can’t be so poor that you’re unable to afford the real versions of the shows. They cost about the same price as the knock offs on the racks at Wal-Mart.

I know it’s because the comic doesn’t want to say the name of the actual show but that’s part of the point. How about you keep your references to yourself if you’re not allowed to actually make the reference?

What the fuck is Robotnik doing now? Is he taking the kids and Sonic away? Okay… let’s… do that I guess. Sonic makes a puckered lip, kissy face when he’s tossed onto his stomach in a cell.


Sonic meets up with more people in the hole he’s tossed in except this time, they’re adults. I contemplated whether or not these two people were probably guys from the Archie office but then I realized I didn’t care.

Robotnik finds a giant globe of Mobius and says that the humans have created a portal to their world in an act to create “so-called entertainment”.  He plans to use it to take over the worlds or whatever but oh no, the other Robotniks decide they’re gonna rebel. Does this matter? Nope. Moving on.

Inside the cell, the two adult men, Mori and Jerry, reveal that they created Sonic. Yeah, not Yuji Naka or even someone remotely Japanese. These two milk-toast losers made Sonic. Also, they reveal to him that he’s not real. He exists inside a game cartridge. Except no he doesn’t because the sketches of Sonic were transmissions over a device that… something or other and intergalactic space piss… I… I can’t… my brain is fried...

Then one of the Robotniks blows the door to their cell down and pulls off her Robotnik mask to reveal a woman underneath???? She says that she was… trying to promote their latest game when this happened????

When WHAT happened???? Someone kidnapped you and forced you into a Robotnik suit complete with a mask???????????????????????????

Then the two made-up creators of Sonic says this shit.



I… so… Robotnik is about to be gunned down by the other Robotniks and… Sonic saves him and one of the human guys tells Sonic that he can… save them by punching the access code to the control pad of one of their Sonic games…??????

B-But… how??? Are they IN a game right now? I thought they were in another dimension? They didn’t say shit about being INSIDE a game! Why would punching the access code on a game do… anything? WHAT?

Well… they do that and the robots shut down. Then Sonic congratulates the kids on being completely useless. The creators of the "Sonic game cartridge" say that they can send everyone back but it’ll be a one way trip. The how and why is lost to time at this point. I’ve given up. 

They go back. All the Freedom Fighters are okay. The kids meanwhile, are excited to play the next "Sonic game cartridge". I keep saying "Sonic game cartridge" because THEY keep saying "Sonic game cartridge". Was it a thing back then to say "Sonic game cartridge" instead of Sonic game? I dunno. I don’t actually care. 


Whoever made this, please-

Sonic Live! - The Substitute Freedom Fighters

My brain is trying to reconstitute itself after that… whatever that was. This new story, I noticed right away, is drawn significantly better than the last story. That ushered in a slight bout of comfort.

It begins with Rotor working on something. The other Freedom Fighters, except Sonic, enter and Antoine asks Rotor in Comic Book French-ese what he’s doing. He says he’s created the Micro Belt-Cam. It’s a device that you attach to your belt and it’ll record your fights. He says it’s so that they can review their teamwork. Then they immediately get word that Swat-Bots are attacking and they head off to deal with it and test the cam.

The narration box says that they don’t come back.

The twist is that they all suffered massive heart attacks on the way to the battle, probably.

Well, either way, later Larry Lynx enters and shouts “HEY! IT’S ME! LARRY LYNX!” 

I remembered him from the Secret Freedom Fighters story arc that happens way, waaaaaay down the line… but the narration box says “Remember him from Sonic #12?” 

This is happening to me a lot, where I see a character I recognize from the future and the narration box tells me that they actually appeared in an earlier issue that I’ve forgotten. Perhaps it’s because this usually happens with the issues I haven’t chronicled on here. I remember Carl Condor despite him being far less worthless to the plot than Larry, most likely because I actually wrote about him. Or maybe it’s because my brain is melting.

Larry has broken into the Freedom HQ uninvited and immediately spots Robotnik shouting about having beaten the Freedom Fighters and Sonic on the monitor. When Larry sees this, he’s astonished and I’m guessing he’s ready to blame himself because he blurts out how whenever he’s around something bad happens.

In a more adult oriented comic book, I could see the jokes centered around Larry graciously taking the opportunity to kill a ton of random passersby. If Larry walks by you, look out for falling pianos.

Well, anyway, Larry realizes he needs to do something so he runs out screaming for help. He comes across Cyril the Eagle.  The caption says “Hey look…! It’s Cyril the Eagle from Issue 12!”

Do I remember him? NOPE! 

As Larry explains that the Freedom Fighters got captured and reveals that Robotnik got rid of Sonic somehow, more people come in to listen, which just amounts to Sally’s gang of Freedom Fighters in training that includes the future council members. They need a plan! So what are they gonna do?


Excellent. Beautiful plan. I love it. 10 outta 10.

I may sound condescending here but it turns out making it up as they go is actually a really good plan. They got to Robotropolis together and spot the Swat-Bots. When asked how they’ll get rid of them, Larry says he’ll take care of it and runs right in the middle of them all. They say that they’re totally gonna shoot him and he double dog dares them too…

The robots fire and somehow end up tripping and flopping about, shooting each other in a perfect square, not landing a single hit on Larry. 

Cyril flies and finds the entrance for them. Dylan the Porcupine takes a spine off his head and uses it to unlock the door. Hamlin uses himself as a bowling ball to knock away all the Swat-Bots in their way. They’re all over this.

What’s strange is that they actually spot Sonic confronting Eggman… he’s okay but there’s no explanation given as to why Robotnik was talking about having gotten rid of him. They ignore him for now and go and free Sally and the other Freedom Fighters. As they’re leaving they say that they need to go find Sonic and move out but the next scene is Sally awarded them with wrist-watches to communicate with them should they need their help again and giving a medal to Larry.

She’s made him the new leader of a team called the Substitute Legion of Freedom Fighters.


This is all well and good but… what was the deal with Sonic? 

I mean, the way this story handled him was so strange. He wasn’t with the others in the beginning. Then Robotnik reveals he actually already took care of Sonic before the Freedom Fighters came. Then the Substitute Freedom Fighters spot Sonic confronting Eggman in the background. Then they rescue the other Freedom Fighters, say they need to find Sonic and move out, and then the next scene is Sally awarded them with no Sonic in sight.

I don’t even know what to call that. How confusing.

This story was fun though. Charming and cute even. 

I don’t think Larry has this team in the future though so… I’m thinking things may not go well for him.

Sonic Live! - Knuckles Quest 2

This is an even better drawn story. It looks amazing, right out of the gate. Plus, it’s a cohesive narrative that’s actually essential to the main plot centered around fixing King Acorn. It looks like this extraneous journey is being pushed out of the way by supplementary material and side-stories so hopefully that means we can take a break from it in the main story. Hopefully.

Here, Knuckles has traveled to a remote location within the great forest that’s been untouched and hidden for who knows HOW long. He comes across a bunch of fairy tale creatures that… I was a little confused by at first. I figured they were physical illusions but I wasn't entirely sure. He punches a bunch of cheetahs. He punches a very oddly muscular and veiny looking human male in the face. He punches a dragon in the face. He punches the Grim Reaper in the face.

Knuckles is proving that most problems can be solved by a single punch to the face.

Knuckles recites the cryptic message the Ancient Walkers gave him about the Charlatan, the enchantress, and the paladin. Knuckles puts two and two together and realizes that he’s entered the domain of the Charlatan because these are all illusions he’s fighting.

He comes head to head with the man while trying to explain that he came here peacefully and wishes for help. The Charlatan already knows that the Ancient Walkers sent Knuckles and is pretty chill about letting him in due to being impressed by Knuckles discovering his secret. Knuckles’ response to this is pretty good.


I’ll say again, I love the way this is drawn. How such a good drawing of Knuckles exists in the vomit inducing Sonic Live, I’ll probably never fully understand. 

Unfortunately, hope of this lead being super substantial kind of floors itself here. The Charlatan explains that he used to work for the king and Knuckles mistaking thinks this means he seriously has a chance at getting reliable information and not just being sent to yet another vague location.

Nope. This man tells Knuckles that “You may receive guidance from the Land of Dark… IF you can even locate this mysterious realm.”

Yeah, no, that’s just great. He can receive GUIDANCE from a place he’s never heard of before and is apparently super hard to locate. Gee, thanks for your help.

“If you see sire Acorn again, tell him Merlin Prower wishes him well.” He says as Knuckles leaves.

Knuckles has no reaction to this dude giving him his full name. I can only assume that Knuckles either doesn’t care that he might have a connection to Tails or just doesn’t know Tails’ last name. Either one would be easy to believe. 

Sonic Live is a terrible lab experiment gone wrong. Rip out the pages of the two decent stories at the back of it and keep them safe while you burn the rest of it. You’ll be ridding the world of a great evil. 

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The two kids in the photos are Ken Penders’ real-life son and niece.

I feel properly, genuinely sorry for the poor buggers. I mean, think about it for a moment: you’re a little kid, your dad/uncle works on a comic book about your favourite video game character(?*) and he turns around and goes “hey, slugger! You wanna be in a Sonic comic?”. Being the huge Sonic fan(?*) and naive little kid you are, you jump at the chance. Dream come true, right? Only without realising it, you’re being inserted into a poorly-written, self-insert fanfic-tier crapfest of a comic that would go down in infamy among the fanbase for years to come. Maybe it seemed cool at the time, but then, you were a dumb little kid who didn’t know any better. Regardless of that fact, you now have to pay for that choice that no child would have been in their right mind to make by forever having your childhood likeness associated with the steaming pile of shite that is Sonic Live.


*I don’t actually know if the kids were Sonic fans themselves. More likely not tbh, since I’m sure either of the kids would’ve had a Sega Genesis in their home and not have to pose with a sideways TV remote instead of a game pad.

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12 minutes ago, Ernest the Panda said:

sideways TV remote instead of a game pad.

"I find it rather amusing that a TV remote turned sideways was used in SONIC LIVE, and then a decade later, NINTENDO would use the same concept for their WIIMOTE technology, coincidence?" 

- Ken Penders

(no not really, but considering he tried to imply Avengers Endgame took inspiration from his story, well, would you put it past him to say this?) 

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59 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

"I find it rather amusing that a TV remote turned sideways was used in SONIC LIVE, and then a decade later, NINTENDO would use the same concept for their WIIMOTE technology, coincidence?" 

- Ken Penders

(no not really, but considering he tried to imply Avengers Endgame took inspiration from his story, well, would you put it past him to say this?) 

Iwata was reading Sonic Live from his favorite comic book author Ken Penders when suddenly he saw a remote turned sideways and said "Brilliant! Ken Penders, I most humbly apologize but I'm stealing your idea! WaWaWaWaWaaa-!" 

He laughs like Wario. Thats how much he delights in stealing from Ken Penders.

The Wii owes its success to goddamn Sonic Live.

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On 6/17/2019 at 2:52 PM, Dr. Detective Mike said:

Issue #37 - The Day Robotropolis Fell


Oh dear. That's... quite a cover. It's going to be hard to refrain from making jokes about how Sally is naked.

Right off the bat, I have to say that the writing in this issue is very weak. It's so loose it feels like its held together by silly string. This feels like an issue where things are just happening to the characters and they're reacting based on what the plot is calling for. It's not infuriating or anything but these little ticks in the set-up were getting to me after a while but I'll explain that in a bit.

Oh? Off to a good start, I see.

Gonna have to see what this is about again.


Anyway, the issue starts with Sonic and Sally waiting in a junkyard for Uncle Chuck, who if you'll recall, is an undercover robot dude stuck in Robotropolis. We get our traditional Sonic slapstick moment when Chuck opens the secret door that Sonic was sitting under and launches Sonic into the air where he then lands hard on his butt. It's great.

Chuck leads them to his hidey-hole and shows them seismic waves on a screen. Then this exchange happens.

Sonic: If that's your heart rate unc, you should see a mechanic!
Uncle Chuck: I wish it were, Sonic...

I know what they were going for here but it really does sound like Uncle Chuck just wished he had a heart attack.

:lol: Good ole black comedy. Also puns.


So it turns out that Robotropolis is about to suffer an EARTHQUAKE! Robotnik knows this and is evacuating himself, Snively, and all his SWAT Bots into a spacecraft that'll hover over the city until it passes. During that time, the city will be defenseless and crumble.

Boy howdy~! That sure is lucky! I couldn't help but think how much it would suck had that Earthquake hit Knothole instead. Or if it turned out Robotropolis was so advanced that a regular earthquake did nothing to it. Or if a random Earthquake didn't randomly happen at all. All of those would have sucked. Phew~!

Oh, I think I'm remembering now! At least that there was an earthquake, anyway.

On 6/17/2019 at 2:52 PM, Dr. Detective Mike said:

Robotnik is shown evacuating and we get a scene where Snively shows concern for the roboticized people they left behind. Robotnik's response is "Who cares, you idiot! They're just MACHINES!"

Most of the ones left behind were roboticized people which infers that they are indeed no longer mortal because of his cruel actions. How very sad.

I was gonna say it's funny that Snively showed concern for other people, but then he was mainly a opportunistic schemer and never near as malicious as Robotnik himself now that I think about.

It is funny how Robotnik completely disregards their lives while taking the time to save all of his Swatbots, though.


 Not to worry though because Uncle Chuck has a plan. See there's a De-roboticizer in Robotropolis (???) and Uncle Chuck plans to lure all the robots in the vicinity to it. Then, in his own words, he says that he's going to override the De-Roboticizer's circuits and when it explodes he's counting on it to have a blanket effect...

So they do that. They reach the city, a tremor happens, they get lucky when a hole opens up that allows them to get through (Boy, so lucky this issue) and then Uncle Chuck deliberately sends a signal to all the remaining robots that tells them to head right where they are. Then he pulls the lever on the De-Roboticier, it explodes, and shoots a blanket effect out at all the robots... except him... apparently? Sonic points out that Uncle Chuck is still a robot and Uncle Chuck says that he'll get his chance one day and that it's better for the cause that he stay like this.

So...did it work? 

And yeah, I don't get that whole blanket effect thing considering the point of the roboticizer is to transform someone while they're inside of it, kinda like a CAT scan in Bunnie's case.


Then a regular Southwest Airlines plane arrives, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, at that very moment, and lands with Rotor coming out and saying he's gonna fly all the people away. Interesting. We didn't SEE them contacting Rotor and telling him to show up with Southwest Airlines but I guess that's something the audience is expected to just assume happened.


I thought Antoine was the pilot?


It's here where I have to stop and ask... What even?

There's so much about what I just wrote that doesn't make any sense or just seemingly comes out of nowhere. I need to stop and analyze this for a bit.


1. Why is there a De-Roboticizer in Robotropolis? What does he need one for aside for it being something to eventually be stolen and used against him by the Heroes? I understand that you never know when a tyrannical monster whose goal is to roboticize everyone to do his bidding might need to do the opposite of that but I gotta admit, I can't think of a scenario where he would. Robotnik still has a metal arm. He hasn't even used the De-Roboticizer on HIMSELF. Why does he have it?

Maybe it was brought up before and explained then but I seriously have no recollection of that. I'm sure one of you guys could tell me.

Good question. Like, I can only assume he either built it himself or Chuck built it at some point but never got to use it.


2. Uncle Chuck says that re-wiring it to explode when he activates it will create a blanket effect that will De-Roboticize all the Roboticized people... okay. So, I actually don't care that much about the fake pseudo science there and whether or not that would actually work. Trying to figure out the logistics and functionality of an already fictional device is pointless and a bit too nitpicky for a Sonic comic. No, my issue is the fact that it works on all the robots ...except him. Even though he was standing right in front of the machine and was literally the one who pulls the lever. In the massive BLANKET explosion that happened across everyone there, he was somehow the ONLY one not changed back. HOW?! This isn't even a problem with the science or whatever, it's just obviously not possible. The machine exploded right in front of him and all the robots behind him and yet he wasn't affected by the blast???

.Yeah, seriously. 


3. Rotor shows up out of nowhere and says that he didn't expect there to be so many people to save. I'm left to assume he brought a huge ass Southwest Airlines plane to cart away three people, I guess. They never show us how he knows what's happening or how much about the situation he was told. Uncle Chuck doesn't even tell Sonic and Sally about his De-Roboticization plan until they GET to the city which means he had no means of getting OUT of the city when this was done. Everyone reacts to Rotor showing up like it was a huge surprise and Rotor didn't expect there to be so many people. Neither were aware of the other's situation. If Chuck had just told them his plan BEFORE they went to the city, Rotor might have been able to accommodate everyone because as it stands, Sonic and Sally get left behind because the plane can't hold everyone. They also might not have had to worry about how they were going to get out of the city too. 

He probably underestimated just how many Robians they'd be able to turn back.

However, the surprise is a considerable red flag. The only explanation is that he was watching them somehow and realized they'd need a quick ride out of there.

On 6/17/2019 at 2:52 PM, Dr. Detective Mike said:

It's all, once again, VERY lucky that this happened. I guess not for Sonic and Sally because, as I say, they get left behind because there's not enough room on Southwest Airlines. I'm going to set aside whether or not I buy that the plane could fit literally everyone they had with them except for those last two people. Maybe it's a weight thing. I dunno. The comic never says.

Anyway, they have to escape the city themselves now. Sonic tells Sally to keep moving and stay vigilant.

Sally proceeds to not do that at all, instead opting to stand still while the city is literally crumbling around them because of an Earthquake, while yelling into her mobile flip-phone for Nicole to respond.

She appropriately gets crushed by a rock for this bout of extreme stupidity.


Nicole comes through with the information Sally requested though. That's good. Sonic's only got 10 seconds to use the fastest route out of there. Sonic makes it after jumping through a hole in some fallen debris and then we immediately smash cut to a ceremony celebrating the awarding of a golden acorn to Uncle Chuck and Sonic, who gives his Golden Acorn to Nicole. Wow. That was abrupt! We didn't even see Sonic escape the city or bring Sally back home or anything. He jumps through some debris and the next panel (not even the next page) we're somewhere else during the aftermath.



Okay, yeah, that was pretty dumb.

Guess we had to make that cover actually correlate somehow. 


Then Robotnik comes back down from space and says he's going to rebuild the city but there's nothing to worry about in terms of attacks because he's going to put up a force-field around it while it's being done.Okay. Go fuck yourself Robotnik. If you could DO that then why the fuck didn't you have a force-field up before? Maybe Dulcy the Dragon wouldn't be able to easily sneak in and overhear your plans if you kept that force-field up all the time. They just infiltrated your city! How can you-?! Jesus...!

I have a feeling this issue is going to be more significant going forward but the structure of this tale was really odd and it feels like some things could have been ironed out a lot smoother than they were.

Egh. Maybe he's just building one from what's left? I know the force field is a crucial plot point for something down the road, but that's a wait.

Still, that layout tho.


The amount of convenient things that happened and how quick the resolution was leads me to believe this was something done to just quickly de-roboticize all the people in Robotropolis without any fanfare...


No joke, I was editing this review and was about to post it when it literally just hit me that THAT happened! What the fuck...? THIS is how it happened? In one issue? Because of a random Earthquake that took place? It was so understated and fast that I didn't even process it. Are things being rushed? 


Probably.  A bit weird though...

What is this, Issue...37? Huh. I guess that's not too too weird, but still.

On 6/17/2019 at 2:52 PM, Dr. Detective Mike said:


Also, the art in this issue was very odd as well. For some reason everyone looked stilted and significantly unanimated. There were points where you could tell you were looking at a drawing of a character rather than a believable panel of a specific action moment frozen in time. They looked like mannequins basically. Sometimes their expressions didn't even match. There was a point where Uncle Chuck tells Sonic that the De-Roboticizer is going to explode and Sonic responds by shouting "EXPLODES?!!" in a way that seems like he should be worried but for some reason he's got a doofy smile on his face.


Not the best art. Not the worst though. 


Oh, that stuff. Guess this is the beginning.

Who did this issue?

On 6/17/2019 at 2:52 PM, Dr. Detective Mike said:


Issue #37 - Bunnie's Worst Nightmare!

The second story is a solo-story about Bunnie having a nightmare that she eventually becomes fully roboticized. It's such a convincing nightmare that she even dreams up convincing techno-jargon to explain why it's happening. 


It's actually a little creepy and unsettling, especially witnessing how she looks with a complete robotic sheen. Her eyes being black but her pupils remaining blue while the rest of her is this purple-ish looking metal is significantly scary to look at. 

I will say that if Robotnik did create something like this, it really would mean that there was no hope. I'm assuming he can't, otherwise he would have. 


Which is why you didn't post a picture. :lol: 

Why is Robotnik there, though?

On 6/17/2019 at 2:52 PM, Dr. Detective Mike said:


The title was a spoiler of course. She runs away because she doesn't want to endanger everyone and sleeps under a tree only to wake up the next morning completely fine with Sally not having a clue what she's talking about when she brings up what happened. It was all a nightmare. 

We're getting closer to the fabled Endgame and I'm starting to notice a significant change in the dynamics of the story. THAT was an incredibly rushed way to fix all the roboticized people. Again, it happened so fast that my mind didn't even process that it did happen and I had to edit in my reaction to it. I'm assuming this is where the comic started preparing for the end. It's starting to feel like it.



But of course.

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think the next issue may introduce characters among the citizenry.

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Archie Sonic Issue #44 - Black and Blue and Red All Over


Oh hey. Evil Sonic’s back. Finally. An excuse to see Sonic get his ass kicked and be expected to enjoy it because he’s the villain and I’m supposed to.

We begin with Rotor showing off his gun to Sonic. This is the beginning of one of those weird PSAs you see on TV where the kid shows his parent’s gun to his friend and then accidentally blows his friend’s fucking brains out. 

Of course, this ain’t no ordinary, every day gun. This is… an advanced gun.


That’s right. When Rotor fires this at you, forget turning into swiss cheese. You’ll be lucky to be a bubbling puddle of nacho sauce on the floor.

This is reminding me of a scene from a comic way down the line (I don’t remember which one but I definitely remember reading it at least once) where Rotor says to Fiona that the Freedom Fighters don’t use guns. “It’s just not how we do things” or something. Now, even before I saw Rotor weilding a gun or even really before I knew much of anything about the Freedom Fighters, I knew for a fact that this was horeshit. This also reminds me of a comic waaaay down the line during the Flynn era, where Rotor calls back to the line he said about not using guns and calling himself a hypocrite for it, which just makes me love Ian’s writing even more. 

Now, I’m spending a lot of time talking about this gun because of one very simple fact. The comic doesn’t. It kind of forgets this even happened as we move on. I have no clue why a page and a half was dedicated to this but… when you’ve got big guns, show them off I suppose.

No, the real meat and potatoes starts when Rotor gets a signal on his monitor. Again.

Turns out there’s trouble brewing on Angel Island. Better go deal with it. Oh wait. No. They say they have to go tell Sally for some reason. I guess cause she’s their leader or whatever. 

Then Sally runs in and says “No need, I’m already here.” Oh wow. Thanks. We got that totally necessary step out of the way really quick. Let’s move!

That was a crack at this whole Freedom Fighters system thing. I apologize. I know it’s a different book but I can’t turn off the part of my brain that’s just like “If this were Sonic as I know him, he and Tails would just take off. Why’s he gotta answer to this princess… fuck…”

To be fair, the comic isn’t wasting any time. They rush to the plane and Antoine is already there, I guess because he read the previous pages and knew what was up. That’s when they take off and we cut to Knuckles who is currently headed for the Chaos Chamber where they hold all the Chaos… I mean the Chaos Emerald. Yeah, that’s still weird.

Also, this is a good time to point out that the art in this issue… ain’t the best.

Say hello to Silly Puddy Knuckles ladies and gents.


Jesus Christ Knuckles. Look at those cankles. Get yourself a burger, girlfriend.

Anyway, he gets inside and Evil Sonic is there. He’s Sonic but he needs a leather jacket to pretend he’s cool rather than a runny mouth. 

He talks like a fake gangster and everything.


Ya mook.

He says he’s there for the emeralds and says that “Just because YOUSE guys have problems don’t mean we hafta solve ‘em for ya!” 

Knuckles’ question is “We?” 

My question is “What? Are we gonna ignore the fact that what he just said made no sense?”

Anyway, yes, “We?” is a valid question too since Evil Sonic seems to be the only one there. But then an arm from off-screen punches Knuckles in the face and it’s revealed that it’s attached to… shock-horror, another Knuckles.

It’s… Irish Knuckles.

“And I’m not one to trifle with once I get me IRISH up!” is a line that Irish Knuckles says when he punches Knuckles in the face. 

He’s Knuckles except he’s Irish and he’s got blue eyes and a stupid cap on his head.

Irish Knuckles has teamed up with Evil Sonic, a version of Sonic who wears sunglasses and a leather jacket, to fight regular Knuckles.

Listen, I’m fucking serious. This is what’s happening.


Oh and Knuckles lost. Knuckles lost to Irish Knuckles.

After that, Archimedes, the ant guy, shows up and says he showed up when he got the news that Knuckles got his ass kicked. Knuckles says, quite appropriately, that he didn’t know news traveled that fast and Archimedes replies by saying that there’s still things that Knuckles doesn’t know about him…

… Then he proceeds not to tell us what that is. I guess it’s just a super duper secret how he’s able to find out the “news” of something that literally just happened seconds ago. I may be wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion that I never will.

Anyway, Knuckles and the Ant leave to see Sonic and the others show up. Knuckles realizes that it’s going to be “one of those days”. 

Knuckles describes to them who invaded his home and Sonic feels like he might know who that is. A description like “Looks exactly like you except was wearing a leather jacket and glasses” isn’t exactly the hardest thing to figure out. Next thing you know, we’re on the Cosmic Interstate.

Sonic is on the road while the others are literally flying an airplane through the Cosmic Interstate. It’s really weird.

Again, I have to re-state, that this is another one of those situations where they’re calling back to something I read but completely forgot about because it was during the time before I started to chronicle this stuff. I totally didn’t remember that they went to the Cosmic Interstate before. The memory isn’t so bad here because I have a pretty vague idea of what it is. It’s just the road to these other dimensions. Like a less dangerous version of the void or whatever. Although, I don’t know what happens if you fall off Snake Way here.

Anyway, we get to the… stupid shit inside the plane when Knuckles turns to Sally and brings up their wholly unnecessary secret past. I’m being serious here too. This is some dumb shit.



I truly don’t understand what Penders thinks the end goal of this is going to be. I feel like he isn’t seriously attempting to set-up a possible love rival with Sally in Knuckles… but I can only really feel this way because I know it doesn’t go anywhere up to where I’ve read. Yet, that’s also kind of disingenuous of me because I mostly remember issues 160 and beyond. I blocked out the issues from 150 to 159 from my memory (Mostly. Issac the robot guarding a corpse still lingers in my mind...) and I’ve literally read none of the stuff before that up until where I am at this moment.

So maybe there was a Knuckles and Sally… thing that happened that no one talks about. This is certainly the first I’ve heard of them having a past together in these books. I guess it’s just THAT negligible. No one’s ever like “remember when Penders tried to trick us into seriously believing that there MIGHT be a chance Knuckles posed a threat to Sonic’s unhealthy on-again, off-again relationship with Sally? Boy, wasn’t that a weird, pointless experiment?”

This mostly just feels like a pointless detour to trick people into wondering “Well… MAYBE there’s something going on between these two” even though he knows damn well there’s no chance he’ll make it a serious thing.

I feel like that has to be the case, otherwise I’d be forced to believe that Penders was so up his own ass when it came to writing Knuckles that he seriously considered putting the idea out there that Knuckles could do the nasty with Sally. Meanwhile, he’s, at the same time, trying to already do that with Geoffrey St. John. Although, because Geoffrey’s his own character, his narcissism is making it so that Geoffrey’s a lot more forward and creepy about it.

Considering how I never hear anyone go to bat for Geoffrey and Sally as a pairing and I’ve literally never even HEARD of people pairing Knuckles and Sally, it would seem these attempts to set up OTPs for the rabid fans of pairings out there didn’t succeed. 

That’s astonishing to me because fans will literally make up shit when it comes to pairings. Putting one in their mind and having it have NO lasting effect has got to be a huge sign that you just don’t know how to resonate with an audience. 

What am I saying though? It couldn’t be that this book lasted because Sonic was popular and not because Penders was a writing genius. No. Perish the thought.

Considering how bad I know the book is going to get soon, joking about that doesn’t even feel right.

I mean, seriously, this shit that Knuckles and Sally talk about here doesn’t even mean anything. Sally arrived on the island with her dad and she came across Knuckles at random. The two of them sat down and had a heart to heart about how hard it was to be in their positions.


Identifiable? Relatable? Sure, but that doesn't at all feel like the reason this is being forced in here. 

Knuckles had to go back to his dad and couldn’t talk with her again lest his father find out that he broke the rules of his apprenticeship. I don’t know what those rules are but I assume he’s not allowed to talk with anyone... ? I guess? The book makes it seem like Locke didn’t even know Sally and King Acorn were on the island with this passage but I’m not entirely sure how they could have hidden from him if they arrived by loud flying craft and stayed there for part of their vacation.

Well, anyway, Knuckles asks if they should tell Sonic and Sally gives the lazy, “Deal with it later” answer that I knew she was gonna give. They land in the Opposite Day Zone and Sally is given the run down that in this world, everything is flipped upside down. The Freedom Fighters are the bad guys and Robotnik is a kind family doctor. They illustrate this by showing Evil Sonic kicking a Swat-Bot in the butt which… is not any different from what regular Sonic does, so maybe not the best example.

Unless the commentary here is that Sonic and Evil Sonic are more alike than they think. I can get behind that.

Rotor sends a flying… thing to scan the area for… stuff and Sonic asks if it’s ironic that they use technology to try and take down a technological dictator. I mean, I guess they are living in a subtle environmental message. It’s probably smart to pretend as though the technology itself is evil and not the way it’s used… right?

Of course not. That's dumb. Moving on.

Evil Sonic and Irish Knuckles jump out of the bushes and attack. Now they get into a fight!

Sonic taunts Evil Sonic and makes him look like a wuss. He gets his ass kicked fairly easily by the end of this so I’ll just focus mostly on the Knuckles fight.

These fights apparently go on for quite a while. There’s no point in doing a play by play because it’s just some punches and some cartoony fight clouds. 

Tails completely undermines the fight by looking at his watch and telling the audience that the fight is uninteresting and boring.


I mean, I guess I can give Penders credit for having the guts to tell the audience when the events of your comics aren’t interesting. Than again, Rotor immediately says he’s enjoying it after Tails says this so… maybe this was him trying to head the audience off at the pass.

Thankfully, they shift gears fairly quickly here. All of a sudden, despite having no problems punching the shit out of Knuckles up to this point, Irish Knuckles pulls back his fist and says he’d hate to do this… so he won’t. Then he just stops fighting.

Then Sonic slams Evil Sonic into the dirt beside them, having won his fight because he’s objectively better than Evil Sonic now. I suppose.

Irish Knuckles explains that he should never have resorted to violence in the first place, no matter what the reason. He then explains that the Chaos Emeralds powering his island are being drained and that if he doesn’t restore it soon, all will perish.

Knuckles, for some reason, gets even more upset at him for this, proclaiming that Irish Knuckles is a wimp and an embarrassment of a guardian because he doesn’t believe this is worth continuing the fight over. Now, this is dumb for a number of reasons but the main one is the fact that what happens next leads to a proper resolution of the conflict because he didn’t continue to pointlessly fight you. A lot of problems can be solved by avoiding pointless fighting and talking it out with people.

Irish Knuckles explains that he doesn’t live on a floating island but an island underneath the sea.

Because opposites and shit.

The island is surrounded by a big air bubble that’s running out of oxygen due to the energy of the emerald being sucked away. If the oxygen leaves, the bubble is gone and so is all the life on the island. 

Atlantinopolis is the name of the place and the characters are all on their way there in the next scene… because fighting is dumb when you can just talk things out and get the help you need. Right Knuckles?

Sonic, Tails, Sally, Rotor, Knuckles, Irish Knuckles, and Evil Sonic all head to the city together and are directed by Nicole beneath the area towards the sound of intense drilling. It’s being perpetrated by none-other than, of course, Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic gasps in surprise, saying that he must not be satisfied with messing with just one world. I guess he blocked Sonic Live from his memory already. Trauma isn’t that easily forgotten in the real world though.

Robotnik says this world is a great place to find raw materials but it’s also a great place to test his stuff before he uses them on Sonic. When he says “test his stuff” I assume he also means “An excuse to destroy shit without having to worry about the Freedom Fighters catching on”.

Because there’s no war here, Robotnik is able to get away with this because the people living here chalk up any disturbance he makes to natural occurrences. So, random ass earthquakes.

Robotnik orders his Swat-Bots to send them through a chute and into the water. We’re shown a scene of the Swat-Bots grabbing Sonic and Knuckles… and the next scene is TAILS coming through the chute, complaining that Robotnik said “Woman and Children first” and proclaiming he’ll get Robotnik for that. It’s an odd transition. VERY odd.

We cut back and the next person being shoved into the chute is… Evil Sonic? 

Evil Sonic says this wasn’t part of the plan and fights off the Swat-Bots. Then, Sonic, Knuckles, Sally, and Rotor surround Evil Sonic and demand to know what this “plan” was. I guess they assumed he was working with them in an honest effort to help out Irish Knuckles save this city. Well, that was silly of them. 

Also, why did we get shown a scene of the Swat-Bots grabbing Sonic and Knuckles, then jump to a scene of Tails and Evil Sonic being pushed to the chute, and then jump to the next panel where Sonic and Knuckles are suddenly free? There’s like three things wrong with that all at once. Comics are a visual medium. The visuals need to flow and make more sense than this. 

It gets stranger because after the panel where the characters surround Evil Sonic, we go to the next page where Sonic and Knuckles are headed downstairs to confront Eggman with a little caption box at the top where one of them is finishing their statement to Evil Sonic. I guess this was supposed to be a scene transition past the part where they shove a tire iron up Evil Sonic’s ass but it’s starting to feel like whoever is in charge of paneling this comic is rushing through this. The jumps to the next parts of the scene are incredibly jarring all of a sudden.

At least I understand what they were trying to do but things are happening too quick. It’s hard to process it. 

Sonic says they know everything now. Evil Sonic made a deal with Robotnik for “a piece of the action” but didn’t really know what he was getting into like most small time thugs. They don’t say what the “piece of the action” Evil Sonic was expecting to get was. He hasn’t really done… anything. He fought Sonic but Irish Knuckles fought regular Knuckles too and they BOTH stopped when things were talked over. I don’t think I get what Evil Sonic wanted.

Well, whatever. Robotnik’s got a BIG FUCKING GUN and he’s firin’ his lazer everywhere. Archimedes shows up out of nowhere to bitch at Knuckles to get a move on cause, apparently, Robotnik has opened a gateway to their Chaos Chamber. I assume he did that when he fired his gun. So… it can obliterate you but also open paths to other dimensions. Hey, that sounds like what Rotor was saying HIS gun could do in the opening! Maybe this is where that gun comes back into play!

You guys remember right? That big fucking gun that Rotor showed off at the start? He claimed it could shoot so hard and fast that it could tear through dimensions and shit. Maybe that seemingly pointless scene will make a creatively written, impressive callba- No. Of course that’s not what Penders does here.

Robotnik is shooting all over the place, trying to vaporize the heroes. Sally and Sonic distract Robotnik while Knuckles and Irish Knuckles nab the Chaos Emerald that’s in the Chaos Chamber. They do this while Robotnik is trying to taunt Sonic to the best of his ability but is coming off rather lame.

Robotnik: Did I ever tell you what my favorite dish is? Roasted hedgehog! It’s out of this world!
Sonic: How would you even know?
Robotnik: I’ve had it before! Yum Yum. Eh? I FORGOT THE EMERALD!

I like to think he wasn’t lying when he said he’s had it before. The idea that he roasted and ate some poor hedgehog as some sort of sick coping mechanism for dealing with Sonic amuses me in a twisted way.

Anyway, yes, the two echidnas managed to grab the Chaos Emerald from the Chaos Chamber thanks to Robotnik opening up a portal back to it. Robotnik, now that he has a Chaos Emerald stolen from Evil Sonic’s world, says he doesn’t need Knuckles’ emerald and fires a blast at it to destroy it. 

Why he didn’t just aim at the echidnas, I’ve no clue. You’d think he’d still avoid destroying that emerald if he could help it but that doesn’t matter because when he fires at the emerald, this shit happens.


So after Robotnik… vanishes, they stick the six emeralds that were made after he destroyed the one emerald into six conveniently made slots and fix the force field around the underwater island. 

Then they take a bullet train back to the surface where Tails and Rotor are waiting. It’s here where I realize just how pointless it was that the two of them were even here. I guess it’s fine though. It’s not like they felt the need to shoehorn every Freedom Fighter into this story. Bunnie never shows up and Antoine only appears to complain about having to fly the plane and then disappears from the book entirely.

So, Sonic gets upset when he realizes that Irish Knuckles never explained what happened to Robotnik. He then explains it but... it doesn’t make any sense. 

Irish Knuckles says that the blast sent Robotnik back where he came from. So, back to his world… I… but… he also says that he fired that blast to DESTROY the chaos emerald so it couldn’t be used against him. Now this gun that Robotnik was using has the power to ROAST people but also open portals to other dimensions… I assume that’s why the Chaos Chamber suddenly appeared there. Robotnik fired a blast that blew a hole to Sonic’s normal dimension where the Chaos Chamber was. So, I’m guessing the logic Irish Knuckles is trying to use is that Robotnik fired the blast onto the Chaos Emerald and it bounced off the emerald and sent him back home… but, he says that Robotnik was trying to send them on a trip but he ALSO says he was trying to destroy the emerald.



So which is it?

Did Robotnik fire a blast that was going to destroy the emerald? Isn’t that sort of what happened? It shattered and six little emeralds were used to re-power the city… and they all already had six emerald slots designated and ready for them to power the island which means that… the six emeralds were held inside an even bigger emerald? But… also it tears through dimensions so it sent Robotnik back home? So it does both at the same time?

If Robotnik hit Sonic with that gun would it have fried his body but sent his corpse back to his home dimension? Robotnik’s body didn’t get fried though, I assume. Was it because the part that fries you already destroyed the emerald so he only had to worry about the part that sends you back home when it hit him? Did the laser stat effect waste itself on something and therefore was unable to repeat it again when it hit Robotnik? Did the gun that can cut through dimensions also burn the thing it touches but also can BOUNCE off things it destroys but taniqogkwkqLPfPLEMRBMK.

I’m thinking entirely too hard about this.

It makes no sense.

Evil Sonic complains about still being tied up in the ship. Irish Knuckles calls him laddie again. Then we end on another confusing panel where Rotor says he anticipated using his remote scanner for everywhere except where they needed it. I’m… not sure what he means. He only used it once and, while it’s true they didn’t need it when he used it, where exactly DID they need to use it in that mess? 

Then the issue just… stops. It doesn’t even end. It just stops. 

We don’t get any closure with Irish Knuckles, or Evil Sonic, and Robotnik is… apparently not dead. We don’t see him either.

Honestly, I’m really confused as to what the point of all this was. 

Did Penders even write a story?

This is a very consistent problem I’m having with the current issues. He’s making up a bunch of rules that are extremely inconsistent and explaining it in ways that aren’t coherent. It doesn’t help that the structure of this story was a bit strange. It starts off feeling as though its got enough wiggle room to spend time on something pointless and by the end, it doesn’t even have enough time to properly wrap up the story. 

We’re getting close to the Endgame. Maybe he’s just starting to not give a shit because he thinks the end is near.

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