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For those who might have missed it, Ian said in a follow-up to that tweet that, should he ever get the chance to continue with the Archie continuity at some point, he’d do something completely different now (since there’s no point in telling the same drawn-out story twice).

If that were to happen, by some miracle, what direction would you want the series to go in should it continue?

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36 minutes ago, Forgetful Panda said:

For those who might have missed it, Ian said in a follow-up to that tweet that, should he ever get the chance to continue with the Archie continuity at some point, he’d do something completely different now (since there’s no point in telling the same drawn-out story twice).

If that were to happen, by some miracle, what direction would you want the series to go in should it continue?

Honestly, it looks like it was gonna become a story about Sonic and Eggman teaming up to find a cure anyway.


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Archie Sonic Issue #46 - Countdown to Armageddon


Oh. What a personal looking cover. It would seem Ken’s character is about ready to go for the ultimate dick measuring contest.

I like it but I gotta ask, what’s up with Sonic’s teeth. Geoffrey’s look normal but Sonic’s look like paper going into a circular hole. It’s drawn a little strangely.

We begin with a monologue about the origin of Roboticization, surprisingly enough. It’s a little sad but the way it’s written is actually a little comedic.

“One fateful day a benevolent scientist directed his talents towards an ingenious effort to prolong the lives of Mobian citizens… AND IN DOING SO INADVERTENTLY CREATED AN INSTRUMENT OF DOMINATION, USED AS A SWEEPING TIDE OF TYRANNY, SIGNALING THE DOWNFALL OF MOBIUS AND THE KINGDOM OF ACORN!”

It’s sad that an experiment to save his brother ended up accidentally creating the thing that signaled the downfall of the entire planet but you gotta admit, it’s kind of funny.

The person who did this and the person showing them this through an eyebeam that shoots out holograms onto the wall is Uncle Chuck. He’s showing it to the Freedom Fighters and the response is Sonic saying that Uncle Chuck’s hologram eye beams are “Way Past Cool” and Tails asking for popcorn like he’s watching a fucking movie. 

Anyway, Uncle Chuck answers Sonic by asking a very simple question.


… Yeah, he’s right. What kind of a spy would he be if he didn’t install that shit DIRECTLY into his optic sensors? A pretty shitty spy, if I do say so myself.

I joke but it’s pretty efficient since he describes it as him being able just record everything he sees and play it back as a video. Dulcy asks if he’s stored thousands of movies, making another unfunny joke about him being a film projector. I’m at least glad they have a sense of humor about Uncle Chuck being a horrible mechanical abomination. Looking on the bright side is very important.

Uncle Chuck explains that the video provides proof that when Robotnik was Warlord Julian, he sabotaged his original machine and turned it from a tool of medicine into a tool of war. He also says that ASIDE FROM A FEW TIMES WHERE THEY GOT LUCKY he doesn’t think he’ll be able to return all those people back from being robots.

I gotta be real with you Uncle Chuck… the way Robotization works in this book has been extremely inconsistent. Literally, I just read the Sonic Blast special where splashing roboticized flickies with salt water from super soakers turned them back to normal. Also, we already de-roboticized everyone in Robotropolis back during that one issue that, somehow, de-roboticized everyone except you, Uncle Chuck. Even though you were literally standing before the machine when it sent out the wave of energy that de-roboticized everyone, it somehow missed you… because why the fuck not? I guess because they still needed you to be a spy.

Rotor says it’s not his fault and he’s right. It’s not. I gotta admit, it probably would have been more shocking had it been his fault but meh. It’s not necessary in the long run. I don’t want to be needlessly cruel to the elderly.

Sally suggests they go on strategic retreat which amounts to sitting outside in the Great Forest around a campfire at night while they continue their conversation. It’s here where we get something that legitimately made me feel a bit sad. 

Uncle Chuck explains that the praise for his camera eye-balls isn’t deserved because he’s still Robotnik’s pawn. Robotnik knew his guilt would make him step down from the science division and he went from being Sir Charles the Inventor to Uncle Chuck the Chili-Dog proprietor. Then it’s just a sad shot of Uncle Chuck sitting alone at a Chili-Dog stand, looking downtrodden and brooding over the fact that he couldn’t save his brother and also helped create a tool of war against the kingdom he wanted to save.


It’s so fucking sad. 

He keeps going on about how much of a failure he is for not realizing Sleuth Doggy Dog was a traitor and not knowing the Death Egg was even a thing until it was almost too late. Sally’s only comfort is that the only thing he did wrong was not dig deep enough for the truth… which… I dunno. That kind of sounds like the same thing he just said he didn’t do Sally. You might as well have just said, “You’re right. You’re a failure. What do we even keep old people alive for anyway?”

Okay, maybe that’s a bit much but she didn’t offer much help there. Sonic chimes in by saying that he was a success at the chili-dog chain while eating tons of them. It doesn’t seem like he cares much that Chuck is sad. 

Before people who know what they’re doing can offer actual emotional support they hear sounds in the woods, indicating that Smokey the Bear is ready to shank some woodland creatures for starting a fire in his domain.


Except no, it isn’t. It’s just Lupe and the Band of Freedom Fighters from the... ? Anyway, they’re known as the Wolf Pack.

Now, I definitely recognize these guys from issues down the line, once again, however, this was a case where I was seriously worried I may have alzheimer's disease because I definitely didn’t remember her showing up before this. I looked for an asterisk to see what issue she had to have appeared in and it turns out she didn’t this time! No, she’s from the show. It was an episode called "Cry of the Wolf". 

This is where the limited knowledge I have of SatAM fails me. I only saw a couple of episodes and that was several, several years ago at this point. Might even be well over a decade now. If I saw this episode, I sure as spit-shine don’t remember it.

Anyway, they’re all around the fire eating Chili-dogs now as a familiar face tells them that Robotnik’s making even meaner robots. Tails interrupts this to ask if Drago doesn’t like his food but he stops himself from saying "Chili-Dog" and says "Chili-Wiener" instead, which is way funnier. At first I didn’t get why Tails did this but it might be because Drago is a… wolf? I mean, it doesn’t matter because there’s no way those things are made of actual dog…

… Or are they? 

Well, anyway, I did a bit of a double-take here because this is the first appearance of Drago! I’ve seen this dude so many times in the later comics. He would occasionally show up for minor appearances as a villain and then leave almost as fast as he came. Every time he DID show up, someone was always dunking on him, saying that he sucked, or talking down to him. It was odd because he looked so fierce and they usually didn’t do much to prove he was a loser except say that he was a lot.

Even now, he doesn’t look like a loser… he also is, interestingly, sitting with the good guys. So, either something happens later to make him turn sides or it’s going to be a rehash of what just happened with Sleuth where they meet up with people in the forest and one of them was just a traitor all along. We shall see.

… Probably far quicker than I expected even.


Turns out the reason Drago wasn’t currently enjoying his Chili-Weiner, isn’t because the cold air outside was making his weiner feel chilly. 

No, instead, we find out that he’s Robocist. Justifiably so, almost. He doesn’t like hanging with Uncle Chuck because he’s worried he’s a spy for Robotnik. Sonic says he isn’t because he says so and the voice from the side speaks up by implying that people listen to what Sonic the Amatuer says no matter what.

For a split second I wondered who in this group of Sonic Tolerant people would speak up but then I saw Geoffrey on the next page and felt a little dumb. I had already forgotten that he was advertised to show up in this issue.

Geoffrey tells them to cut down on the campfire before they attract the entire planet. Now, despite how tense this situation is being built up as, for some reason, THIS immediately happens next.


Just… wh... mmrgh...? 

Is this all she’s good for now? Sucking face? She hasn’t done anything at all in the past couple of issues so by default this is the most memorable thing she has on her plate as of recent. At least Knuckles didn’t show up and do it. 

Although, I have to bring up the fact that Sally tried to get Sonic to calm down about her relationship with Knuckles by bringing up that she was actually into him instead and tried to lean in to kiss Sonic before they were interrupted. Now she’s just getting slurped up like brown soup by Pepe Le Pew here. 

I’m not joking. She really does look like she’s being slurped into his mouth in that picture.

Anyway, after that kiss, Geoffrey goes into accusatory asshole mode. He talks about how he was following every single one of Uncle Chuck’s moves. Chuck accuses him of spying and Geoffrey, while picking his teeth with a toothpick like an asshole, says that those are interesting words since, apparently, the agent that uncovered the video that Chuck showed them at the beginning of the comic was Sleuth Doggy Dog! 


Sonic asks Uncle Chuck if this is true and… Chuck says yeah, but, it was weeks before they discovered Sleuth to be a traitor. 

Now… I do have to admit, they did a good job with this. What Uncle Chuck just said there doesn’t actually disprove anything. What time they found out Sleuth was a traitor is pretty negligible, all things considered. Also, I’m incredibly impressed that the Sleuth twist is turning out to have repercussions like this…! 

Geoffrey doesn’t buy it. Dulcy makes a crack about skunks smelling bad and we all laugh because it’s a very original thing she just said. Hahaha. Skunk’s smell. 

Anyway, Geoffrey ignores that comment, as usual, and just comes out with it by accusing Uncle Chuck of being a spy. Sonic asks if he practices at being a stupid dumb dumb jerk face and Geoffrey snaps at him for not taking the war seriously.

Sonic decks him in the face.

Then, in a scene that’s shockingly and suddenly badly drawn, Geoffrey kartwheels onto his feet and fires off a bolas that gets Sonic wrapped around a tree, proclaiming he’s got more to him than just speed, like Sonic does. Then Geoffrey points his arm at Sonic and pretty much states that he’s gonna kill him. 

Then Antoine, in his first set-piece in issues, just comes in and decks Geoffrey in the face. Antoine also calls both him and Sonic stupid but throws in a nice little comment about Sonic not deserving death. 

Then, Antoine says that Uncle Chuck isn’t the traitor… Geoffrey is the traitor!

This is a rousing game of Traitor Hot Potato now!

Also, I gotta say, the art in this issue is getting less and less good the more it goes on. It feels like it’s destabilizing or something.

Well, anyway, Antoine tells an, honestly, very unconvincing story to stand as proof of Geoffrey being the traitor. He says that during the time he was being trained to eventually become a soldier, the general teaching him and close friend of the king, tried to convince the king that they would one day need to make use of the rebel underground… but before it could be established, that general became a victim of Robotnik’s war and then afterward Geoffrey showed up proclaiming to be the leader of the Underground.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how that means Geoffrey is the one who caused that to happen. Is the Rebel Underground an idea that only that general could have? Did it not exist before he suggested the king might need it? 

Geoffrey gets all up in Antoine’s face and demands to know who this guy even is. Antoine, very professionally, tackles Geoffrey to the ground while screaming “HE WAS MY FATH-AIR-E!”

Your feather? Your faith air? … Oh, your FATHER. My bad. The comic had the bad, exaggerated, French accent text cranked up to 11 there.

Yeah, his father.  

Geoffrey claims not to know him.

This scuffle exemplifies the issue with the art by the way. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it isn’t. Geoffrey is drawn well here. He looks like he’s actually in a struggle here. Meanwhile, Antoine, despite being extremely angry in the other panels, in this one he not only looks bored but his body is proportioned like a stiff cardboard cut out.


Sally breaks them up after this. Tails is surprised to hear that Antoine isn’t actually a soldier. Sonic explains that, like all of them, he was too young. He’s only wearing his father’s outfit as a tribute to him. 

So that’s the actual reason he isn’t naked like the other boys.

Bunnie says he rose to the occasion with exceptional courage and Tails flat out insults Antoine by saying “So he wasn’t always a doofus?”

Lots of asshole comments being thrown around this issue, gotta say. 

Anyway, Bunnie runs down Antoine’s character arc for me. As someone who always knew him as a coward in the show, I figured it’d be helpful to see where the book was coming from on him here. Bunnie explains that his devotion to the cause and to the princess turned to MISGUIDED love. 

If by “misguided” you mean “he could do way better than Sally” then sure. We’re shown a picture of him crying when he sees Sally go off with Sonic in the past. So, without the love from Sally or his father, he lost his way and… became a coward, I guess.

Tails says he never knew and wonders if he should say something to him. Like, I dunno, maybe call him a doofus to his face this time. That’ll work.

Bunnie says she’ll go instead and starts to head off into the woods even though we weren’t shown a panel of Antoine running off into the woods.

If they had shown a panel of that happening when Sally broke him and Geoffrey apart this would make sense. As it stands, it just kind of looks like Bunnie is saying she’ll go talk to Antoine and then goes wandering off into the fucking forest when the guy is still right in front of them.

But no, he’s in the bushes by himself now. Bunnie comes up behind him and says she thinks he’s brave and awesome. Antoine is glad someone cares and Bunnie reassures him that she does…!


What’s this? The sign of a HEALTHY relationship blossoming? Who said that was allowed? Chuck it. Throw it out. We need more “Will they, won’t they” bullshit mixed in with at least four possible love partners. Take a cue from the elegant Princess Sally Acorn. So much dignity when it comes to being non-commital and sucking face…

Meanwhile, Drago, whom I didn’t even know was gone, wanders in and Lupe asks where he went. Drago says “UHHHM… UHHHH… I went out for a… walk.”

Sigh. Yeah, he’s a traitor.

Lupe says this is the third time this week he’s left without an official okay. If he needs to get the official okay, it might be best to bite the bullet and ask for it instead of just wandering off and risking suspicion being put on you but… what do I know? Now Lupe says she’ll be watching Drago. And Geoffrey says he’ll be watching Sonic. And Antoine says he’ll be watching Geoffrey. And Geoffrey says he’s gonna beat the shit out of Antoine AND Sonic! Sonic growls like a bulldog! And then the Jerry Springer crowd starts to go nuts!


Sally tells everyone to shut the fuck up. Everyone’s been hurling around accusations but no one’s provided actual proof. It kind of just looks like they’re all fighting to see who’s the most loyal from her end. That part of the issue ends with Sally hoping Knuckles is successful on his quest.

If I were there, it’d probably be a bad time for me to make mention of how I don’t want to be loyal to the kingdom at all. Not even a little bit.

This was actually a really well done story. The entire thing was just the characters breaking down and hurling accusations at one another and I loved it. I really do prefer that kind of drama over the lovey-dovey stuff that has no consequence to anything. That said, for an issue with very little action, you’d think it’d be easier to draw the characters better than this.

The art was just… inconsistent. I dunno why. Sometimes it looked fine. Sometimes it looked like a first draft attempt that was hastily colored in. Such an odd showcase of the art.

Archie Sonic Issue #46 - Knuckles Quest 4: A Goat, A Raven, and a Swan Song!

Speak of the devil, Knuckles has (HOPEFULLY) reached the end of his long as fuck, cryptic quest given onto him by the Ancient Walkers. 

He’s walking through a cave when it collapses and he lands safely thanks to his glide ability. He pokes fun at a skeleton for not being able to do the same and watches as it smashes against the ground. 

Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder are here. The last two guys from the riddle. Hurray! 

The two of them were in the middle of chanting some sort of spell or something before Knuckles literally fell on his butt, right behind them. Mathias gets angry and immediately summons a rock golem to kill him! 

Yeah, cool… what?

Knuckles says they’re not gonna set up shop on his island. They kind of already did though since this is the deepest cavern within the island… so, you failed.

Anyway, Knuckles says the golem needs constant magic to function properly so he needs a distraction. In comes Archimedes who poofs onto Mathias’ nose and shoots a plume of fire at him! Like, it was so close to his face! What if his face got burned away? Jesus.

Well, they tie him up after that. There’s still the matter of Damocles the Elder who was just sitting there the whole time. What of him?

Well, he melted.

Okay, okay. He was a dummy. He wasn’t alive in the first place. He was just a thing that Mathias focused his spells on for… practice? I guess? I dunno.

Archimedes explains this while unrelentingly insulting the fuck out of Knuckles and making comments about saving his hide yet again. That’s apparently all he knows how to do with regards to addressing Knuckles…

The donkey elder melts into the Sword of Acorns or whatever its called. I don’t know why Mathias transformed the sword into the old donkey man or even where the real old donkey guy is but, like Knuckles, I don’t care. Thank God, we finally have the sword.


Knuckles immediately asks it to take him to the Hall of Limbo so he can grab the Crown of Acorns. I almost doubled back, realizing that there were that many layers to this multi-layered onion.

This journey was not like a cake. It was like an onion. 

Also, Knuckles trying to skip the middleman like this doesn’t work. Apparently, maybe, it only works on royalty. Either way, he got the sword.

I can only hope the Ancient Walkers are cursing themselves under their breaths. There’s no way they actually wanted Knuckles’ wild goose chase to end. That’s probably why they made it so stupidly cryptic; to laugh at him and watch him fumble about.

Now that he actually has the sword, their evil plan to be epic douches has become undone.

We’re finally advancing towards something that feels big and important. Just a few more to go.

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1 hour ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

Now, I definitely recognize these guys from issues down the line, once again, however, this was a case where I was seriously worried I may have alzheimer's disease because I definitely didn’t remember her showing up before this. I looked for an asterisk to see what issue she had to have appeared in and it turns out she didn’t this time! No, she’s from the show. It was an episode called "Cry of the Wolf". 

This is where the limited knowledge I have of SatAM fails me. I only saw a couple of episodes and that was several, several years ago at this point. Might even be well over a decade now. If I saw this episode, I sure as spit-shine don’t remember it.

Not to worry, the episode eventually gets adapted into a comic down the road.


Boy are you in for a treat.

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