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*Reads altered 242* Hmm. Where'd Knuckie go?

"Altered"? Anyway, we don't what's really going to happen, we just sit back and wait and see what Ian does 3 months from now. That is of course he said what he did at SDCC to throw the fans off, if that's the case, "BRAVO"! He got us again! ;)

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Uh, Jason? You mentioned it on Bumbleking. You haven't said anything on it here.

Yeah, he did:

Yes, yes. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.

The one thing Nux didn't report on but I saw on the panel (and I think took a pic of on his camera) was a Mecha Amy Rose. Hmmmm.

Anyway, looks cool. Can't wait to see here in the comic.

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Here's the Mecha Amy pic I mentioned last week. Taken from the Archie panel.


Hm, I know I've seen a Metal Amy that looked almost exactly like this before. I think it was in some Sonic gag comic from a few years ago...

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Got 239 today on my Birthday!

I think the Knuckles arc may have something to do with Sally post Mecha sitiuation. I just have this feeling.

I thought you said you weren't reading the comics till Ian fixes what's wrong with Sally.

Anyways, anybody hoping Mario gonna cameo in 242?

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who say's I HAVE READ IT?

Why are you even doing this is what bugs me, Toby made a great point. Can't you just suck it up and read what's going on so you wouldn't be out of the loop and making all these crackerjack theories? You might even LIKE how things are going on if you stopped worrying so much about Sally when there are other important things going on alongside that.

Also, anybody know if SonicComicWorld is still around? I mean if there's a way to contact him I mean.

And anybody hoping for that Mighty/Ray search arc being seen soon?

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Where are these previews coming from?!

I checked newsarama and destructoid and I don't see anything. is TSSZ getting exclusive previews rights now or something?

There must be a source somewhere.

I think they scanned the actual issue this time. Otherwise we'd have 5 pages instead of just 3.

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Yeah it just doesn't make sense to me, usually yes they are releasing previews by now but TSSZ's previews didn't look quite like the ones in the past.

I tweeted Newsarama and see if they are going to release the real previews soon.

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