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Hip Hop and Sonic

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I got a question that I think a lot of people should be interested in. Since so many people know Sonic the Hedgehog and its vast memorabilia, Would you find a rapper in a music video quite like the one below showing off a pimped out Smart car and gold versions of the vast Sonic items? laugh.gif

PS: If you guys don't get the joke...well, I am a bad comedian.

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I'm so hooood. LISSEN~

I wear my Emeralds out my fur, and I never spin when I go super, cause you player twos would get on my nerves~

I'm so hooood.

And I got these rings up in my pockets, if you trrryin' to snatch them off it then your name is Dr. Robotnik. I'M OUT THE HOOD~

And if you feel me put your hands up (hoo-ood), my Sonic fans can you stand up? I'm so hooood.

If you not classic you can homing attack, and you not a fan if you don't know what I'm getting at - - -

Lol, this is a drunk post.

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