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What music are you currently listening to?

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I decided that it's been too long since I last found some Classic Music to add to my moderately small playlist. I've been listening to too much game music, Bossa Nova and Jazz while I was studying.  

I found this peculiar gem from J.S. Bach. I love the Harpsichord so much. 

An amazing rendition of Monti Czardas. That crazy plot twist in the middle was amazing! It's not the fastest version, but I really like her use of tempo. 

Her rendition of Schindlers list is also fantastic. Will look more into her works. I think these're quite representative of what I found while I was ill. 

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11 hours ago, Gregtaku91 said:

Don't make fun of me... please. :(

I just... I just like this one even though the game it was featured in is garbage.

Don't sweat it man, I like this one too

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When it comes to my musical highs, I just listen to whatever albums just came from good ol' India and a very notable track really clicked very quickly.

This song mixes traditional Indian musical instruments with the modern electronic beats you hear in most pop songs, and those lyrics yoh; those are damn good lyrics yoh! Tamil is a very poetic language if you ask me and this song really shows it off (there is English translations to the song in the video so don't worry about it :P). 

And you're probably wondering who made this track? That's the thing, no one knows. It's a really interesting marketing tactic if you ask me, it's been the talk of the town in the Indian streets on who is this "Mr. X" so in a way, the movie is getting a lot of attention. 

So yeah, good Tamil song yoh!

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