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What music are you currently listening to?

SHAX Hedgefox

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Since I'm working on an Angry Birds story for SSMB Heroes Academy, (The message board's local role-play)  I'm looking through the soundtracks of Angry Birds games. After they left the orginal games, they really started to expand.

By the way, none of these songs are going to be in said story, so that I don't spoil it.

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I think it's time to bring this topic back! (Hell, i'm surprised it's been quiet so long!)

In my quest to buy vinyl, i've been listening to a lot of older albums over more recent stuff, which means i've now listened to the whole album that Chic produced for Sheila, which includes the much loved Spacer. But rather than be typical and post that, i'm gonna post this instead. It's literally a song about credit cards and i freaking love it. 

apart from that i've kinda been addicted to Brand New Field from the iDOLM@STER SideM game/anime, which is so so good :heart_eyes:

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Damn, this thing is big, but represent exactly how I think electronic music was meant to be:

There also some short version, for example the Need for Speed version is just 4 minutes, and another version is 9 minutes, but 11 minutes it's so amazing!

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Despite being such a shitty film, Transformers: The Last Knight's soundtrack is a freaking thing of beauty.

We Have to Go, which plays during the climax is such a powerful piece. The Last Knight's soundtrack is filled with that delicious violin work that rises and rises for good emotional impact.

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4 minutes ago, Foxboy Mick said:

Cavalera Conspiracy - Insane

This is the 1st track off the new album by Cavalera Conspiracy.  If you guys know me, I enjoy this kinda music a lot.

That's actually pretty good. I'm not a fan of most modern death metal so that's something coming from me. Although it can be said that does have more of an old-school sound to it, vocal style especially reminds me of crossover stuff. 

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