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SHAX Hedgefox

What music are you currently listening to?

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I'm listening to The Essential Michael Jackson compilation album. It's currently on Billie Jean. I absolutely love Billie Jean, though at the same time it's one of the MJ songs I tire of the more easily since I've heard it on the radio very often. However, it's still a very powerful song and I generally still enjoy listening to it. The emotions it contains feel really intense to me, and the songwriting is excellent; I do think it's one of the best songs he's made. Billie Jean was the second song involving Michael Jackson I ever heard and the first song of his solo career I ever heard (I had heard ABC before, that's it). (Unless you count a rendition of Bad from a little kids' play!! xP)

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From the Phantasy Star Series, an arranged version of the main PSIV theme (Which is my favorite theme from the series).

I've download it from a collection and I've found no one had upload this version yet on YouTube, so I've uploaded myself (This in like... 4 years ago). Nice track btw.

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