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SHAX Hedgefox

What music are you currently listening to?

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There have been always some amazing videogame tracks. Though as far as RPG based music goes, this is one of those rare masterpieces. There is a true sense finality in this final boss theme. Also there is a emphasis of power in the one you are fighting. Facing something far more powerful than yourself in the ultimate goal of stopping the evil taking the land. And this comes from a PS2 era mid-evil fantasy game. Then again, it is Bulder's Gate game. This series is pretty renown.

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I remember once replying to this topic a long time ago
I think I put a bunch of rap songs on it or something
I do still listen to rap of course, but alongside my all time favorites I'll also put some other bands / songs I've been listening to more recently

A lot people probably hate some of these bands / artists, but I won't call them my guilty pleasures, because I don't feel guilty for liking them
I hope no one feels guilty about what they like to listen to

Wow, that got kinda dumb
Anyway, here are some


I'm sure there're a ton of ones I'm missing, but there you go

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The Association - Rose Petals, Incense And A Kitten
I am really digging some 60s rock and pop nowadays.  I like it a lot!  This is such an incredible song!

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