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What music are you currently listening to?

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I always found the history of this song funny. A song made as an advertisement for candy and sweets. The song has survived but the actual recipe of candy that this song was promoting has been lost to time.


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Well, I really like Kids United and specially THIS song.🔻


On 4/17/2019 at 5:36 PM, Alternate Evolutions said:

The whole of BTS' new album is a magical masterpiece, so of course i'm still listening to it basically on repeat the last (almost) week. Favourites beyond the title track, Boy With Luv. are the two tracks below. I still can't believe me and my sister managed to get VIP tickets to see them again, and at Wembley Stadium of all places. 


Hey, I also love BTS! My mom and I try to learn Korean from their songs (a bit difficult, though).

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Sharing two tracks. "Memories" defines perfectly the first one, I remember listening to that track back on my first days with video games over 10 years ago, feels pretty nostalgic and really puts me into comfort.

The second one is a re-discover from my favorite band, Julien-K. I think you guys already know my relation with the band so I won't take much time to explain. I already knew this track was good but I usually didn't took much time to listen it. It's exclusive to an EP (and now available on a compilation I own) and for that it usually got isolate from the main tracks. Now, I took more time to analyze it, and certainly gets onto their best tracks and I can't stop considering to play it when I listen to music.

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I been thinking about Skillet.

I find it...odd that Skillet is a religious band, becuase my inclination towards a lot of their songs has not been to read the lyrics that way, or at least, not entirely, becuase I have never been able to shake the impression that they're talking to each other.


Male: Who can touch me cause I'm

Female: I'm made of fire!

Male: Who can stop me tonight?

Female: I'm hard-wired!

Both: You make me feel, invincible!


Anyway this song slaps






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