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What music are you currently listening to?

SHAX Hedgefox

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Man.....All this emo and choir music...... You guys need to become REAL MEN and listen to some IRON MAIDEN.

I'm too much man as it is. "REAL" men listen to Jazz and Orchestra. A lot more cultural. :P

That, and I personally don't do Heavy Metal with very little exceptions. Not bad, but just not my thing.

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I like it. I'm not gonna crack.

I miss you. I'm not gonna crack.

I love you.I'm not gonna crack.

I killed you. I'm not gonna crack.

I killed you. I'm not gonna crack.

I'm so happy. Cause today I found my friends.

They're in my head. I'm so ugly. But that's ok.

'Cause so are you. We've broke our mirrors.

Sunday morning. Is everyday for all I care.

And I'm not scared. Light my candles.

In a daze cause I've found god.

Nirvana <3

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Leaders and Followers - Bad Religion.

A.K.A, that song that plays in Clerks when Dante and Randall are running away from the funeral parlor.

Her fucking body fell out!!

Anyways, I'm listening to whatever Pandora has selected, which at the moment is Modest Mouse - Dashboard

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