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SHAX Hedgefox

What music are you currently listening to?

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Everything by flashygoodness. All of his songs are fantastic, but some I'm listening to in particular are Candylusional, Pulse Compression, and Starry Blue Infinity (Kirby Mix).

Honestly. Anybody who cares at all about chiptune music owes it to him/herself to listen to this guy. This is how you compose a melody.

Speaking as someone who does music as well and knows him personally, I'm even more impressed at his technique. His tools are ridiculously basic but he's really come to show me how amazingly expansive a triple oscillator can be. Christ I love this guy.

Listening to his Tower Of Heaven soundtrack, along with Anamanaguchi's "Aurora" on the side. I can totally see the Kirby inspiration in the latter.

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Waltz for Koop (DJ Patife Remix) - Koop


Sambass for all! I used to eat, sleep, and breathe Drum and Bass in high school. Now I kill myself to find some DnB that I like. :( Some of the sub genres of it I couldn't get into, or distinguish, but I have a soft spot in my place for sambass.

Koop isn't one of my favorite artists by a long shot, though I find the way they make their music to be intriguing. The original "Waltz for Koop" is quite nice, but this remix is better by all means. I discovered this song years ago and I still listen to it from time to time. The opening is my favorite part.

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Sonic Colours DS - Tropical Resort, Act 1

How am I listening to this? Just downloaded the demo for it, and I love it~

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