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What music are you currently listening to?

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Been listening to a lot of 80kidz. Found out about them when digging through Danger's Material again and they had a remix of one of his songs. Decided to check more into them and got this...




This entire album is wicked. This is a cool track though for sure, its fantastic.



That is the track that made me dig into who they were a bit more. It sounds a lot like Street Fighter II to me at some parts I was like "shiiieeeet this is cool".

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*Daft Punk - Random Access Memories*







It leaked. EDIT: Stream is live on iTunes now too <3


And I've never been happier to have a copy of an album on order, on Vinyl too. <3

Daft Punk for the win! I listened to the entire of Discovery a couple of days back.



I kinda like when music has fake distortion or 'damage' effect (bass distortion,whirring, stuttering,etc)
the bass distortion really gives the bass that extra kick. Actual song starts in a couple of seconds.

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