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Ahh Microwaves... They are the jackasses of kitchen appliances. Because its happens every time you try to cook something perfectly, and don't get me started on fucking POPCORN!!!!




...Anyway. Dude, your art is freaking awesome. It reads very well, it colorful and has a unique style, and is just unbelievably fun looking  The colors are vibrant and all your characters are massively expressive. Especially Sparki the Fig Newton, who probably character ever simply because he exist. He's also staring a hole into my mind and my soul is now extra crispy! =D

Awesome work, man!

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That's a really cool idea, what kind of pacing do you think would work best for the game? Something like Kirby, or maybe a bit more slow-paced in a Stealthy-kind of sense?

Somewhere between Kirby and Sonic. Since weight is important, I was thinking of having some fun with slopes, which would have it's weight multiplied upon with each added enemy, so increased downhill movement and etc to make up for the slower flat-ground speeds and lower jumps.

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I'm just so wowed by your work. They're just so creative and you've captured an excellent cartoony style. The way you can capture so many personalities in your art so emphatically is amazing. I've seen a lot of these pieces before on your social media, but it's just extra special to see them all together, I guess!

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