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Phantasy Star Online 2! Open Beta now!

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Wow seriously? Some of the tracks in the PSU one sounded like they were variances or dynamic music judging by the titles, I thought the other ones were just for non-enemy-filled areas. How weird.

But yes, no dynamic music would just be wrong. I hope they can refine it too so there are more "switchover" points. Far too often it'd be about 20 seconds before fight music kicks in, and take 20 seconds before it stopped after the last enemy was killed.

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The songs have like... quiet parts and lound parts in PSU but they're in no way related to what's happening on screen.

Like don't get me wrong, PSU has some great tunes but unfortunately some of the missions you end up playing over and over have really dreary repetitive themes. and the fact the songs are usually constatly uptempo kind of wore me out

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Looking sooo good! Been waiting ages for this.

Always played PSO when it first came out. Went so far as to go in the beta for blue burst then continued to play till the servers shut down. I loved PSU for it's customisation and art style and setting, but after a long while the gameplay just became boring and the dwindling population eventually put me off... shame!

But this... this has got me soo hyped. True I should limit m expectations till I get chance to play it, but still, it's gonna be awesome. X)

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This thread got dusty.

Thanks to Voyant for reminding me this thing exist, and that there were some little updates...

Like some screens.


It reminds me of the PS0 RAcast, I'm okay with this.


I'm so using this desing, it's pretty much the same I'm using in PSO but with more green and a less striperiffic outfit.



Some FO action for those who asked.


Some FO melee action for those who have played with a FOmar long enough to know that's how they roll in the long run. :P


I'm so happy to see the PSO desing (with more yellow) instead of the PS0 one, man that one was awful.



Huney showing some new moves.


Hilde-something, calling dibs on that.


The real superpower of teamwork!


Some interesting read that came from PSUpedia.

EDIT: forgot I wanted to joke about my 1000th post being about Ponies.


Oh well, I'll live.

EDIT2: DAMN! I forgot to put the new trailer.

Again thanks to Voyant for pointing me this.

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Oh, awesome. I loved the designs for the androids in Phantasy Star Zero, so it's great to see that PSO 2's casts are inspired by such designs. I hope we don't get any creepy human face ones like in PSU, though. Hated that crap.

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I hope they release it for consoles too. My laptop's getting a bit old, so I'm a bit wary about how well it will run it even though it exceeds the requirements with ease. Parts get old, you know?

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♪ More iiinfoooooooo ♪.

I got a bit worried when they mentioned linking techs to weapons but it doesn't seem to work in the same way as in PSU, also, they mentioned mags so it's all forgiven. :V

BTW I'm guessing all of you who read this thread should already know it, but the alpha test will start next month (can't remember the day though) so I'm guessing we are going to keep getting more infos (and hopefully some of the usual crap quality cam footage) during the next days.

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The customisation looks so awesome... after dabbling in PSP2 and being dissapointed that it was super hard to recreate my PSO characters on it despite having "more" customisation, this looks far more like I can. I mean I don't want exact replicas, I just grew attached to my PSO guys and therefore wanna see em all pretty and detailed and HD etc. 8C

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Guys, remember that thing I posted like... Yesterday? The summary including details about worlds, techs, classes, units, mags and other stuff?

Well now we have some screen about the units coming from this week's edition of the official Phantasy Star Online 2 Japanese newsletter.

  • Units exist in this game.
  • They can be equipped to your arms, back and legs.
  • Units can be additional costume parts for your character.
  • When equipped, units can change certain visuals of your costume.
  • Units can boost abilities such as defense and attribute rates.

HUmar showing cool arm units:


RAcaseal showing back (or leg) units:



FOmarl with units:


HUney carrying so much junk that she will end up with a several spinal condition. (the joke it's funnier if you have been reading the PSOworld forums since the day the first screens appeared)



Forum thread.


Meet the rest of the gang!


HUnewm - FOnewm - FOnewearl - FOcaseal - FOcast.


He is going to pimp-foie some bithces.


Now meet the HUcast:


It's similar to the PS0 model, it also looks like a red EVA...


EDIT3: moar updates.

Have some awesome screens from the official site. Now with more HUcaseal, you can also notice that the items look like... Items instead of coloured boxes. (not sure if want)

Another summary. But this one comes with more screens and some concept art.

UPDATE (not numbering nor putting EDIT's any longer) 08/01/11: The summary in my previous edit has been updated, now it includes a little explanation about the differences between the concept art FOney and the in-game FOney, it explains that differences are because the in-game model is a placeholder for the alpha test, this could mean that some (if not most) of the desings we are seeing right now in the screens might not be final. (as it's to be expected, since we are in alpha phase)

Another example could be the FOcast, which concept art looks quite different to the current in-game model. (or so I'm being told, I can't remember how the in-game model looked like :P )

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Okay... l've been trying to avoid double posting but I can't add more pics to my posts and we had some important announcment today so...

First of all I'll update with all the things I couldn't add in my last post.

Someone posted the names of some enemies we've seen so far.

The summary I've already posted was updated with the translated names.

Also some extra concept art popped out:

Awesome FOcast.




Some little quote I got from an unrelated article (it was about PSP2i):

Arks vs ダーカー']Well now after looking at a bunch of sources, we know officially the ダーカー (Dahka/Darker) is the enemy the Arks is fighting against. Gpara described them as a space life form. Not much info is known other than that.

Moar dahka! :V

But the most important thing today is that they've finally announced the alpha test dates!

  • Alpha Test Start Dates
    • August 18th, 16:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 1]
    • August 19th, 18:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 1]
    • August 23rd, 16:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 2]
    • August 26th, 16:00 ~ August 27th 23:00 [Test 3]

    [*]Please note the schedule can change suddenly.

And that's it for now. Hope we can get some impressions next week.


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Media briefing translated, now you can understand what Sakai was babling about while you looked at the pretty footage.

But that's not all.

It begins!


So awesome! /)^3^(\

Player's site is finally open!

Official PSO2 Twitter in all it's japanese glory.

Some random info from random places from random anons, take it with a grain of salt:

List with litle tidbits, the thing is getting updated every once in a while but I'm not sure how many updates we will get untill the 18th:

The following information is based on users relaying information on what they see within the site. Information is collected from 2ch, twitter, and Japanese blogs and comments.

  • Alpha Test User Info
    • nProtect Gameguard is utilized in the Alpha test version of Phantasy Star Online 2.
    • “It is forbidden to disclose information to any outside websites, forums, video sites, twitter, etc.
    • Mags, My room, and the Item Trade Functions are not available in the Alpha Test.
    • PSU Lobby Actions are temporary, they have plans to implement new lobby actions in the future.
    • Auto Word and a new Chat Feature is coming in the future.
    • Manga Iconography (ex. Sweat Drop) can be placed below text balloons.

      • Alpha Test Restrictions
        • Class Level up to Level 20. Alpha test gives access to some skills.
        • Only 5 weapon categories with access to some PAs and some Technics.
        • Can’t change your class during the Alpha Test (After you’ve chosen initial class?)
        • Can’t change your Costume, or form during alpha test (After you’ve made the character?)
        • Interrupt Event, only some patterns and variations are available.
        • There will be a minimum amount of explanation regarding the general setting of PSO2 in the alpha test. As for the story elements, this won’t be featured in the alpha test. In the future,they have plans to have a full fledged story.

          • Available Features
            • Three Races, Three Classes to choose from.
            • Multiparty System, Random Field, Photon Sensitive Effect.
            • Forest field and later the Volcano Caverns Field
            • Quest Counter, Skill Counter, Item Shop, Weapon Shop.
            • Friend, Black List

              • Alpha Test Save Data
                • After the Alpha Test is over, save data is reset and is not transferred to future tests.

                [*]Photon Arts

                [*]Twister Fall (Wired Lance? PA?)

                [*]Force Skill Tree

                [*]Flame Mastery > Photon Flare > Flame Tech S Charge

                [*]Ice Mastery > Freeze Ignition > Freeze Tech Boost

                [*]Mirage Escape

                [*]Bolt Mastery > Bolt Tech PP Save

                [*]Gamepad (3 Sources)

                [*]Official Site listed Recommended Gamepads.

                [*]Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

                [*]ELECOM USBtoPS/PS2 Gamepad Converter

                [*]BUFFALO USB Gamepad 16 Button

                [*]Logicool PC GameController GPX-500

                [*]Rumble Gamepad F310

                [*]Rumble Gamepad F510

                [*]Wireless Gamepad F710

                [*]EXA PSU AOTI Official Gamepad

                Class Specific Evasion Actions:

                So far it was discovered through screenshots that there are class specific evasive actions. In previous screenshots it was revealed Hunters have “Step”, in today’s screenshot it was revealed Forces have “Mirage Escape” and we’re awaiting for news on the Ranger Evasion Action but 2ch reports the name as “Dive Roll”

                [*]Hunters: Step

                [*]Rangers: Dive Roll (Name Awaiting Verification)

                [*]Force: Mirage Escape

                Although it was shown in previous promo videos that Forces could teleport short distances, we wonder if “Mirage Escape” is the same teleporting feature. Videos also show that Rangers can indeed dive to the side just like in Phantasy Star Portable 2 series.

                Also of note, Hunters seem to have exclusive use of Guard. The force skill tree so far doesn’t seem to have that skill.

                2 extra pieces of concept art:



                FOnewm (I love this desing so much):


                Update 08/16/11:

                Have the title screen music. (not sure if legit, I'm still downloading the thing)

                EDIT: Seems legit, considering it's the same one we've heard in the media briefing, but it looks like it got taken down, I'll see what I can do about this.


                Update 08/17/11:

                Okay, the video above is not the title screen music, is the login screen one, I got a second file that shows (only in audio) someone booting the client, going trough the title screen and accesing to the login menu (where an error appears because he can't access untill tomorrow).

                I'll upload it but I don't think it's worth it, I think we can wait for some cleaner versions. :V

Edited by gato

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Alpha test is here!

(And some unrelated PSP2:i info)

Gameplay video! (downloading as I type, it might take me the whole day though so it's up to you guys to check it)

Source of the video.

Some screen with japanese text I don't get:


  • Unarmed combat is in.
  • "Those Drop ships" drop crates that have restoration circles, like those PSO ones.
  • Rappies fake death and then run away after a while PSO style, drops items on fake death though.
  • Maybe a Alpha thing, but a bunch of sounds are reused from PSO/U.
  • That music from the first Gameplay video seems to be the combat music for the forest area.

Some japanese guy screenshots (I say japanese so you know what kind of "shots" you should expect)

Suntan olololololololwwwdotuporg1919443.jpg



Woman check. :U


HOLY SHI-*seizures*


I'll start posting just links to avoid the max picture limit:


Oh Japan.


I'll keep updating as the day goes, I might have to do some double posting if something big pops out, sorry in advance for that.

Update: Youtube recording of a stream (I don't know if it's the same video I already posted, my internet is like those old 56k conections >_>)

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