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Conquering Storm’s Servant

DmC: a new Devil May Cry

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Bah, the Spain's VAs are terrible...

Yeah, I was gonna say, I can't speak spanish but that was terrrrible voice acting lolz.




Amazing how a change of language and a texture mod can make the game actually tolerable, if not actually hilarious.


Desperado/Zorro esque cheese makes everything better!

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Capcom UK is officially awesome. Looks like myself and others are going to get our DmC codes HMV's administrators wouldn't give us biggrin.png



I think if anything you deserve the credit for this one. I'm quite amazed that they were willing to look into that one considering how long the game has been out for and that HMV is in administration.

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Just beat Vergil's Downfall. I really enjoyed it, though it was a bit short. I love the 2D art style for the cutscenes. Vergil's moves took some getting used to after playing through the game with Dante, but once I got to grips with them, I found them all to be pretty fun to use and play around with for combos. I'm a little disappointed that there weren't any big boss battles, though. 


Story spoilers:

I couldn't really follow the story. Vergil killed these ghost-like versions of Kat and Dante and seemed to act like he really killed them. Dante and Vergil's Mother Eva was there, too. It made no sense to me, since this is supposed to continue on from the end of the main game.

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