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So we have spooky Sonic, and zomg creepy Sonic.

Are these two modes of the same Wisp? Side by side they remind me of the Sandopolis ghosts. If he transforms under similar conditions that would be so cool.

Lol, or is this the evil Wisp so many people have joked about overthrowing Robotnik. :lol:

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that is probably ghost wisp found in a Scary Ride in the Amusement Park :)

will transform you into a ghost to by pass walls [just a guess]

I think the Rocket Wisp Demostration video (by SEGA of Japan) Will show the new carnival stage.

I am seeing Woun uploading each demo video of the Wisps and some one said that the carnival stage shows Rocket Wisp demostration :)

oh and i agree that it looks like Sandopolis ghosts :D

EDIT: no rocket wisp footage? only lazer,sonic and drill footages.

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At least we now have a confirmation that it's Yacker, not Yakker.

By the way, here's a translation of the story:

A strange group of planets suddenly appeared in the void of space.

It was in fact a super-huge space amusement park being built by Dr. Eggman, "Egg Planet Park" !!

What are the ambitions of Dr. Eggman, who is hidden behind the apparently peaceful theme park?

And, what are the aliens Wisps encountered there?

On that stage, a space-scaled amusement park "Egg Planet Park" that attracts entire planets,

Sonic plays a very active role!

Expose Dr. Eggman's ambitions!

Just tell me if there's anything in particular you'd like to have translated...

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Thanks Core! :D You're awesome!

Character profiles would be great.

Just used Google to translate the list of Sonic Colours updates at Sonic Channel:

[sonic Colors

Official Site Updates!

Official Saitorinyuaruopun!

[Character and Story] published!

Action Sonic] published!

[My Father Nobutai] published!

What do the 'Saitorinyuaruopun' and 'My Father Nobutai' bits mean?

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Whoa. They fixed some things that made rush visually drab. Sonic's running animation and build up looks so much better. It's really Rush 3 but with the Colors flair. Some of that level design looked superb. The sound design outside the music is still awful though.

I'm actually surprised how good both version of this game look. Wii's Colors still looks a bit open road bare in the 3D portions, but the Rooftop Run quickstep made me smile.

Also holy shit someone get to ripping that music off the site. That tune gave me classic vibes for whatever reason.

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