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Obama's gift to Gordon Brown: 25 DVDs.

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Now, I'm not fully certain on this, but Gordon Brown doesn't even get to keep them DVDs, does he? Something like Prime Minister has to declare all gifts from other states, and he only gets to keep them if he pays for them. Or something.

Right, here we go.

Ok, the story isn't properly related, and you can cast doubts on the source as its The Daily Mail, but I'm looking at this bit in particular:

If ministers wish to keep gifts worth more than £140 they have to purchase them from the Government, otherwise they are held by their departments.

Mr Blair chose to pay £150 for a lead crystal vase from the Italian government received in May last year.

So unless its ruled those DVDs cost £5 or less each, he don't even get to keep them. And he's made a gesture historically reminiscent of Queen Victoria and Rutherford Hayes.

Also, Tony Blair got to meet Obama way before Gordon.

All in all, not a good week for Gordon Brown. Again.

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Wow, way to go guys for missing out on the cultural importance of the gift <_<.

If Obama's people have been anything, its creative. If they were really aiming for cultural significance, they could have done a ton better than this and most likely on the same budget.

Might as well of gotten the guy a souvenir brochure from one of the Smithsonian's exhibit(s). Sheesh

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