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Irate Gamer reviews Sonic Unleashed

Commander Fun

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I'm...I'm speechless. It doesn't even have anything to do with his opinion(especially considering that I haven't even played the 360 version). He just didn't even pretend that he actually finished the game. I mean, he openly admits that he only played the first two Sonic stages. I know he's terrible reviewer and that I probably shouldn't expect anything more from him...but my God, that was painful to watch.

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I don't listen to reviews that judge a game based on the experience of the first few level, or don't bother to go in depth about why they are bad.

Though to be honest, he sounded like he was parroting the same thing every reviewer has already said.

Sonic levels- Great

Hub Worlds- Boring

Werehog- Shit

Whole Game-Shit

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For the most part, I actually agree lol, except for the game being shit. If that pains you then something is wrong with you. I think he played more than the first 2 levels because he said "why didn't they base the rest of the levels on the first two", which I agree with.

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Wow, I just think it's amusing how many people are trying to be cool by making videos of them yelling about video games they don't like and using an overabundance of curse words. People like this really need to find a better way to spend their time. XD

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