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What forgotten Sonic characters should be brought back


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Cosmos Rogue

This series has a bad habit of bringing characters back for no good reason, so TBH I'm leery about the idea of bringing anyone back outside of the designated main cast.

But, I like Fang, so bring back Fang plskthx

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Spin Slasher

I would bring back Fang the Sniper and some Badniks from Sonic Advance games which was made in 2001-2004.

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King Conne

Marine the Raccoon would be interesting for another great adventure in Blaze the Cat'sworld, but I'd like to see again the Shadow Androids from the 2-players mode of Shadow's game (2005), especially the yellow Shadow Android : they could have survived the events of the game in a sort of bunker and be back to try to destroy Shadow and Sonic... or maybe even Dr Eggman!!...



I have a kind of fascination for the yellow Shadow Android ans Ashura the hedgehog!!...

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Johnny Boy

Fang would be great to bring back as a recurring antagonist.

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