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Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for! Here's what I think...

Sonic: Awesome

Tails: Awesome

Knuckles: Great (Sometimes he sounds like Dan Green...sometimes he sounds more like someone else?)

Jet: Bad (Not liking the stuffed nose thing for this kind of character, not much better than Griffith's voice)

Storm: Awesome

Wave: Great

Amy: Bad (Sounds almost like an alternate voice for Cream)

Cream: Good

Vector: LOL (Good)

Omochao: Good

Shadow: Probably not good (Sounds like a much too suave version of David Humphrey, BTW according to the Shadow video description Kirk Thornton is his new VA)

Rouge: Great (HUGE improvement!)

Overall: Good, some of the new VA's probably just need more time than others to get into their role. I can already say I like Sonic, Tails, Storm, and Rouge better. Eagerly waiting for Blaze and especially Silver.

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Here's my opinion concerning new voice samples.

Sonic - great [much better than he sounded in colours' cutscene]

Tails - great of course

Knuckles -meh [sounds almost like Dan green, who was bad]

Amy - bad [too high pitched]

Cream - good

Vector - good

Jet - awful [sounds even worse than before]

Storm - good

Wave - great

Shadow - awesome

Rouge - AWESOME [this is the most awesome voice from the new cast]

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Sonic - He'll grow on me.

Tails - Bow down to the almighty Kate Higgins!

Knuckles - Dan Green, is that you? No? Oh well nopt bad at all.

Amy - Oh God no it's Minnie Mouse.

Cream - Best Cream ever.

Vector - Good stuff, our golden croc returns!

Jet - I miss Jason Griffith (Never thought I'd say that about Jet)

Wave - Like the old one cept bit younger.

Storm - Well he's definatly not Dan Green this time. Not too bad.

Shadow - Its almost like merging David Humphreys with Jason Griffiths early Shadow from Sonic X. Not too bad I guess.

Rouge - EPIC!

OmoChao- She's trying a bit hard.....

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Cool. I like them all aside from Amy (sounds like friggin' Minnie Mouse)

It's so friggin' obvious that Omochao is Raspberyl in disguise (A.K.A- the unchanging Laura Bailey)

EDIT: Okay, I heard the Babylon Rogues... Jet is decent (not as good as Griffith) Wave is perfect and Storm sounds like he would've been better as Big.

Edited by Ejji

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Is it me or Rouge really sounds like Morrigan? Or at least like she should be. And this is too good. :P

Oh and it sounds like Vector really improved. More goodness.

However on the bad side is Amy is a step backwards. Shadow sounds like he became a lady killer. And Sonic doesn't sound like Sonic. Well to me anyways.

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Wow. I now like Sonic's voice way more than before :)

Not to mention Tails sounds pretty sweet as always.

Pretty nice of you to make a thread about these vids and taking credit as well as this BBHood person when it was XD375 and Fantasy that made them in the first place. :/

How low have you sunk?

Wow. Chill. I am guessing Woun Didn't know who had the original recording and just searched it through you tube.

and Woun didn't take a credit for any thing.

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Apparently Jordan in the TSS comments has sources on the new voice actors:

ladies and Gentelman after recieving some comformation emails this is the New cast so far

Knuckles- Travis Willingham

Cream- Carrie Savage

Shadow- Kirk Thornton

Omochao- Laura Bailey

Vector and the announcer- Keith Silverstien

Nice Job on casting wand way to sound pretty good Roger but I still like the 4kids cast more (accept for Ruge and Vectors old voices big Improvemnt there)

Omochao is the announcer, isn't he? :huh:

This just in Rouge’s new voice actress is Karen Straussman


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Jordan's posted another one:

Storms new Voice is Lex Lang



He's just posted this:

@shadzter I can reconize Them mostly but I made a mistake on Cream Possibly Im stil working on this but the rest I named off are true

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My opinion.

- Sonic: Good (I liked more in colours)

- Tails: Sounds like a friggin boy! *tears of happines*

- Knuckles: The next picture pretty much sums my thoughts...


- Jet: Well, it does sounds more annoying than ever. :V

- Storm: Sounds like his japanese VA, and makes it sound better, great!

- Wave: No complaints here.

- Amy: Err... At least it sounds less nasal. >_>

- Cream: Sounds less annoying high pitched, me likes.

- Vector: For a moment I thought Boxer (Balrog/Bison) was replacing Vector :lol:... Awesome!

- Omochao: It's his Heroes voice, I hated that voice, Adventure 2 and Riders 1 voices were way better IMO. =/

- Shadow: Oh my god it's awesome! :)

- Rouge: OH MY GOD! Screw Shadow! This voice is even more awesome! :D

As a side note, for some reason I love Tails lines in this videos. :)

Edited by el gato del eje

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I can't tell who is who...

Uh, Tails is still awesome sounding, Amy is annoying, Shadow sucks now, Rouge is better but still weird, Jet is annoying but that's how should be, Sonic is still okay, Knuckles is too 'angry' sounding.

I can't tell what the rest are...

Edit: What did I do to get neg-rep...? :blink:

Edited by Nerd Bear

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Hooooo boy.

Sonic: Great, a lot better than that one cutscene.

Tails: Great

Knuckles: Good, not as great as Dan Green, IMO


Cream: Did she even speak?

Vector: Basically sounds just like his previous actor, only worse.

Shadow: The actual voice is good. An improvement I guess.

Rouge: An improvement, but it's really just her previous VA but younger. She still sounds like a cheap hooker.

Jet: No. Did his balls get absorbed into his rectum or something? He sounds like a complete pussy now!

Wave: Great VA that only got better. Probably the only character that's had a consistently good voice so far.

Storm: Not bad. No complaints. I guess it's better than his previous VA.

Omochao: Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! PUT HIM IN MORE GAMES ALREADY SEGA!

So to be perfectly honest, the voices didn't really improve where they really mattered. They all sound either the same as before with questionable delivery, or different than before and worse delivery, with the sole exception of Sonic and Tails themselves, who both manage to sound different AND better.

Edited by Black Spy

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These voices are pretty awesome. I kind of wish Amy's voice was the same as her 4kids one, that one was fitting for her... but I suppose I can get used to this new one. Cream has improved as well, and Rouge has the biggest improvement of the bunch.

Storm sounds similar to Fat Albert, lol.

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